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    How to Find Your Meaning Reading the Bible

    One never stops studying the Bible. You will always discover a new chapter or a verse that will change your outlook in life or shift your value system. You should always turn to the Book to find your way around life, or before difficult decisions. Whenever you feel like you need spiritual uplifting, motivation, or guidance, your Bible will be handing you the answer. Below you can read a few tips on how to make the most out of interpreting the Scriptures.

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    Spend at least an hour a week sitting down and reading the Bible, focusing on the problems you are dealing with at the moment. You might be fighting a battle with illness or relationships, and looking for guidance. No matter what your situation is, you will need to learn how to clear your mind before you read the Scriptures and focus on the deeper meaning of the words and parables.


    When you are feeling weak and powerless, you will be able to find a story in the Bible you can reflect on. No matter if you feel like you are on a mindset journey, trying to fight negativity, or are dealing with loss, you can reflect on your situation reading the Bible. You might even use an online version that allows you to find the right verses for your situation, using advanced search technology.

    Apply the Quotes to Situations

    When you feel like you cannot see the way forward, try to find the right quote for the situation. The beauty of the Bible is that it speaks directly to you, but you have to learn to listen. Don’t just read the text, but search for a situation in your life you could apply it to, so you can become a better Christian and servant of God.


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    To go into the deeper meaning of the Bible and really understand what is going on and what God is trying to tell you, it might be a good idea to meditate. There are plenty of mindfulness exercises you can learn online, or you could even join a group online to discuss the meditation methods at The Universal Church website. Listening to your reaction and inner voice will take you closer to God and help you reveal your true purpose in life.

    Join Bible Discussion Communities

    It is a good idea to see other people’s reflections on the same text, and there are several Bible study groups online you can join, so you can interpret the Scriptures from different perspectives. Other people in the group might notice something you have missed, and help you understand the meaning of the sacred text better. Many of the communities are not related to one or another church, and they are happy to accept anyone, even those who are not going to church every week, but are curious.


    The Bible is full of secrets, and every time you read a verse, it will have a different meaning for you. Learn to interpret the deeper message and apply faith in your personal life every day.


    Tips for Making Family and Faith A Priority This Year

    The New Year comes with a flurry of expectations for fresh starts, and resolutions to break bad habits and revitalize goals we’ve lost track of for far too long. When beginning to set your goals
    for 2019, be thoughtful when prioritizing what deserves the majority of your attention, energy, and dedication. Throughout the holiday season, it can be easier to carve out time for family, loved ones, and God. The most wonderful time of year provides us with countless reasons to celebrate and intentionally give thanks for the blessings He has given us. Don’t let your closeness to family, loved ones, and God stop just because the holiday spirit has died down. Let these tips inspire you to make family and faith a priority in the New Year.

    Tackle faith-based goals as a family
    Building your relationship with faith doesn’t need to just be a personal goal. Your entire family can benefit from becoming closer to God and this in turn can make your household a stronger one. Additionally, pursuing a deeper understanding of faith together will allow you to do so without having to place family bonding as a second priority. Make building faith a family activity. If you’ve always wanted to read the entire Bible, aim to follow a Bible reading plan and have your entire family follow along. Most Bible reading guides aim for a passage a night- use this as an opportunity to read together as a family. Encourage your children to get involved by reading aloud! Taking a moment to discuss the passage after
    and understand its greater meaning for your lives will help your family interact closely with faith.

    Schedule weekly “dates”
    In the midst of your kids returning to school after holiday vacation and your own work schedule getting back on track, enjoying spontaneous family time can simply be impossible. Be intentional about carving out regular time each week to touch base as a family and do something fun! Take time each week to exercise as a family. There are so many benefits that physical activity can contribute to the development of your household’s bond. Make your family time a priority by scheduling a walk each Wednesday or attending a weekly exercise or sports class at your local recreational center. If you’re looking to relax after a long day, cozy up on the couch for a family movie night. Reignite your faith while reconnecting with your loved ones with inspiring Christian movies! Prioritize faith further by discussing the movie’s message with your family.

    Create an unplugged day
    For many, Sunday is God’s day. Be intentional about giving both Him and your family your full attention by turning off technology. Getting rid of distractions will help you be present during
    church service. After church, fill any time you would have spent on your phone or watching TV on activities that provide a deeper satisfaction. If your church does after service activities, encourage your family to participate. Perhaps there are charitable events that your church is associated with, allowing your family the opportunity to dedicate one day to faith as well as
    giving back. With your technology on silent, take the opportunity to reconnect with your family though off-screen activities. Make a home cooked meal to share or cozy up at a local cafe for a hot drink. Create opportunities to talk about your week and what you’re most looking forward to this year.

    Be intentional about making faith a routine
    If prioritizing faith in your family’s life is a goal you’re passionate about, make it an integrated part of your life. If you make your interactions with God and faith a regular part of your family’s daily routine, you’ll surely feel your relationship grow stronger. Start small, by simply including morning and nightly prayers into your routine. Starting and ending each day showing God thanks for all that He does is an energizing way to demonstrate your faith in Him and His abilities. Being intentional about praying as a family will help you deepen your faith in the loving bond your household is built on.


    Tips for Integrating Into a New Church Community

    If you’ve just moved to a new location, one of the things you’ll want to do is find a local church that you can join and attend. However, some people can find it a little daunting when they’re entering a new church community. You’ll be stepping into a new setting with people who you don’t know. There’s no need to fear it or put it off though; here are some tips that’ll help you when integrating into a new church community.

