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Our Legendary Ladies: Harriet Tubman

I received this book free to review all opinions expressed are my own.


As we come to the end of Black History Month, I wanted to turn your attention to Black History Month books for kids. Of course you teach your kids about who they are more than just one month but Black History Month celebrates who we are as a people.

One such book by Our Legendary Ladies is called “Harriet Tubman” it is geared toward an younger audience to teach them about her.

She was born into slavery herself to see. And a slave was something she believed no one should be

Our Legendary Ladies Presents: Harriet Tubman beautifully illustrates and is written in its’ simplest form so that a child can understand. While you are reading you can talk about slavery and how it ended. The book end encouraging little readers to make their mark on life.

Black History Month is not just about our past but our future.


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