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    Guaranteeing Yourself as Good a Night’s Sleep as Possible

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    Sleep is something that we all need. It comes naturally to us and it is essential for our overall health and wellbeing. But for something so important, relatively few of us have a good idea of how much of it we should be getting. Now, there’s a whole lot of confusion out there surrounding the subject of exactly how many hours a night sleep we should have and what sleep’s actual purpose is. There are so many different facts and figures borne from so many different studies that it can almost feel as though figures are being plucked from thin air on a whim. At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that we are all unique and all of our bodies have different requirements, so the amount of sleep that best suits you may vary drastically from the amount that leaves someone else feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead. General guidelines recommend eight hours a night for adults. This varies drastically from the fourteen to seventeen hours a newborn requires! But it’s a good place to start. Securing at least eight hours should provide your body with everything it needs. Sleep gives your body the opportunity to shut down its prioritisation of waking actions and dedicate more energy to recuperative work. Your breathing rate will slow, your heart rate will slow, your limbs will relax, and you can begin to recover from aches, pulls, strains, cuts, bruises, and muscle damage. Everything will become stronger and restored. Sleep is also a great opportunity for your mind to create new pathways in your brain, forming new memories and solidifying the events of the day. You can filter out unnecessary information and maintain what’s truly important! Sleep is essential for transferring tit bits from your short term memory to your long term memory. As you can see, this entire process is extremely important. So, how can you ensure that you’re getting a good night’s sleep every night? Here are a few areas to focus on and explore to achieve your recommended eight hours!


    Eliminating Noise


    While some of us are more sensitive to noise than others, pretty much everyone requires a relatively quiet space to get some shut eye in under normal circumstances. Loud noises can keep us up – whether they might originate from a particularly loud housemate or neighbour, traffic, or the snoring of a loved one. But the good news is that there are generally measures that can reduce the amount of noise that you are exposed to. If someone is being inconsiderate, chances are that they don’t even realise that they’re disturbing you. Simply reach out to them and let them know that they’re disturbing your sleep. They’re likely to change their ways immediately. If someone is being uncooperative, you can generally go through authority figures to ensure they quieten down. If traffic or outside noise is a problem, invest in a pair of noise cancelling earplugs. These may feel a little odd to wear at first, but you’ll soon get used to them. These should block out any noise. If your partner snores, earplugs can work, but you could also look into professional treatments that can open their airways while they sleep and prevent them from snoring to begin with.


    Eliminating Light


    We have developed an evolutionary response to wake up when we are exposed to natural light. Traditionally, we would generally spend daylight hours awake and head to bed as soon as the sun set. This made sense – in the past, we weren’t able to do all too much at night. However, nowadays, we generally have easy access to electricity and we can be just as productive at night as we could be in the day. However, our bodies haven’t necessarily caught up and now light can wreak havoc with our sleep-wake cycles. So, if you are going to be active at night and plan to sleep through daylight hours (whether this is a few extra hours in the morning, or if you pull a night shift and need a full eight hours during the day), you need to control light in your sleeping space. The easiest way to do this is to invest in dark curtains or blinds. These will allow you to block out light as and when you please. If you are particularly sensitive to light, check out black out curtains or blinds. These are made from materials that absorb as much light as possible and create as dark a space as possible in your room.


    Eliminating Distractions


    Many of us complain that we cannot sleep, but the source of our restlessness is in our own hands. If you take your smartphone to bed with you and scroll through social media feeds rather than getting your head down and giving yourself the opportunity to nod off, you only have yourself to blame. Not only do smartphones, tablets, and other devices offer immediate distraction, but they also emit a particular kind of blue light that tricks your body into thinking that it’s day time. Your circadian rhythms can become altered, and you are likely to struggle to nod off once you’ve been exposed to them for extended periods of time. So, ban devices from the bedroom. Leave them on do not disturb mode, or if you need to be contactable, or if you use your phone as an alarm, you can set them on loud but out of arms reach.


    Trying Out Essential Oils for Sleep


    If you haven’t tried out essential oils before, but you are still struggling to sleep, now might be a great time to try out some specialist essential oils for sleep. These can be used in various ways.


    Some common types of essential oils that you might want to try out include lavendar, Roman chamomile, sweet orange, sweet marjoram, and vetiver oils. Each has its own benefits, so let’s take a moment to consider some pros that come hand in hand with each.



    • Lavender – lavender is one of the flowers most commonly associated with sleepiness. While this oil is extremely versatile, some of its most effective qualities are how it can relax you, calm you, and eliminate nervous tensions.



    • Roman Chamomile – there are various different types of chamomile out there. Some common types include Blue chamomile. German chamomile, and Moroccan chamomile. However, the variety that best induces sleep tends to be Roman chamomile. It is fast acting and has calming qualities about it. It is particularly recommended for those who experience difficulty sleeping due to chronic stress, headaches, or nervous disorders.


