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Most of us have a figure from a childhood that has shaped who we are as people today.


It might have been a kindly pastor, who nurtured our childhood questions and helped us affirm our faith. Or perhaps it was a school teacher, who took our potential and transformed it into something wonderful. It may even have been our parents, from whom we learnt the way we want our own lives to be.


Wherever this adult influence came from, it made a deep impression on our lives as adults. It helped us find our faith, learn to love, become a better person. We all have stories of the people who helped make us who we are.


Given the influence these people have on our lives, have you ever thought about making a more concerted effort to be such a person yourself?


Spreading Our Influence


If you believe you have lived a life where you have garnered experiences worth sharing (which we all have), then it’s worth thinking about taking that experience to the next generation.


There are ways and means of spreading our own story and helping others with it, but the most simplistic – and often the most effective – comes through becoming a leader within your church congregation.


How Can You Lead?


The most obvious form of leadership is often not the one that seems to be particularly involved in leading! Sometimes, leadership just comes from being, having an influence, living your life and encouraging others to do the same.


If your church doesn’t have a bible study group aimed specifically at children, then this is a wonderful place to begin. Children should be encouraged to read the word for themselves, discuss matters, ask questions, and satisfy their own thirst for knowledge.


You can extend this to being involved in all other church activities that don’t involve direct services. That could be helping to organize youth mission trip locations or offering a helping hand when the need arises for volunteers for fundraising. This should give you a chance to be a recognizable face in your congregation and – ideally – someone that others will begin to look up to.


Be Open


If you were to be viewed in any way by members of your congregation – young and old – then the ideal to strive for is openness. You want to aim to be the person that others think they can talk to, ask advice of, solicit opinion from. This is the most direct route to being able to be that formative figure who helps others on their own path; not through asserting your authority, but by being open to anyone who might need your help.
The wonderful thing about these behaviors is that not only will you be able to have a guiding hand on lives, but it will also affirm your own faith and good works. There is a peace to be found in being charitable, being involved, and helping others – one that it might just be time to make the effort to find.