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    Find a Welcoming Church


    Your first challenge will be finding a church that’s truly welcoming to new people. There will most likely be a range of churches in your area, so do some research and find out what you can about them. Places like Iglesia Universal are known to be very welcoming and open, and that’s what you should be looking for. It’ll make your transition and integration so much easier.


    Introduce Yourself to Everyone


    The process of introducing yourself to the people who are regulars at the church is obviously going to be important because this is when everyone’s first impressions will be formed. Don’t hold back and wait for people to talk to you because that might not be received in the right way. Instead, don’t be shy and talk to talk to them directly. They probably won’t bite.


    Be Yourself


    Being yourself is a vital part of this whole process. Don’t try to be something you’re not or what you think they’ll want you to be. They’re sure to be accepting people and you won’t need to be someone you’re not in order to impress them, so why even try? In the end, everyone’s true self comes through anyway so it doesn’t make much sense to pretend.


    Get Involved in Activities


    If you want to integrate quickly and show people that you’re an asset to the local church, you should get involved in activities conducted by the church and the community surrounding it. Not only will it show your good intentions, but it will also help you to get to know everyone and build those relationships and friendships more quickly. You’ll probably have a lot of fun if you make an effort to get involved too.


    Simply Be There


    Finally, you should remember to simply be there. Turning up each week and being a part of the church community is the best thing you can do. This is all that really matters anyway, so be a part of the church and become a regular fixture. People will also get to know you that way and you’ll become part of the furniture in no time at all.


    Before you know it, you’ll be a settled and active member of your church community, and hopefully you’ll be a part of it for a long time to come. It can take time for you to feel like a natural part of the community, but you’ll get there in the end so don’t fret over it too much.


    Book Reviews faith Parenting

    Brick Builders-Illustrated Bible Review

    My kids are older now so the baby Bible stories are too short they are now able to grasp Bible stories but they are too young to read King James. With my 7 year old I switch up between devotionals and different Bible and Bible activities. When asked to review Brick Builders I knew my kids would enjoy it with Lego themed pictures I soon discovered my son may be too old but my daughter absolutely loves it. The pictures are vivid making the Bible come to life, filled with 35 Bible stories it introduces the bible in a fun way (what kid doesn’t like Legos)?

    About the book

    The Brick Builders Illustrated Bible uses the popularity of brick-building pieces to engage children with more than 35 beloved Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments. Reader will travel from Genesis to Revelation as they read about Creation, Noah’s Ark, David and Goliath, the Birth of Jesus, Jesus Walks on Water, and more. With bold, colorful illustrations by Antony Evans, each story contains a “Building Block” takeaway for kids to help them apply the biblical principal to their own lives.

    I recommend this children’s Bible as a starter as it just touches the surface of the Bible stories (i.e doesn’t talk about Adam and Eve’s punishment). This is perfect for my 5 year old who just needs to hear the overview but for my 7 year old I want him to go further into depth in analyzing the Bible. It’s a great Lego theme.

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    ***I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest opinion.****


    You Gotta Have Faith (Even When Dealing With An Injury)

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    Most of us know that keeping faith in ourselves through injury can help with recovery. You hear stories all the time of the power of a positive mindset. Sadly, this is easier said than done. The F Faith is the last thing you may feel after a severe injury. You may judge yourself harshly for what happened. With healthcare the way it is, you may also feel that others have no faith in your story.

    If you aren’t careful, you’ll find yourself faithless and suffering for longer than necessary. This is sure to lead to mental implications as well aa the physical injury you’re already dealing with. Soon, you could even stop stop loving your body. You don’t need us to tell you that’s bad news.


    That’s why we’re here to say that you NEED to have faith in yourself through this time. Without it, you’re going to struggle to come out the other end. With it, you could return to your old life in no time. With that in mind, keep reading to find out three ways to keep your self-faith strong.

    Believe that you deserve help

    If we lose faith after injury, we often feel undeserving of help. You may think that you don’t deserve a doctor’s time. Or, you may not feel you deserve compensation which could get you back on your feet. Knock feelings like those to the curb. Even if you feel that house fire was your fault, you deserve the help of companies like to receive the compensation you’re owed. Even if you feel you should have watched where you were going, you deserve a doctor’s help with your broken leg. Never forget that. The moment you do, a minor issue could worsen, as could your mental strain.


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    Believe that you can beat this

    Sometimes, even those who get help don’t have much faith that they can beat an injury. You may feel as though your wheelchair is sure to become a permanent fixture. Perhaps you don’t believe you could ever use that wrist the way you used to. We have some news you probably don’t want to hear. The moment you take this attitude, you increase the chances of these things happening. As can be seen on sites like, staying positive is essential. If you don’t believe your efforts will fix things, you’ll stop trying. And, that’s when you really could face a lifetime of dealing with this.

    Believe you have a bright future

    Last, you need to keep faith in your future. Sometimes, injuries cause our lives to unravel. You may have to leave work or relocate for physical therapy. It’s difficult to do these things against your will, and it can lead you to feeling bleak about your future. But, that in itself can slow your recovery. You may soon wonder why you bother. Don’t let that happen. Always remain positive about your future. It may not be what you planned for yourself, but it could well be better.