    • Sweet Orange – while we tend to associate the smell of orange with zestiness and energy, sweet orange can help to alleviate stress and bring a more positive outlook. This can help to put worries and fears to rest and pave the way for real rest.



    • Sweet Marjoram – chances are that you’re already familiar with some of the more commonly known types of oil above. So, let’s lead onto something a little lesser known – sweet marjoram. Now, sweet marjoram, as opposed to plain or standard marjoram, can have a sedative-like effect on the nervous system. This encourages relaxation in the lead up to sleep. If you are suffering from feelings of loneliness, rejection, or grief that keep you up at night, this might be the perfect oil to suit your needs!




    • Vetiver – vetiver isn’t commonly mentioned in lists of essential oils. It is sourced from tall perennial grass that is native to India, so you might not have tried it before. But it is perfect for those actively seeking a good night’s kip. It is said to have a grounding nature, which offers support and stability.



    Replace Your Mattress


    You should replace your mattress once every eight years. This isn’t a simple marketing ploy formulated by mattress sales people – there’s a good reason behind the piece of advice. Over time, your mattress is bound to wear down. It will beging to offer less and less support. You might start to feel the springs through it. You might find it leans or tilts to one side. You might experience a whole host of age-related problems. By replacing your mattress once every eight years, you ensure that you are always sleeping on a bed that is providing you with the right levels of support and comfort.


    Ensuring Your Room Is Well Ventilated


    Many of us have our sleep disturbed by poor air quality. If you wake up coughing, struggle to nod off due to a blocked nose, or experience similar problems regularly, you might need to reassess the air quality in your home. Having proper ventilation can ensure that air doesn’t become stagnant and that humid or contaminated air is passed on, while fresh clean air is actively circulated. Consider fitting dehumidifiers, air filtration systems, or merely add a few low-pollen houseplants to your interiors. This should help to drastically improve the air quality in the space you sleep in as little time as possible!


    As you can see, sleep is extremely important. It’s essential that you do your utmost to get the right amounts of it! Hopefully, the above information and advice will help you to achieve this!

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    Enjoying The Holidays With NYC Ferry

    I don’t know about you but I am happy to be on winter break. My kids are also happy about it as well. As a kid I remember going down to Rockefeller Center to look at the tree and I wanted my children to be able to have a wonderful experience as a family. As I think about our mode of transportation I didn’t want to drive and I didn’t want to deal with crowds so what better way than to get downtown without the hustle and bustle than with the NYC Ferry.

    The Soundview Ferry leaving from the Bronx hits four stops 90th street, E.34th street, and Wall Street. We decided to go visit Wall Street to see the 9/11 Memorial and the Oculus. Would you believe it was my first time too?

    The NYC Ferry made it easy to get into town and explore for the holidays. Wall Street has their own Christmas tree as well as on Pier 17 there is a rooftop ice skating rink which we didn’t go to.

    As always the looking at the water while on the boar is a peaceful sight to see even in the winter months. The kids had fun on their adventure.

    To make an adventure of your own visit to find out schedule and purchase tickets online download the NYC ferry app.

    Cost: $2.75 per person and kids shorter than 44′ ride free.


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    Things To Think About Before Adding To Your Family

    It doesn’t matter how many children you have, that feeling of broodiness always creeps in somewhere, somehow. You find yourself looking at your children playing independently, and you think about what life would be like if you added just one more baby. One more bundle of joy into the fold. You think about the small nose, the way they are so pink and perfect when they’re brand new and are yet to be molded into a person. Those things are lovely to think about, but they’re not very practical, so it can take time to settle into a decision while you battle head and heart. If you have babes on the brain and you are ready to go for it with another child in your family, here are some things to think about before you seal the deal and make plans for another baby.

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    1. Finances. It would be nice to just have as many children as you want, right? The thing is, babies may be small and cute, but they cost money. They need new furniture, new clothes, food – you name it, a baby needs it. And the pregnancy care and hospital appointments are an additional expense that you need to consider. Hanging onto the bigger items from previous children can be a big help if you choose to have more, but you need to be financially prepared for another baby in the house. Plan this first before you ditch protection!
    2. Space. You need the right amount of space to fit a baby into the mix. For example, you would rather check out the mortgage rates from your mortgage lender of a new home than bring a baby home to a studio apartment. Take the time to do some research and learn about where you are living and whether you can afford a bigger home with more space to have a child running around in.
    3. Stamina. As we get older each year, our level of patience and ability to keep up with children running around starts to thin. Extra kids means extra energy and you need to have the energy to keep up with them – kids are exhausting. The newborn days can rob you of your sleep for months on end, if not years. When they get older, you have to chase after them with a level of energy you don’t anticipate. Think carefully about this decision; your energy levels depend on it.
    4. Goals. Parenthood is amazing, but what about the person that you are outside of being a parent? Raising children is a very important goal, but you’ll find that there are other goals that you have in life that you need to think about. Your own personal goals do matter, and you need to think about whether another baby is going to prevent you from hitting the personal goals that mean the most.


