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    Hydrate Your Skin With Evian Spray

    Hydration is extremely important especially when you have dry skin like I do. I apply rose-water to my face before I apply my moisturizer  which helps to hydrate the skin.

    When given the opportunity to review Evian Spray I said why not and I am pleased with the results for one it’s better than just pouring water on your skin for its mineral water that gives your skin the right Ph balance on top of a cooling sensation on your skin.

    How I Use It

    1.Before applying my makeup or moisturizer I use it on my skin to hydrate and give my skin a nice glow.

    2. Workouts: After working up a good sweat your skin can get dry so I wipe the sweat off of my face and use Evian Facial spray to rehydrate my skin and keep it cool.

    If you want to know more information about Evian Spray find out here.

    I received this post for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

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    Review: Cantu’s Apple Cider Vinegar Collection

    *I received these products in exchange for my honest opinion. Article contains affiliate links.*

    It’s finally here! Can I say it’s about time? Now you can wear that protective style a little (or a lot) longer.

    Cantu has come out with an Apple Cider Vinegar refresh line that cleanses and refreshes your hair while in wigs, braids, or twists. I love that I can refresh my hair without having to take it out.

    Collection Line

    Root Relief
    Is your scalp dry and itchy? Root Relief works great to help you relieve your dry scalp. There is peppermint oil which helps to refresh your scalp.

    Root Rinse
    If you are looking for a refresher you can use this product. It cleanses, conditions and soothes the scalp.
    Nourishes roots to promote healthy hair growth
    Moisturizes dry brittle hair

    Dry Co-Wash
    If you want a deep cleaning then go for the Dry Co-Wash it cleanses deep within.
    Part dry shampoo/part conditioner
    Absorbs excess oil plus adds natural shine
    No white powder residue

    Final Verdict

    Cantu delivers again with this Refresh line. My hair was left feeling clean and smelling great. What I also like about it is that after I took the braids out to wash my hair this product left no flakes or residue on my hair.  If you are looking to refresh or co-wash this is a great product to have on deck.

    You can purchase it here.






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    Interview: Miss Black USA 2017 And Ballerina Daphne Lee

    Daphne Lee is Miss Black USA 2017 she is also a ballet dancer and Goodwill Ambassador to the Republic of Sierra Leone. She graduated with Honors from Ailey/Fordham B.F.A. program in dance and is a recipient of the Denise Jefferson Scholarship.

    Tamara: Tell us about yourself.
    Daphne: My name is Daphne Lee and I am a full time ballet dancer with Collage Dance Collective in a Memphis TN. I am a graduate student at Hollins University as well as an ambassador to the Republic of Sierra Leone. 

    Tamara: Did you always want to be a ballerina?
    Daphne: I never wanted to dance professionally. I got into dance because my mother was a dancer and she was my teacher. Dance was more recreational but I ended up getting into Alvin Ailey/Fordham BFA program and ended up joining Alvin Aileys second company. I’ve toured over 60 cities in the USA and 7 countries. I am currently touring here in China with Collage Dance. 

    Tamara:What inspired you to become Miss Black USA?
    Daphne: Miss Black USA has many success stories. In 2010, I had the pleasure of meeting Osas Ighodaro-Ajibade, Miss Black USA 2010. The now successful Nollywood actress saw me perform and encouraged me to apply. Inspired by the organization’s mission to celebrate the unique talents, traits and beauty of women of color and award scholarship opportunities, I decided to apply. The rest is history.  

    Tamara:What words of encouragement do you have for a little young girl who aspires to be a ballerina or Miss Black USA?
    Daphne: My advice would be to know that practice and consistency is key. Continue to watch who you want to become and to never quit.
    Tamara: How did you overcome stereotypes and barriers?
    Daphne: Barriers are inevitable and I brush them off because I am focused on my goals. Obstacles are simply distractions from my journey yet I use them to fuel my inspiration. Plus I think of all the people who came before me who might have had it worse.
    Tamara: Did you always have natural hair and why did you decide to go natural?
    Daphne: For the most part I always switched up hairstyles. My hair was relaxed when I was younger and my mother warned me. But I eventually switched because the idea and reality of putting chemicals to change my hair texture felt unnatural. It’s almost similar to the idea of wanting to bleach skin; it’s no longer who I am. I appreciate the amazing hairstyles and inventions that black have attributed to hair yet there is something to be said when the hair is Natural and you have the diversity to wear it in many styles.

    You can follow Daphne Lee on her website

    For more information on her role as Miss Black USA visit

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    Building A Confident Girl Using #EdenKids

    Building A Confident Girl Using #EdenKids

    Being a girl in this world can be difficult. There is so much influence to tell you that you don’t look right the way you are. While confidence building begins at home the world around us has influence on the way we think about ourselves. I can attest to feeling like a fish out of water wanting to stand out but with risk of being made fun of by my peers so I just blended in with the crowd. Continue Reading

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    Giveaway and Review of Lingerie4moms

    I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

    Review: Lingerie4moms


    While giving your baby all the proper nutrients from breastfeeding its not an easy task.  We see famous celebrities straddling their babies and they make it look so easy.

    In reality:

    Your breasts are sore. Nursing for the first time honestly hurts your skin may also tear.

    You leak. How sexy is this? Your breasts become so full they will start leaking they leak so bad you will have to buy leak pads.

    You breastfeed around the clock. Breaskmilk does not hold a baby like formula does so your baby will get hunger every 2 hours. There are times when you will feel like a cow and hopefully your child will like pumped milk because unfortunately mine did not.

    Here are some ways a breastfeeding mom can feel beautiful while breastfeeding

    • Create a home spa. Buy some candles, get some essential oils turn on your favorite music run some bath water and just relax.
    • Get your hair done. Take a trip to the hair dresser and get beautified.
    • Buy sexy lingerie. I cant say that maternity bras are the prettiest my underwear looked “motherly” I had the typical beige bra and high waisted underwear which didn’t make me feel sexy at all but now thanks to a company called Lingerie 4 moms mothers can feel beautiful and breastfeed. Lingerie 4 moms is a company for moms started by a mom who realized that after her 3rd child her body began to change she was looking for lingerie that made her feel sexy and to her avail she couldn’t find any which is how Lingerie 4 moms got started. Lingerie 4 Moms is the escape for moms looking to let loose and let their hair down while enjoying breastfeeding.


    She has 4 sets to chose from

    • Black Lace
    • Christina Maternity
    • Jaida Blue
    • Sasha

    They are made of soft inner cotton you can use them day or night.

    Underwire bra has an adjustable bra strap so it will fit perfectly on your body without losing it on your shoulder with 5 rows of hooks for adjustable body.

    I must truly say I am impressed by this maternity set and especially the price. Maternity stores can be expensive and they are not appealing, the clothes have a baggy feel to them.If you are breastfeeding or know of a mom who currently is don’t hesitate to purchase Lingerie 4 Moms. There are many things I regretted buying but this is not one of them.

    You can purchase here.

    Now you can get your own Lingerie 4 mom bra set and breast pump for entering this giveaway!

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