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    Review of My Happy Pumpkin


    Summary of book
    After helping his father plant some pumpkin seeds, a boys excited when its time to pick one and turn it into a jack-o-lantern, pleased that God created him just as he created jack-o-lantern.

    My happy pumpkin book is about a pumpkin being carved out to show God’s love. The same way that you carve out and clean a pumpkin is the same way that you clean out your life. While I do not celebrate Halloween, I think this was a simple read for a 3 year old to grasp the concept of God’s love. Because I do not celebrate Halloween they could have used the pumpkin for another purpose. The illustrations were very colorful and bright and fun. It was a easy read and not too long where the child would get bored or lose interest.

    The design of the book is great and its hard cover so your child can’t rip the pages out of the book. The overall message of the book is that Jesus pick us out, cleans us up and let his light shine through us.

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    Review of Soul Keeping


    This book has changed my life! John Ortberg wants us to know about our souls.
    What is so special about it? Ortberg takes you on a spiritual journey to our soul one that you will return never the same. Ortberg write three chapters about the soul:
    1. What the soul is
    2. What the soul needs
    3. The soul restored

    From this book I have gathered that above all things in this world God is connected to our soul. Our soul defines our inner being the soul needs to be cared after by God, taken care of by you and restored back to God. Ortberg explains that our world has replaced the word soul with self.

    Our world has replaced the word soul with the word self and they are not the same thing. The more we focus on ourselves the more we neglect our souls” p.42

    Ortberg explains that a soul becomes shallow when my interests and thoughts go no further than myself. A deep soul has the capacity to understand and empathize deeple with other people. The soul needs rest, a future, to be connected to God, needs freedom, satisfaction and gratitude. The soul restored is being reconciled back to God.

    I laughed, cried and learned about myself as I read this book. I got the definition of a benediction, I learned the history behind the song “It is well with my soul” and how to show gratitude to others and genuinely be happy for others.

    I highly recommend this book for soul seekers, those who want a closer walk with God, Bible Study groups, those who want a closer walk with God, this book is a definite life changer you will never be the same. The only problem I had with this book is that the last chapter was short while he expounded on the previous 2 chapters the last chapter could have given more detail on the restored soul.

    Where to buy book

    I was given this book to review by icon media group in exchange for my honest opinion and I received no monetary funds

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    Book Reviews

    How to Pick Up A Stripper

    The title alone is something to think about.
    How to Pick up a Stripper and other Acts of Kindness
    Todd and Erin Stevens a married couple from Friendship Community Church witnessed in strip clubs by serving home cooked meals and gift bags to show that God loves them.
    When I take action to help someone deal with a struggle or hurt, I am meeting a need. Kindness is different because it helps someone who may not be dealing with any sort of crisis. Kindness is simply doing something that benefits someone else” 
    I always had the type of spirit to help those in need. What I love about this book is that it showed me how to show love to everybody. I use to only search for the homeless, or the orphaned but when you show an act of kindness it is to anyone and everyone is worth showing God’s love to. Todd and Erin Steven takes us on their journey to do something that doesn’t fit in the realm of church, going into a strip club and ministering. I can only imagine the no’s they received about doing this but they understood the call on their lives. This book has shown me that regardless of what other people think always walk in God’s direction and from doing that these women turned their lives around. This touched my heart the most because I almost became an exotic dancer but meeting my now husband and my encounter with God changed all of that.
    I would recommend this book to all ages and different levels of faith because it brings you back to God’s true character. This book can be used for Bible study for evangelism and having an effective evangelism ministry and I love the thought provoking questions at the end.
    The only thing I would have liked to see is more elaboration on the “other acts of kindness” because not everyone will be able to minister at a strip club.
    This book will bring you closer to helping others by sharing God’s love.

    You can purchase the book on Amazon

    Note: I received a complimentary review copy of this book (as an e-book) through the BookLook Bloggers ( book review bloggers program.  The program does not require for my review to be positive, and my review reflects my honest reaction to the book.

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    Review of Taffi Dollar’s New Book

    Book Review
    Love is the theme throughout Taffi Dollar’s book called Embracing the Love God Wants You to Have. Taffi tells you how to apply God’s love in different relationships in your life and I must say she does this very well. Taffi helps her readers understand that sometimes we are acting our of fear and not love. She helps us see fear by explaining God’s love.
    As a fearful person myself I truly enjoyed reading this book. Not only did she give other people testimonials but she did talked about herself, which made this book so relational. I often say we can mistake love for fear and vice versa. There is a chapter that speaks to my heart she talks about Esther being an orphan something I can understand clearly being an orphan myself. She explained that you can have a fear or rejection and feel abandoned but not realize that you carry that in relationships with other people. The other chapters that resonated in my heart was Embracing God’s Love, Giving and Receiving Love and Parenting with Love. This was the first book I read by Taffi Dollar and this will not be my last.
    This book is well suited for many different target audiences including young adults, parenting ministries, marriage ministries and women’s ministry. The book also comes with reflective journal as well as though provoking questions at the end of each chapter. My recommendation is that towards the end the book seemed rushed and she could have given an overall summary of the book and what we should have gotten out of it. Overall, I was very happy with this book it was thought provoking, honest and inspiring.
    I was given this book to review in exchange for my honest opinion I did not receive any monetary funds.

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    Book Reviews

    Press Release

    Press Release

    Author Tamara South Recounts God’s Miracles in her Life in New Book,Healing From Within
    In her new book, Healing From Within, author Tamara South shows readers that God still works miracles even in the midst of their trials and struggles. South believes that if it were not for the biblical accounts of the Apostle Paul, Job, Queen Esther, King David, and the Apostle John in Scripture, we would never know how to properly deal with the trials and troubles that we face in our lives.

    Healing From Within also tells the story of Tamara South’s personal encounter with Jesus Christ. She went from being suicidal to praising God through her experience with the Son of God. And in the pages of this book, she describes her troublesome past and her hope for a triumphant future. Her powerful testimony of God’s grace and a collection of beautifully written poetry will encourage readers to face their hardships boldly and step into the lifestyle that God wants them to live.
    Tamara Nicole South was born on June 28, 1981 in Bronx, NY. She lost her mother at the age of six and her father at thirteen. She enjoys writing poetry, singing, crocheting, bowling and meeting new people. Tamara seeks to help other children overcome the bereavement of parents. Tamara received her undergraduate degree in Human Development from Binghamton University and received her Masters degree from New York University. She is an active member in her church serving on the bereavement ministry and children’s hour story teller. and seeks to start a scholarship fund for orphans. She has spoken to children at public schools about self esteem and performed spoken word at many different church functions.
    To book Tamara South for speaking engagements and/or book signings, please
    Healing From Within is available wherever fine books are sold, and

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