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    NYC Ferry Soundview’s Launch Day

    It’s here! The NYC Ferry from Soundview (Clason Point) in the Bronx to Manhattan provides Bronx residents a great new way to get to Manhattan! Official launch date of service for NYC Ferry’s Soundview Route was August 15, 2018.

    •  On August 15, NYC Ferry operated by Hornblower served 3,737 riders on the Soundview Route. This is the highest daily ridership number across the system on opening day.
    • The new route starts in the Soundview section of the Bronx, and stops at the new East 90th Street landing, East 34th Street landing and ends at Wall Street/Pier 11.
    • We also have 350 passenger boats.

    You may be asking yourself why take the NYC Ferry here are a few reasons why:

    Convenience/Arrival Time
    In 46 minutes you can travel from Soundview (Clason Point) to Wall Street who would have a problem with that? As a commuter you want to make sure you get to your destination quickly and NYC Ferry delivers that here are the arrival time for each stop.
    Soundview to  90 Street 18 minutes
    90th Street to 34th Street 16 minutes
    34th Street to Wall Street 12 minutes
    Total Time: 46 minutes

    The cost for a one way ticket is $2.75 yep you heard right to get to Wall Street in 46 minutes it costs you $2.75 they also have monthly plans and separate costs if you bringing a bike which $1.00 extra. (Kids under 44 inches are free)

    One way $2.75
    Monthly $121.00

    Riding to work has never been more comfortable as you are sitting on comfortable seats surrounded by a concession stand with healthy snacks, television, electrical sockets to charge your phone (wi-fi and charging ports) coming soon. The Ferry can accommodate 150 people.

    My kids are 5 and 7 and they absolutely enjoyed the views and just looking at the water they have seats with tables so you are able to eat with them at the table and even catch up on some homework with them on the way home.

    Scenic Views
    From beginning to the end you enjoy a beautiful scenic route of Manhattan looking at the water is peaceful.

    Photo Credit: Dandy in The Bronx

    You can check out the NYC Ferry Soundview (Clason Point) schedule here

    Don’t forget for up to date info, buy tickets and more download the NYC Ferry App!

    This is a sponsored post in partnership with NYC Ferry. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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    Family Fun Activities in Hershey, PA

    Thanks to Hershey Park and Visit Hershey and Harrisburg Tourism for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.  

    If you are looking to take your family on a vacation close to NYC than look no further than Hershey, PA. This was my first time going to Hershey Park and it won’t be the last we went in the beginning of June so there were certain things that weren’t opened yet like Hershey Towers and Chocolate Factory but we still had a great time.

    With so many places to chose from thanks to Hershey Bureau for helping to sponsor our trip. Here are 3 reasons why you should visit Hershey, PA

    1.Civil War MuseumNot everyone thinks about going to a museum while on vacation but I said why not. I love for my kids to learn new things. The exhibits were well thought and put together. We loved how they showed the involvement of African Americans in the Civil War. We learned so much while there.

    ZooAmerica- ZooAmerica is apart of Hershey Park its a huge zoo and an attraction you shouldn’t miss.

    Susquehanna Boat-While we couldn’t go on this boat because of the rain this is a great way to see Pennsylvania by water.

    Hershey Park-Last but not least what everyone comes to visit none other than Hershey Park. Filled with rides, games, zoo you create some special memories here. What I love about Hershey Park is that they have something for everyone. Our kids are 5 and 7 there was more than enough kid rides for them to enjoy.

    Lake Tobias Wildlife Park & Safari Tour
    Not a zoo but a working farm we got up close and personal with bison, deers and goats.

    Hershey Pantry- Situated in a house this charming restaurant offers charm and sophistication we went there for breakfast we got chocolate chip pancakes which were good. You don’t want to pass this place up when traveling to Hershey.

    Chick Fil-A
    As a chick Fil-A mom ambassador I don’t turn down the chance to find the restaurant in the area while there I has a conversation with a great employee while trying out their famous peach tea.

    Now if you are looking to save some $$$ on food there was one night when we ordered Dominos.

    Hotel Accommodations

    Hershey Lodge– We stayed at the Hershey Lodge for our hotel accommodations. There are many reasons why I enjoyed staying here one of those reasons
    a.Shuttle bus to Hershey Park you can arrive earlier than everyone else
    b. Take photos with Hershey characters
    c. Kids sign in
    d. Indoor WaterPark
    e. Hershey Kisses on bed
    f. Free admission to Hershey Park

    If you haven’t made your way to Hershey, PA what are you waiting for?

    Visit here to get more info and to plan your visit!!!






