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    Stress, Depression, And Alcohol Abuse: The Link To Suicidal Thoughts

    Stress, Depression, And Alcohol Abuse: The Link To Suicidal Thoughts


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    Today’s world can be a stressful place. Whether it’s work-related or coming from issues within the home, financial woes or relationship troubles, it can be difficult to find ways to cope with it all. For many, a Friday night out with friends to grab a drink or two can be just the thing to help take it all away. Alcohol lowers our inhibitions and allows us to relax a bit and have fun in a social setting, which certainly makes a stressful week look a little brighter. But when we begin to rely on a drink to be able to get through the day, it quickly becomes abuse, and there’s an entirely new set of problems that come with it.

    Many people feel a sense of shame where substance abuse is concerned, especially when it comes to opening up to friends or family about the fact that they may have a problem. It’s important to remember that shame can play no part in reaching out for and accepting help. When stress becomes a dependence on alcohol to have fun, to be able to cope throughout a given day, or to get good sleep, it may be time to take stock of the situation and consider reaching out to a trusted friend, family member, or treatment program.

    While alcohol can affect everyone differently, it does raise the risk for certain troubling factors; the combination of alcohol’s physical and psychological effects on the brain along with the negative emotions you may already be battling can make for a perfect storm that could cause depression, the need to isolate yourself from others, and suicidal thoughts.

    In fact, suicide is about six times more likely in those who suffer from substance abuse problems than in others in the general population. One of the reasons for this is likely that alcohol changes a person’s ability to think critically and clouds judgement, which can make a plan for self-harm seem like the best option. Another is that imbibing can make the drinker impulsive, giving them less of a chance to think twice about what they’re doing.

    Often, feeling isolated from friends and family is one of the biggest issues for a person who abuses alcohol. It is easiest to push everyone away and drink alone, in part because the fear of being judged or shamed by loved ones is too much to bear.

    If you feel you don’t have anyone to talk to but are worried that you might have a problem, it may be helpful to find a counselor or support group who will listen without judgement. You can also speak to your doctor or a trusted healthcare professional, especially if you are having feelings of depression or suicidal thoughts. It’s imperative that you not start any medication regimen without disclosing your issues with alcohol first.

    Alcohol abuse can be made all the more difficult to escape because alcohol is relatively inexpensive and easy to acquire, and because often friends and family have it available or use it in social situations. Addiction can be difficult to pinpoint on your own, so it’s important to know what the warning signs are and accept them. It’s all too easy to push away the reality of a situation when you aren’t ready to take on the responsibility of quitting. If you find that you’re drinking to cope with stress or to change your moods, or if you no longer want to be social when you used to love going out with your friends, it may be time to admit that you have a problem.

    It can be helpful to sit down and think honestly about the reasons why you drink. If it is stress related, considering the main causes of your stress can be a great first step in moving down the road to sobriety. While family issues can be a bit trickier to work out than those related to the workplace, it may just be a question of communication. Talk to your family members, your boss, or your co-workers to try and resolve the problem in a healthy way.

    Steve Johnson has always been dedicated to promoting health and wellness in all aspects of life.Studying in the medical field has shown him how important it is for reputable health-related facts, figures,tips, and other guidance to be readily available to the public. He created with a fellow student to act as a resource for people’s overall health inquiries and as an accurate and extensive source of health information. When he isn’t hard at work in his studies, Steve enjoys playing tennis and listening to his vintage record collection.

    Guest Bloggers Inspirational Corner

    Interview with Pastor Richie Righteous

    Interview with Pastor Richie Righteous

    The first song I heard was called “Flip the Channel” and I was like whoa. I wasn’t a Christian back then, but I was very music conscious and listening to words like flip the channel Brittany and Madonna kissing sparked something in me that made me think. I said to myself who is this guy and how can I know more about him?

    At my school Binghamton University, he had a concert. I got to see him live it made me re-think this Gospel again. How can someone who performs rap music be considered a Christian? These thoughts spun in my mind as I jumped and shouted along. Pastor Richie Righteous left an impression on me that soon took me out of the box of what a Christian should act, talk and look.

    Untitled design (1)

    Fast forward 2016….I am apart of a group called Genesis it is an Interdenominational youth and young adult fellowship this group is out of the box when it comes to how we worship so I though Pastor Richie Righteous would be perfect for this group. He came, and everyone loved his message it was enlightening and at the same time, and he even sang some songs.

    Since being in contact with him, I thought that you would love to know what has been happening to Pastor Richie Righteous, and I got the opportunity to interview him.

