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Decorating A Room For More Than One Child? Here’s Some Tips To Help

Decorating your child’s bedroom can be quite an exciting time. Whether that is the nursery to bring them home to, their special toddler room, or a real grown up affair. Each of them mini milestones themselves. But, when you have to do it for more than one child at the same time, it can get costly and take up more space in your home. More often these days, twins and siblings share. So I thought I would share with you some tips on how to decorate a room for more than one child.

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Think about your budget

 Decorating for more than one child can often mean doubling your budget. While of course, it will cost more you don’t need to necessarily do that. The best thing you can do is work out how much money you have to spend on the decoration. This will mean planning for different furniture purchases and all the materials you will need. Knowing your budget and the costs in advance will mean you are less likely to overspend.


Draw up a room plan

 When children share, it can often feel like you are trying to cram too much into your space that you have to work with. So an excellent suggestion would be to draw up a room plan. Work out where you want key pieces of furniture to go, and where everything else may lay. It might highlight if you need to rethink certain purchases or create different storage solutions to make the room functional. While you want the place to be fun filled, you also need it to be user friendly and an environment the children can relax in for bedtime.


Save on the big purchases

 The big purchases can be the things that eat into your budget the most. So try and save yourself as much as possible here and think of alternative solutions. Beds, for example, can be costly when bought individually. You could consider bunk beds instead. You can even get Triple bunk beds if needed. What this does is have you on space and also overall on the cost. Some furniture may not go with your new theme or ideas, but it doesn’t mean you have to replace them. Instead, try and work with what you have got and do some upcycling. This could be a great money saver, and you already know the furniture works and fits in the room.


Try and create spaces to express individuality

 Finally, it can be hard but try and create some individual spaces to allow you children something personal to them. Twins and siblings have their personalities that they may wish to express. It might mean creating a reading nook for your avid little reader, or a work station for a more creative child. Think of their needs and work around that. The use of colour and feature walls could distinguish the different areas. As will soft furnishings and accessories.

 I hope these tips help you when decorating a room for more than one child.

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