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    ShopRite Opens In South Bronx

    ShopRite Opens In South Bronx

    I am so excited that on June 28 ShopRite opens in the Bronx which will be located in Bruckner Plaza. I got to take a behind the scenes look at the supermarket and I am highly impressed.

    The supermarket consists of pushing healthy eating and I love it. Shop Rite understands the #not62 which states that the Bronx is one of the unhealthiest boroughs.

    ShopRite Opens In South Bronx

    ShopRite Opens In South Bronx


    ShopRite Opens In South Bronx

    ShopRite Opens In South Bronx

    ShopRite Opens In South Bronx

    Highlights from the store:

    • Fresh Sushi Bar: The have a fresh sushi bar that gives you California Roll, Shrimp Tempura or spicy Tuna
    • Angela the Site Dietician: She is open to the public and offers classes like kids cooking classes and fitness. They also have a community room that holds 40 people that is open to the public.
    • Free fruits for kids to snack on while in store
    • Fresh Bakery which bakes your cakes and makes fresh donuts. I am also impressed with the gluten free cake selections as well.
    • Fresh fish market
    • Organic produce: They have their own brand called “Wholesome Pantry” which comes in organic and non-organic
    • Fitness Classes: How many supermarkets you know will have free fitness classes as well as cooking classes for kids?
    • Bring more jobs to the communty

    I am so excite about Shop Rite and the impact it will have on our community the opening day is tomorrow 9 a.m. ShopRite at Bruckner is open Sun-Sat 6a.m.-12 a.m. 1994 Bruckner Blvd for more information, visit

    Slogans I saw around ShopRite that I love:

    “Eat Well And Be Happy”
    “Celebration Station”
    “Live Right”
    To Care Deeply About People Helping Them To Eat Well And Be Happy”




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    5 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Kids To Cooking Class

    5 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Kids To Cooking Class

    5 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Kids To Cooking Class

    I think a lot of little girls start to learn how to cook by making their first pancake with mom in the kitchen you are standing on a stool and when the pancakes are ready she helps you flip it over. My first cooking experience was with my grandmother as I helped her mix the ingredients together to bake a cake. I have two kids and I haven’t quite given them the cooking with mom experience for I am a little afraid of the knives and fire from the stove also as I cook in a rush its not something I take my time to do.

    5 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Kids To Cooking Class5 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Kids To Cooking Class5 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Kids To Cooking Class

    I remember being in the kitchen and my son saying mom I want to be a chef. I’m saying to myself how can I get him to start cooking? I searched online for cooking classes and came across Cooking With Kids NY. I had the pleasure of going to the Cooking With Kids NY at the Diamond Cut Fitness Gym in the Bronx.

    About Cooking For Kids NY

    The founder Sharon loves to introduce new foods to children. Cooking With Kids was created from a love of cooking, a love of teaching children and a love of expanding the minds and palates of others!

    I figured taking my son and daughter to a cooking class they would be able to experience what its like to cook their own dish.

    Here are my 5 reasons to take your child to a cooking class:

    1.) Try New Things: I am all about experiencing new things with your kids the Founder Sharon uses exotic dishes the one they was Thai.

    2.) Learn From Their Peers: What I absolutely love is that she let the older kids help the younger kids and Tovelle even made friends when it was over.

    3.) Try What You Cook: My daughter doesn’t drink milk but once she saw everyone making chai tea she tried and liked it.

    4.) Independence: As I said earlier its hard to cook with your kids because you are focusing on their safety but all knives were made for children even the onion chopper was a cute roller and my son was able to roll the skin off of the garlic.

    5.) Boosts self-esteem: Knowing that they have accomplished something on their own makes them take pride in themselves my son ate his own food saying “I made this”.

    Check out the classes at You will also find kid cooking utensils. Follow her on instagram @cookingwithkidsny.

    5 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Kids To Cooking Class

    Have you taken your kids to cooking class? Would you take them? Why or Why not?




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    Backstage With Marvel Live Universe

    My husband is a Marvel fanatic so that gene got passed down to my son and now  my daughter has joined in. I got a behind the scenes look into Marvel Universe Live coming to Barclay’s on February 22nd.

    Can I tell you how much fun this was?

    We got the opportunity to talk with the director of Marvel Live, take some awesome action shots from the show and even try on costume makeup. I was impressed with the fact that they did their own makeup and how realistic the choreography was. It was great being behind the scenes with Marvel. They were full of knowledge and we got the see the a sneek peek of the show.

    During the event they went around asking the kids who their favorite avenger is and my son said Iron Fist they were so impressed that he remembered him that he got to take a picture with him.

    If you want to win tickets when Marvel Live comes to your town sign up here.

    ***I got invited to the show as press. All opinions are my own.***