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    Why You Should Consider California For Your Family Vacation This Year

    When it comes to deciding where to go as a family on vacation, it can be hard to choose where to go. This could be because of budget, distance that you want to travel, and also how long you want to be on vacation for. California has so many different things to offer that are fun for the whole family, and this article is going to tell you why you should consider California for your family vacation this year.


    We couldn’t not start with possibly one of the biggest attractions of California. Not only that, you won’t even have to worry for a second whether the children will be entertained and enjoy themselves. Even if you have children that are more on the grown up side, Disneyland can bring out the child in even the most stubborn of teenagers. It’s an adventure packed, fun experience that the whole family can enjoy, and it’s definitely something that everyone should try at least once in their lifetimes!

    Santa Barbara Zoo

    If you’re looking to stick to a venue where you can enjoy some natural wildlife, then consider visiting Santa Barbara Zoo with your family during your stay in California. It’s a great day out and it gives you the chance to have fun while your children are learning about all of the different animals. You will also get the chance to pet and feed animals that you wouldn’t normally get the chance to even see. Because California is so large, why not stay in Best Western Beachside Inn so that you’re closer to the action? The hotels are luxury and come with all the amenities and more that you could ever imagine.

    Golden Gate Bridge

    The Golden Gate Bridge is a mile long stretch of bridge over the Pacific Ocean that leads you from San Francisco into California. It stands proudly and adds to the scenery, it simply wouldn’t be the same without it. Because of how popular the bridge is and the fact that so many films feature the bridge, you’d be mad not to at least visit the area and take some stunning photos to add to your collection.


    If you’re in California, you should most definitely visit the attractions in Hollywood. Again, because of the publicity it gets due to films and TV programmes, it’s a highly popular spot for tourists. To name one attraction is the Universal Studios that you and your family can tour and have a meet and greet with many of your favourite characters. Why not enjoy the plethora of rides and amusements that it offers? There’s so much to see, you might not want to leave!


    Of course there are many other reasons to visit California including the beautiful weather, the national parks, and simply the experience. These are just a few handpicked favourites which the whole family can enjoy! So when you’re planning your family vacation, consider adding California to the list of places to visit!

    Family Family Travel

    Family Vacation: Traveling Catastrophes And How To Avoid Them

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    Family vacations are hard work, but, in the end, there is nothing better than hitting the beach with the family. Or, maybe you want to go to Disneyland and have an adventure. Whatever you choose, it is going to be fun, exciting and enjoyable. However, a family holiday isn’t always rainbows and picnics. Unfortunately, boarding a plane and traveling abroad brings complications. Some things happen in different countries that don’t occur at home. At least, they happen more to tourists than anyone else. Continue Reading

    Family Family Travel

    Staying Sane On Family Vacations Is All About Clever Preparation

    I bet you didn’t realize that the key to having a successful family vacation is to get organized ahead of time, but it is. In fact, if you can get the planning and packing part of your trip right you will make things significantly more fun for the whole family, as well as a lot easier on yourself. Just read on to find out more.


    Stuff to keep the kids amused


    Any mom that has traveled a long distance with her babies in tow knows that the trick is to have stuff with you to keep the kids amused and comfortable. This is the same whether you are flying on a plane for an overseas holiday, or driving in your car to somewhere a little closer. Continue Reading

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    Things You Need Before A Big Camping Expedition

    You and the family are heading off on a big camping adventure, and it’s very exciting, but there are probably a lot of questions floating around your head if you’ve never been camping before (or, at least, if you’ve never been camping with your kids and possibly your partner too). Whether you’re going on a big camping expedition or just a fun little trip to a local campsite, it’s important that you’re prepared; it’s an adventure and a cool little test in terms of stocking up on the right supplies and gear. If you want to be sure that you get everything right so that the family has a fun time on this expedition, however, then here are some tips to help ensure that everything goes smoothly.

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    A plan.

    The plan is obviously the most important part of your camping expedition. You can be an amateur climber or even an amateur tent-builder, but you can’t be an amateur in terms of not bringing enough supplies. Forgetting enough food for long hikes is definitely something you can’t afford to do. You need to ensure you have all the essentials so that the whole family has a fun time but also a safe time. Of course, if you’re not sure whether you’ve planned down every last thing to the finest detail then the rest of this article should help clear up any doubts. Continue Reading

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    Value Vacations: How To Save On Your Next Trip

    Do you dream of soaking up the rays in Dubai or meandering through Venice’s winding streets? Are you desperate to explore the California coast or have you always wanted to sample the quintessential British afternoon tea? If you’re struggling to think about ways to afford your dream vacation this summer, don’t panic. We’ve got you covered. Here are some fantastic ways to save on your next trip.


    Book at the last minute

    If you know that you want to go away on a certain date or you have limited choice when it comes to dates, for example, you need to travel during the school holidays, it often pays to leave things until the last minute. You can take advantage of massive discounts and cancellations if you’re willing to make your booking a couple of days before you leave. You may have a limited range of options, but you could save hundreds of dollars.


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    Book online

    If you’re looking for the best Dubai deals or you’re searching for hotels in Rome or flights to London, it’s wise to shop online. Travel agents usually offer preferential rates on the Internet, and you can also compare prices before you book. If you have dates and a location, you can enter your search preferences, hit the button and see what’s available. If you don’t have a specific location in mind, and you’re open to suggestions, you can search for last minute deals and see what comes up in your price and date range. If you have seen a hotel you like, or you’re thinking about reserving flights, use the web to compare fees first. You’ll find a huge variation in prices even if you’re looking at exactly the same room.


    Choose a package

    Sometimes, it works out cheaper to book a flight and hotel separately, but you can often save a lot of money by opting for a package that includes everything. You pay a one-off price for flights, accommodation, transfers, and luggage. This means you have nothing else to worry about. If you make individual bookings, you may find that the total cost is much higher, as you have to add bags to flight reservations and you may want to upgrade your hotel booking to include meals. Weigh up all your options, and think about the total cost of the vacation.


    Go all inclusive

    If you’re going on a beach break, all inclusive vacations offer much better value for money, and they also make life much easier when you’re away. You don’t have to carry cash around with you or watch the pennies when the kids want a drink, or you want to eat out. You may pay more upfront, but you’re likely to save a fortune while you’re away.

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    If you want to get away this summer, but you’re on a budget, don’t worry. There are some really easy ways to save on your next vacation. Take advantage of the Internet, keep an eye on prices and check out last-minute offers and discounts. Compare prices on flights and package deals and if you’re going away with the kids for a beach vacation, consider going all-inclusive.