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    Dip Station Exercises For Moms

    The Dip Station is courtesy of ProsourceFit in exchange for my honest opinion

    I have two kids and as a mom I can’t always get to the gym. Before kids I always use to work out in undergraduate school I did Yoga and in graduate school I did more weight training but with the kids my energy level is not the same. My passion for working out is there but I can’t get a babysitter to watch my kids while I go to the gym so I have set up a home gym using Beach body and home workout equipment like dipping station. I have some beginner exercises that I do on my dip station. Dip stations help me as well because I have pain in my back from a car accident.

    What are the benefits of using dip stations? Some of the benefits include muscle engagement, strength, flexibility, compact and versatile.

    Exercise One: Push-ups

    Instead of doing a push-up on the floor you can use the bar to do push ups which I like because it helps me keep my alignment.

    Exercise Two: Knee-ups

    I don’t know about you but I don’t like doing crunches, Knee-ups are easy on my back.

    Exercise Three: Pull-ups

    Pull-ups are great for upper body strength. The dip station gives you the opportunity to perform pull-ups without having to put equipment on your door. If you are looking to purchase a dip station you can purchase yours here.

    I also use Team Beachbody workout videos, Kettle bells, Bosu Ball and free weights. Don’t think because you can no longer go to the gym that you are not able to workout. Moms you can work out at home and look great!!!!

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    A New Phase in Your Life: 5 Ways that You Can Tell You Need a Hearing Aid

    A New Phase in Your Life: 5 Ways that You Can Tell You Need a Hearing Aid

    No one like growing older, but it is the best alternative to its opposite. With age comes different phases in your life. Some people need assistance from medical devices earlier than others. Hearing aids, like Miracle-Ear, glasses, walking canes and many other medical assist products are available. Not everyone can tell when they need a medical device. Sometimes it takes the gentle nudging
    of family members to help an individual to understand that they need help.

    Here are 5 ways that you can tell you need a hearing aid.
    1. You say What? When you cant hear what someone says, you ask them to repeat themselves. When you are
    saying what? a lot, it may be time to get a hearing test. Some individuals with hearing loss have a hard time following a conversation if the person is not looking at them. More people rely on reading lip than admit it. Others have a difficult time with conversations in which multiple people are talking. It may seem as if their voices are combined and it sounds like garbled, distorted talk.

    2. Turning up The Television or Radio
    People who visit you say your television or radio is way too loud. But you think it’s okay because it sounds normal to you. You don’t realize you are compensating for not being able to hear. If you live in an apartment, you may have complaints from neighbors that you play your music or listen to the radio too loud. This is a sign you should get a hearing test and possibly hearing aids.
    When these entertainment devices are on a lower volume, you may think they sound like static
    because you can’t make out what the characters or announcers are saying.

    3. Trouble Hearing on The Phone
    Many mobile phones are difficult to hear on for those who don’t have a hearing problem. If you still have a landline and can’t hear what a caller is saying, then you should consider getting tested for hearing loss. Using the speakerphone option on a cell phone is not going to be much help unless you continue to hold it up near your ear. Then again, the voices will be spread out into the air and
    not directly into your ear. When you get a hearing aid, there are phone adaptors you can purchase that will help you magnify the sounds coming out of your phone.

    4. Trouble Hearing in Noisy Surroundings
    You may not attend many parties, but when you do, you have trouble understanding the person talking to you when they stand right next to you. Other places are difficult to hear people as well.
    The grocery store, or any large store where voices tend to travel and become softer over a large area, can be a nightmare to hear someone. And outdoors is worse as the sound of someone’s voice travels farther away rather than directly towards your ear.

    5. You Are Tired of Straining to Hear
    When you find you are working very hard to hear someone, you may decide it is time to get a hearing test and possibly an aid for hearing. Leaning towards a person as they talk can be scary to that person. No one wants to be known as a close talker. To help you and anyone you speak with feel more comfortable, it is a good idea to be tested for hearing loss.


    Don’t Let That Scar Leave A Permanent Mark On Your Confidence

    An accident of any kind can change our life in more ways than the majority of us realize. Even short-term injuries often leave us unable to work and struggling to get by financially. When your injury has lasting implications, the impact it creates only becomes more severe. It may be that you’re left with a limp for instance. Or, as we’re going to focus on here, you might be left with a scar.

