As a Christian, I find it important to keep a strong connection with God and to remain aware of my faith. I feel this makes me feel a lot better during everyday life as I know God is with me and it helps me worry less.


I’m also fully aware that some people struggle to create this connection as they feel bombarded with work, stress, and simply can’t find ways to connect. Often, this is because they’re stuck in this one-dimensional approach to religion. They believe the only way to connect is by attending church, but this isn’t the case. Here are my favorite ways of getting closer to God:

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Read A Daily Devotional With Breakfast

The easiest thing I do is read a daily devotional every morning when I eat breakfast. You can get booklets sent to your home with little passages to read for each day, or you can find apps that do the same sort of thing. I find these brilliant as they’re relevant to the current time and help you find new ways of appreciating God. Each daily devotion talks about different things to do with religion and faith, while also providing a short Bible verse to remember as well. It helps you get your day off to the best start by feeling connected. This is a really good alternative for anyone that doesn’t have the time to read through full Bible verses or chapters.



Go On A Christian Retreat

Now and then I like to take some time out with my family and go on a Christian retreat. If possible, we try and get as many people from the church involved too. It gives us all a chance to take a step back from normal life and go somewhere where we can appreciate nature and the blessings God has given us. For me, a good church group retreat venue is far away from the busy city life and away from technology and distractions. You don’t have to go away for a long time too, sometimes we do this for a weekend or over a bank holiday. When you surround yourself with people that support the same religion as you and remove other distractions, it enables you to connect with God more. Think of it as a spiritual detox of sorts.


Pray Every Night Before Bed

Another thing that’s part of my daily routine, along with the first idea, is to pray every night. The best way of connecting with God is to pray regularly. Again, people may think they’ve got no time for this, but you really do. Lie in bed, close your eyes, and say a quick prayer. Give thanks for everything you’re thankful for, ask for forgiveness for anything you might feel guilty about, and just generally let your thoughts out. It helps lift a weight off your shoulders and sends you to sleep with a smile on your face.


Connecting with God doesn’t have to be difficult or require lots of effort. You can do little things every day, and you can do bigger things once in awhile. Your connection will be stronger, and you’ll feel much better.