    1. Tell us about yourself.

    Well, where do I start? I was born in Georgetown, Guyana and raised in Queens NY. I am a Christian Rapper. I have toured extensively and put out a lot of music that is known in the Christian hip hop community. I also pastor a church in Queens NY. Jamaica AG but we call it Church City USA. I am married to a beautiful woman by the name of SherryAnn. I am a father to four beautiful children.

    2. Tell us about your new song I’ll be by myself what inspired you to write this song?
    I have released four new songs. They are Is this Love? “By Myself,”Yes I am Loving” it and “Rapper’s Delight.” I highly recommend getting them all. Lol. But By myself came about when another artist friend of mine sent me the track with the hook already on it. I then immediately got the verses and knew what I wanted to say. The song is about dealing with people’s expectations of you and being what God says you should be. Sometimes we can get caught up in trying to be what people think is successful, but God has a whole different definition of success. His definition is the right one. So in those times when I begin to feel like I’m not a success, I went to God “By Myself” in prayer and allow that alone time with God to bring me back into the right way of thinking. Prayer helps keep you sane and grounded in truth.

    3. Other than making music you also preach and is a family man how do you find balance?
    I’m still trying to figure the balance. I love doing both, and I don’t plan on stopping anyone one of them anytime soon. There are difficult times when one suffers, but I can do all things through Christ who gives me the strength. It’s all about time management, creating a strong team around you and learning how to say NO.

    4. What’s next in store for Pastor Richie Righteous? I have an EP dropping soon. There will be more music more live sermons streamed and this summer we are touring and doing more concerts. Check me out at one of our live shows.

    5. Where can we find your new song/album? Anywhere digital music is purchased or streamed and my website Also please follow on every social network including snap chat @richierighteous.


    faith Guest Bloggers

    Interview with Evangelist and Recording Artist Mrs. Latoya Flowers



    I had the pleasure of meeting then a beautiful pregnant lady who had the biggest smile ever at a youth concert.  They say first impressions mean a lot and its true because this led me to wanting to know more about this bright, cheerful woman of God. As I looked her up on social media I saw she had a powerful testimony and she also knew my college friend Pastor Melissa Orekoya. I truly believe you will be inspired by her interview and know that as long as you have Jesus by your side the sky is the limit.

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    New Bounce TV Series Saints & Sinners

    New Bounce TV Series Saints & SinnersNew Bounce TV Series Saints and Sinners

    New Bounce TV Series Saints & Sinners premiering March 6th, I had the opportunity to interview the cast of New Bounce TV Series Saints & Sinners and you are in for a treat. The cast members are excited about their roles.

    New Bounce TV Series Saints & Sinners

    New Bounce TV Series Saints & Sinners takes place in Cypress, GA. Greater Hope Baptist Church and its surrounding community are a family in themselves. When a violent murder rocks the community the church that holds the secrets of the entire town is at risk of imploding. For it seems at Greater Hope only God and the devil can tell the difference between sinner and a saint.

    All Star Cast

    Vanessa Bell Callaway (Lady Ella)a beauty queen with a business mind the the power behind the throne as Pastor Evan Johnson’s wife.

    Clifton Powell (Ray, Murder in the First) plays Rex Fisher a ruthless, local loan shark with his hand in many of the dealings in town.

    Gloria Reuben ( Robert, ER) as the mayor of Cypress Pamela Claiborne, a hard-nosed former prosecutor whose secrets are catching up to her.

    Keith Robinson (Mistresses, Let’s Stay Together) as Levi, the prodigal son who returns to his hometown after a successful run on Wall Street

    Richard Lawson (Numbers, Wag the Dog) plays the beloved Pastor Evan Johnson who is harboring many dark doings from his faithful believers.

    Jasmine Burke (The Vampire Diaries, Army Wives) as Dr. Christie Johnson, the daughter and only living child of Pastor and Mrs. Johnson, who tends to local patients but has her own private issues.

    J.D. Williams (The wire, The good wife) portrays Jabari, Levi cousin who also works for Rex and is torn between family and business

    Ahem Omilami (Hunger Games:Catching Fire, Forrest Gump) as Detective Charles

    Bounce TV

    Bounce TV is the first African American broadcast network featuring a programming mix of theatrical motion pictures, sporting events, documentaries, inspirational faith based programs, off network series, original programming and more. Bounce TV founders include Martin Luther King III and Ambassador Andrew Young.

    To look at the schedule click here

    They also have a soundtrack featuring Kelly Price, Jeezy, Erica Campbell, Deitrick Haddon, Big Boi, Lacrae and more.

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