    A visible scar as a result of an injury can impact your life in a whole host of ways. It can bring the most confident of people to their knees. In extreme cases, it could even lead to issues such as agoraphobia and anxiety. Not to mention the fact that you may start avoiding looking in the mirror. That could leave you at odds with your body, and that’s never a positive thing.

    In a world where self-love is a focus, you don’t need us to tell you that feeling comfortable with the way you look matters. The moment a visible scar jeopardises that, your mental state could soon plummet. You may start experiencing feelings of worthlessness. You may even become so low in confidence that you stop approaching potential partners or any new people. In short; a scar can ruin your life if you let it.

    That’s why we’re here to show you a way around that reality. If you’re reading this because you have a scar yourself, life dealt you a shitty hand. Don’t make that worse than it needs to be by continuing with these negative thought patterns. Instead, keep reading to find out how you can bring your confidence back up to its pre-accident levels.

    Do what you need to feel comfortable

    First, it’s important to note that you should do whatever you can to feel comfortable in your appearance again. As much as we focus on self-love, we also put a lot of pressure on this idea of ‘accepting’ ourselves. In truth, though, accepting a scar isn’t easy, especially to begin with. If using foundation to reduce visibility makes you feel better, then you shouldn’t hesitate to do it. If you feel more comfortable in clothes which hide the worst, buy more items like that. If the scarring is so severe that your doctor offers you skin grafts, don’t refuse from some place of morality. Accept any help which can get you back on your feet. It may even be worth actively pursuing treatments like these by seeking financial compensation for whatever happened with attorneys like those found at There are always going to be haters who state you should ‘love yourself as you are’. But, they don’t live in your skin. Whatever helps put that smile back on your face is worth pursuing, even it doesn’t mean bearing your scars for the world to see.


    Don’t avoid looking in the mirror

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    When something impacts our appearance, we often avoid looking in the mirror. If we don’t see it, we can pretend it isn’t happening. But, this is a terrible method in the long-term, and that scar isn’t going anywhere. The longer you spend not looking in the mirror, the less you’ll love your body on the whole. You certainly won’t be able to come to terms with your scarring if you never face it head-on. It won’t be easy, but you need to make a conscious effort to look in the mirror. ‘Mirror time’ is one of the best ways to promote self-love at any time. When you add a scar into the mix, this time becomes even more crucial. The moment you start looking at yourself on a regular basis, you may see that your scar isn’t as bad as you’re imagining. Over time, your new reflection will become so familiar to you that you may not even notice anything untoward. When that happens, you’ll notice that you stop feeling half as self-conscious. One day, you’ll be out and about without once thinking about your scar. Before you know, you’ll be strutting your stuff and feeling as confident as you did before all this happened.


    Realize that confidence isn’t only skin deep


    It may sound like a cliche, but as can be seen from sites like, confidence isn’t only skin deep. There’s never been a better time for you to realize that than now. You’re unlucky in that your body has changed in a significant way within a moment. But, everyone’s bodies change as they age. Someone who’s got flawless skin and glossy hair will end up with wrinkles and hair thinning later on. In that sense, we’re all the same. Once you see that, you’ll see how confidence which comes from within is the only type which matters. In many ways, our internal confidence levels themselves are what make us beautiful. When we hold our heads high and our postures open, we look better to everyone. So, practice gaining confidence which isn’t skin deep. Find your inner strength, and learn to value things like your mind and your sense of humor. No matter how hard it tries, you scar can’t mark these things in the slightest. You’ll remain looking beautiful no matter what.

    Surround yourself with the right people

    Picture Credit

    When something like this happens, you’ll see more than ever how important it is to have the right people around. At this time in your life, you shouldn’t make room for that friend who ‘tells it how it is’. If someone puts you down or makes negative comments about your scar, it’s past time you shut them out of your life. Instead, surround yourself with people who don’t seem to see that scar at all. Spend time with friends who tell you’re beautiful. Date people who can’t stop looking at you in a good way. When the people around us see our beauty, it can help us shine no matter what. If you get this right, no scar in the world could stop you from looking your best.


    Surprising Causes of Depression

    Image source


    Mental health is a really important issue right now.  So many people are suffering n numbers we have never seen before, particularly when it comes to depression. The stats say that approximately 16.2 million adults in the USA will have suffered a major depressive episode in the last year alone! That is a staggering amount of suffering!