    Baby fever could be ricocheting all over your body, but if you aren’t prepared for a new baby, you shouldn’t be having one. Take your time and plan it right and all your dreams get to come true.

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    Family Fun At Liberty Science Center

    When it comes to family fun with my kids I do a mixture of educational, adventurous, and just plain ole fun. We headed out to New Jersey to visit the Liberty Science Center.


    This was our first time going and it won’t be our last. We got invited to a blogger breakfast where we were in the middle of a toilet paper blizzard and ate some delicious ice cream made with liquid nitrogen (don’t try this at home).


    What made this day more spectacular is that there are two new exhibits one is Doc McStuffins and the other was Sherlock Holmes.

    The exhibits

    Doc McStuffins

    The exhibit through imaginative play and hands-on activities children learn important life lessons about health, wellness and compassion. By teaching about good hygiene, exercising and eating well in such an engaging way, we are showing kids that caring for themselves and for others can be fun. And, along the way, they will be learning about science. They get to put on doctor’s jackets, pick up a stethoscope and perform checkups. Just in time for winter break this exhibit will be here until January 27th.


    Sherlock Holmes
    Through this highly interactive exhibit you try to solve a murder mystery by looking at clues throughout the exhibit. Visitors will get to peek into the study where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote his renowed detective stories before traveling to the bustling International Science Exhibition and 221B Baker Street. My kids enjoyed looking for clues and stamping the passport. By the end of the exhibit my son said that he is fascinated with forensic science.

    We also saw a laser show in the planetarium that was done with holiday music. We saw a real bee colony, toured the skyscrapers, explored the world of germs and my favorite exhibit called Eaten or Be Eaten which is their mini-zoo featured fish from the New York waters, turtles, moles and more….You also get to pet some of the animals.

    About Liberty Science Center
    Liberty Science Center is a 300,000 square foot not for profit learning center. They have the largest planetarium in the Western Hemisphere, 12 exhibition halls. a live animal collection with 110 species, giant aquariums, 3d theater, tornado wind simulator, k-12 classrooms and labs.

    We had a jam packed fun filled day and I know that you will too! They also host cool birthday parties!

    Tickets: $22.75 adult
    $ 18.75 child


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    The Reality Of Family Life

    We think that for many different reasons, the reality of family life can be a bit misleading to an outsider. It’s easy for families to put on a ‘show’ as it were in front of people, but you never truly know what’s going on behind closed doors. It might be due to the movies giving a misconception just like they do with love, or it could just be down to the fact that as humans, we like to hide what’s really going on. Now, if you don’t have your own family at the minute, then your version of what a happy family is will be a lot different to reality. For all of you with a family, it can be easy enough to think that you’re the only ones going through what you’re going through, simply because you see other families looking so perfect. But just like you, they could be putting on this show to the public. So, we want to share with you what the reality of family life is like, so that you know what you’re getting yourself in for if you’re starting one, and to know you’re not alone if you feel like you’re struggling.

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    The Arguments


    The arguments are something that just becomes a way of life. As much as a family is going to be happy as a whole, it doesn’t mean that your relationship is going to take its toll. Sometimes you become so wrapped up with being a family, rather than being in love. When the love dies and the arguments come in, a family can so easily break apart. A family lawyer will see so many couples coming to them because they just can’t handle the stress of being together, and the stress of family life, so their only option is to get a divorce. But the arguments could be over the most silliest of things, such as who needs to do the washing up. Plus, you have to think, it’s not just family life that’s going to cause some stress. Stresses outside of the family, such as work, can easily boil over into the personal life of a family, and only put more strain on life!


    The Daily Struggles


    There definitely are some daily struggles that families have to go through, especially with young children. Trying to get everyone up, dressed, fed, and ready for the day is a task on its own, and that’s only the morning routine. For those with young children, the struggle continues throughout the day to keep them entertained, and maintained. So you see, it’s a job on its own to run a family, but it’s the daily struggles that you come to enjoy. The funny things that can happen whilst you’re getting them changed, the giggles they’ll give you, and the memories you’ll make will be more than worth it.


    The Amazing Times


    Which leads us nicely to finish off with this. The amazing times you’ll have as a family with be some of the best of your life. You’re able to watch your children grow, take them around the world, teach them new skills, and just generally get the most out of life with them!