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    How to Find Your Meaning Reading the Bible

    One never stops studying the Bible. You will always discover a new chapter or a verse that will change your outlook in life or shift your value system. You should always turn to the Book to find your way around life, or before difficult decisions. Whenever you feel like you need spiritual uplifting, motivation, or guidance, your Bible will be handing you the answer. Below you can read a few tips on how to make the most out of interpreting the Scriptures.

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    Spend at least an hour a week sitting down and reading the Bible, focusing on the problems you are dealing with at the moment. You might be fighting a battle with illness or relationships, and looking for guidance. No matter what your situation is, you will need to learn how to clear your mind before you read the Scriptures and focus on the deeper meaning of the words and parables.


    When you are feeling weak and powerless, you will be able to find a story in the Bible you can reflect on. No matter if you feel like you are on a mindset journey, trying to fight negativity, or are dealing with loss, you can reflect on your situation reading the Bible. You might even use an online version that allows you to find the right verses for your situation, using advanced search technology.

    Apply the Quotes to Situations

    When you feel like you cannot see the way forward, try to find the right quote for the situation. The beauty of the Bible is that it speaks directly to you, but you have to learn to listen. Don’t just read the text, but search for a situation in your life you could apply it to, so you can become a better Christian and servant of God.


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    To go into the deeper meaning of the Bible and really understand what is going on and what God is trying to tell you, it might be a good idea to meditate. There are plenty of mindfulness exercises you can learn online, or you could even join a group online to discuss the meditation methods at The Universal Church website. Listening to your reaction and inner voice will take you closer to God and help you reveal your true purpose in life.

    Join Bible Discussion Communities

    It is a good idea to see other people’s reflections on the same text, and there are several Bible study groups online you can join, so you can interpret the Scriptures from different perspectives. Other people in the group might notice something you have missed, and help you understand the meaning of the sacred text better. Many of the communities are not related to one or another church, and they are happy to accept anyone, even those who are not going to church every week, but are curious.


    The Bible is full of secrets, and every time you read a verse, it will have a different meaning for you. Learn to interpret the deeper message and apply faith in your personal life every day.

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    Drink Water With Hydrant




    This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


    Let’s face it who really drinks 8 glasses of water a day! It is a daily struggle the best way for me to drink my water is infused but what if I told you that there was a way that you can stay hydrated.

    We all know the importance of drinking water, but drinking water is hard and can become a chore. Hydrant’s unique ingredient blend allows you to absorb water more efficiently think of it like a hydrant that sends water quickly and efficiently to your cells.

    What is Hydrant?

    Hydrant creates effective hydration products developed in-house by an Oxford Biologist. The Optimal Hydration Mix fights the fatigue that 75% of us experience from dehydration every day. Formulated to make water work better, instantly and conveniently, Optimal Hydration Mix keeps you healthy and hydrated.

    • Incorporating Hydrant into your daily routine, once in the morning and once before bed, leads to optimal hydration and a better you.

    They have some awesome flavors that I would love to try such as grapefruit and lime.

    You too have the opportunity to try Hydrant for being my reader you get 33% off of all orders using the code HYDRANT33 valid now through 5/31/2019.

    Happy Drinking!!!!

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    Why You Should Use A Mattress Protector


    I received this product in exchange for my honest review

    When you buy a new mattress one of the accessories that you should buy along with your wonderful sheets is a mattress cover. Why should you buy a mattress cover?

    1. You get to preserve your mattress. As a women sometimes monthly accidents happen but the mattress cover protects your mattress from spills, sweat and other fluids. In the summer my husband sweats at night and a mattress cover protects you from that. A mattress cover is also great because it helps to preserve your kids mattresses when they wet the bed.
    2. Mattress covers protect you from bed bugs. You prevent them from getting on you by having a washable cover for your bed.

    I’ve struggled to find a mattress protector that is comfortable, waterproof and comes with a substantial warranty. I found one that it’s the GhostBed Mattress Cover Protector.

