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Treating Pain The Alternative Way

Medicine and science really are incredible these days, there’s no denying that. But with some illnesses and injuries, even the best advancements of the modern day can’t help. If your medication isn’t working, your GP is stumped, or your hospital tests aren’t saying for sure what’s wrong, you have probably looked into alternative medicine. These are actually based on scientific fact and are far from hocus pocus and witch doctor ‘magic’, so are great complementary therapies to your other treatments


Chiropractor and Massage

Back pain is something that even the best doctors struggles to treat. People can go for years with issues that are never fully resolved, and never receive a straight answer as to what their issue is or what more can be done. With so many nerves, muscles, bones and more in the back it’s a complex area to treat and understand. Sometimes there seems to be no apparent cause for the pain, meaning there’s no traditional treatment that can be given. Massage can help to loosen and ease stiff muscles, create a sense of wellbeing and help with pain management. A chiropractor is able to make adjustments to the neck and back which can relieve tension and pain, and again help enormously with pain. If a lot of your pain feels like it’s due to locking or ‘sticking’ of parts of the back and neck, these adjustments will release them and put everything back into place.


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Acupuncture has been shown to help with inflammation as well as reduce pain, and research has been shown that it yields great results in many sufferers of chronic pain. In traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is suggested to help with the flow of energy around the body. On a medical level, it stimulates the nerves and can help them regenerate. Issues with the nerves are likely to be a huge cause of those who experience pain, but modern medicine can’t find a reason why. Studies into fibromyalgia patients, for example, have shown them to be more sensitive to pain than others, possibly due to differences in the bodies nerves.


Counselling and Pain Specialists

Cognitive behavioural therapy, counselling and support from a pain specialist clinic can all help you to deal with the symptoms of pain on an emotional level. They can teach you coping techniques to breathe through the pain, realign your thoughts and focus on something else. If you don’t want to keep upping your dose of painkillers and other medications, this can be a useful therapy.



Meditation is a powerful state of mind which allows you to completely relax. It can help you to deal with all kinds of pain and is something that’s free and accessible to everyone. You don’t need a professional like with the other therapies, and can simply lie in bed or sit on a comfortable chair. There are apps you can get on your phone or Youtube videos you can listen to guide you if you’re new to the practice.


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