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How to add Color and Make Your new Home More YOU!

Home is where the heart is, and if it doesn’t reflect the things you love or your personality, then it can be easy to feel like you are not at home in your home. There are ways to improve your home and add color to your home that everyone can do; throwing cushions across your couch, laying down a statement rug and adding interesting art to your walls.


But whether you have bought a brand-spanking new Meriton apartment, have inherited a huge house in the country, or own your own sleek city apartment, color is an important part of making your space ooze of you. Here are some surprising ways to add a splash of color to your home.

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Paint the doors


If you have a white or cream room which needs a lift, why not paint the entry door a bright and outspoken color? Not only will this mean that if and when you do want to change things up, you won’t need to paint the whole room, but that it will be a talking point for any guests who come to visit.


Frame your rooms


Trying painting your skirting boards or dado rails with a rich color that brings the room together. These small areas of color which go all around the room will add a different dimension to a room which was previously drab.


Fringe materials


If you have spotted a material you love, but can’t afford to make curtains or recover your furniture with it, buy enough so that you can fringe and accent anything you want. Add to the bottom of curtains or around the edges of cushions for a classy and sophisticated look, while adding some personality to a room.


Refurbish bookcases


Make your shelving a statement piece by painting the underside of the shelves a bright or contrasting color. You also have the option of adding patterned wallpaper to the back of bookshelves, which will freshen up a wall-space which is usually dark with books.


Turn to the ceiling


If you have high ceilings which cause your room to feel echoey and lofty, try painting your ceiling a deep blue, or stencil a pattern up there. This will bring your ceiling down to a height which is a bit more comfortable but also adds interest and color to a part of a room you wouldn’t usually expect to find it in.


Choose the unexpected


Some things come in standard colors – fridges, sinks, bathtubs – they are all the same and all quite boring! So why not opt for something which pops out from the norm? By picking a sink which is purple, blue or yellow against a traditional black and white bathroom, you are adding a fun element to your bathroom!


Don’t forget about the lights
Lighting fixtures usually come in brass or silver, and not much else. So try looking for some bright pendants or wires to hang your lighting from? If you can’t find what you are looking for, remember that you can paint anything, as long as you have the right type of paint.

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