    In order to effectively deal with depression and hopefully see an improvement in one’s symptoms, it is important to know what the root cause might be – if indeed there is one because some depression is purely chemical. This can be quite difficult to do because there are some very surprising causes of depression other than the common ones such as trauma, grief and money worries, for example, which may surprise you…




    Most people have heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD as it is more commonly known, but most of us associate it with becoming more depressed during the winter months when it is dark and cold. However, it is possible to suffer from SAD in the summer months too. It is thought that under 1 percent of people who suffer from SAD sufferin the summer, but if you find yourself feeling blue at this time of year, it may be something worth exploring.


    Thyroid Disease


    This is thankfully becoming more well-known, but many people are still surprised to hear that their depression could actually be being caused by thyroid disease rather than chemicals in the brain or some other purely mental cause.


    When the thyroid is not functioning correctly it can screw with your serotonin levels and this can make you feel very depressed indeed. If you are suffering from depression, it’s always worth checking whether you are experiencing any symptoms of hyperthyroidism too, and if so raising that as a concern with your physician.

    Image source


    Stomach Issues


    If you suffer from stomach issues and you have also suffered periods of depression, it may be worth seeing a good gastroenterologist because many studies have shown a link between gut flora and depression. The way you eat and the bacteria that can be found in your stomach can have a real impact on how you feel because the gut and the brain are very tightly linked indeed. It’s also a good reason to clean up your diet and eat primarily wholefoods, as well as plenty of probiotics, if you can.


    Birth Control


    Again, this is more well-known than it once was, but a lot of ladies still do not realize that their choice of birth control could be affecting their moods and their health in a negative way. If you take hormonal contraceptives, some of those hormones could cause an imbalance in yur body which could lead to mood swings, depression and anxiety amongst other things. If you’ve noticed a change in your mood after starting birth control, talk to your gynecologist about changing to a different medication, It may be all you need to do to feel well again.


    Depression has many causes and it may take a while for you to find out which one(s) are applicable to you, but there is help out there, so seek it!



    5 Preparation Steps When Attempting To Make A Positive Life Change

    Pixabay (CC0 Licence)


    The decision to make a positive change in your life is always momentous. You have, after much reflection, decided that something you are currently doing is negatively impacting your overall health or well-being. Now, it’s time to say goodbye. Whether it’s quitting smoking, making more time to relax, or starting an exercise regime, you’re confident that you’ve made a decision that is going to greatly benefit you in the future.


    Unfortunately, countless people decide to make a change, but relatively few then follow through and achieve a change that is built to last – despite the best of intentions, the change doesn’t quite “stick”. If you intend to make a positive life change in future, you can hopefully avoid a misfire, and ensure that your change is a permanent one by following the preparatory steps listed below…


    Step #1: Tell people you’re intending to make a change


    In fact, tell as many people as you possibly can – friends, family members, medical professionals, even acquaintances. The more people you inform of your decision, the higher the number of opportunities for support.


    Step #2: Check your change is safe


    If you’re intending to make a small positive change – such as getting up earlier in the morning – then you can usually skip this step. However, if you’re intending to make a change related to your health – such as quitting smoking, exercising more, or radically changing your diet – then a chat with a medical professional is generally advisable. Not only will your doctor be able to confirm your intended change is positive, but they may also be able to provide you with a few tips that can ease the process.


    Step #3: Do your research


    Ideally, look for accounts written by those who have successfully completed the change you are attempting, looking to pick up tips that you may find useful to your own experience.


    Step #4: Look for ways to make the change easier to deal with


    No matter how enthused you are about any significant life change, there will be a time in the not-too-distant future where your enthusiasm will inevitably wane. As a result, it’s helpful to look to see if there is anything you can do to make adhering to the change as simple as possible. If you’re quitting smoking, you could opt to buy an e-cigarette and vape packs in an effort to control cravings; if you’re hoping to exercise more, invest in at-home gym equipment; if you’re looking to eat more healthily, see if you can bulk buy ingredients to save you the hassle of shopping – and so on.


    Step #5: Set your date


    Often, people are told that if they want to make a change, they should make it today – but, at best, the results of a sudden change can be unpredictable. It is usually best to schedule your change a few days in advance, so you can be fully mentally prepared when the big day finally arrives.


    In conclusion


    If you follow the preparation steps as listed above, you should find that your positive life change will “stick”, and you will thus be able to enjoy the benefits for many years to come.