    Some of the features include:

    Comfort: Super soft knit provides quiet breathability

    Security: Total water-proof barrier with long lasting durability after every wash

    Ghostgrip: 2 inch elastic band encases entire bottom for maximum stability

    Technology: Non-migrating antimicrobial technology helps eliminate allergens.

    What else can you ask for? To purchase GhostBed Mattress Cover Protector did I mention FREE SHIPPING! click here


    Picking up the Pieces: 5 Ways You Can Try to Save Your Marriage from Falling Apart

    It can be a horrible and daunting realization when you come to a point where the concept or idea of your marriage not working turns out to be more real than you allowed yourself to believe. Unfortunately, this is just the way life is.
    However, that doesn’t mean you should always give up and stop trying. Instead, there are things you can do to try and pull your marriage back and reignite that spark. Today, we’re going to explore five things you might want to consider.

    1 – Remember Why You Fell in Love
    The best step you can take is thinking back to why you and your partner fell in love with each other in first place. There would have been a spark or a reason you feel the way you do, or something about your partner you adore.
    The best way to rekindle your marriage is to remember this passion. Daily life is full of stress and worries which make it easy to forget this thing but remembering it mindfully can be a great way to bring back the love.

    2 – Listen to Each Other
    One of the most common reasons a relationship falls apart is because you’re failing to listen to each other. So many couples get to a point where they listen to each other, but they don’t actually listen. This means, in situations like arguments, you listen, but you’re already waiting with your counterpoint. This is how you end up falling apart because you’re not actually considering each other and how you feel, but instead trying to win points or prove you’re better. Address this by listening thoroughly.

    3 – Try to Find the ‘Why’
    Just like there was a reason you fell in love in the first place, there’s a reason, or several reasons, you’ve fallen out of love. Be being mindful of the problems you have, not just at a surface level, but actually on what the core of your issues is, you can help to resolve it. Work together to find the problems, talk about them and look for solutions and think about why things have ended up this way. A long, open, and honest talk can do wondrous things when it comes to exploring how you
    both feel and why.

    4 – Be Aligned through the Chaos
    Life can be overwhelming and stressful at times, and it’s easy to lose focus. Whether you’re going through a consistently bad time, or you’ve been through an emergency crisis, you need to make sure you’re aligning both your wants and needs and your partners. Be a team.

    5 – Be Civil and Accepting
    Although a painful truth, sometimes a marriage just isn’t right for the people involved. However, instead of everything blowing up and falling apart, a change in attitude can make a huge difference when it comes to finding common ground and moving forward. Be civil of the decisions that you and your other half are making and accept that this is how things are and it’s for the better. You may want to use a legal service to help to keep things moving properly. You can read more

    As you can see, there are lots of ways you can start to change and piece back together your marriage. However, each relationship is different, and what works for someone else, might not work for you, so make sure you’re being open to new opportunities and approaches. Keep an open mind.

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    Family Fun At Medieval Times



    Have you ever saw Medieval Times on television? You see the knights in horses and jousting we spend the day with the Knights and the Queen at Medieval Times. Before I talk about our experience I would like to share with you what Medieval Times is about.

    Medieval Times
    Travel through the mists of time to a forgotten age and a tale of devotion courage and love at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. Imagine the pagentry and excitement that would have been yours as a guest of the queen ten centuries ago. That’s exactly what you will experience at North Americas most popular dinner attraction. See our electrifying show featuring heroic knights displaying the astounding athletic feats and thrilling swordplay that have become hallmarks of this unique entertainment experience.

    Our experience
    First you get a color selection which is your knights color you will cheer them on in the battles. They don’t call this a live show for nothing you get to cheer on your Knights color as the joust and battle for the win. As the show goes on you are fed a three course meal which consists of

    Tomato Bisque
    Toasted Garlic Bread
    SweetButtered Corn
    Herb-Basted Potato
    Desert of the Castle


    Our favorite part of the show was when they released the owl it flew around. We also enjoyed the fighting of course and our color knights didn’t win (maybe next time). We had a great time and you can too!

    Purchase tickets here

    This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.