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    Inspirational Corner

    How to Gain Your Mojo Back after Disappointment

    When something goes wrong in your life it can be very difficult to look at the positives and carry on. Whether it’s an unexpected accident or a knock back in your career, gaining your mojo back after disappointment never gets easier. You somehow need to find a way back into the swing of things, whether you’re trying to stay fit when you’re injured or you’re refocusing your goals after a work blunder. There will always be a way to come out on top again and get the spring back into your step. Take all of the following ideas into account and you will soon be able to carry on with your life happily.

    Look After Yourself

    When you’re feeling low, you can often forget about your basic needs and the sensible steps you need to take to get better. For example, if you have recently been injured then you might need regular physio to get yourself back into shape. Feeling bad about your body and your physical health can have a knock on effect on your mental wellbeing too, so you need to seek specialist help if you need it. Once you have dealt with your aches and pains, you will be able to recover from your disappointment and look towards a more positive future.


    Refocus Your Mind

    The worst thing you can do when you’re faced with disappointing news is to focus on it and overthink the situation. Try to take your mind off the curveball in your life, so that you can get back on track with your life much more quickly. Obviously don’t ignore the problem and push your feelings aside, but do try to keep your mind busy so that you aren’t becoming consumed by the hiccup in your life. You could go out and spend more time with your friends or go on a holiday with your family; find a way to refresh your mind and then you can start to rebuild your confidence once you have recovered.

    Chase Another Goal

    If something didn’t quite work out in your life, then why not make a change for the better? You might not have been chasing the right career for yourself, so why not find something different? As stubborn as you may be, there is nothing better than coming up with a new personal goal and doing everything within your power to achieve it. Whether it’s a career based goal, a health aim or a life accomplishment, you will be able to achieve it over time as long as it’s realistic for you personally.

    Stay Positive

    You can turn your disappointment into success, by staying positive at all time. Instead of focusing on the bad things that have gone wrong in your life, you should look ahead to the amazing things you can achieve if you put your mind to it.

    No matter what curveballs are thrown at you in life, it is important to stay calm and collected. Don’t let the bumps in the road get the better of you and you will always come out stronger in the end.


    Inspirational Corner

    A Baseline Level of Confidence Will Help Your Career More Than Anything



    Suggesting that someone ‘gets a grip on their confidence’ is almost like telling them to ‘be themselves’ when they ask you for advice. It’s perhaps one of the most mystical sounding pieces of guidance you might ever hear in your life. However, as working people in the modern world, it’s important for us to have this feeling of self-respect. Without it we can easily be pushed around, pushed down in the presence of competition, and generally feel less like ourselves when difficulty strikes. A baseline level of confidence can help you retain the strength to speak about matters you care about, to seek activities that need your initiative to complete, and to generally feel more true to yourself than ever before.


    This doesn’t happen accidentally, nor does it happen in a vacuum. The modern working woman, while powerful and important, requires just the same set of personal principles that lead to a determined and well-maintained mindset. Consider our tips for achieving this confidence, as you never know just how useful they could be:


    Calibrate Your Vision


    Sometimes, the worst thing you can possibly do is simply go along for the ride when it comes to your career. This leads you into places you might not think completely suitable to your interests. Over time, veering away from that you feel is your purpose can make you feel less confident in your abilities, because you might routinely question why you’re here instead of there. Does that mean you will only ever enjoy your career if you get the dream job you want? Of course not. You can learn vital skills falling into different trades, and people who train for one thing often find themselves developing another career path they weren’t quite expecting.


    Calibrating your vision is perhaps of the utmost importance here. Simply having a flexible mindset about what you hope to achieve, what you hope to learn and the work you hope to do can help you avoid making decisions that might corrupt that goal. This can give you an overarching purpose for your career, and that can give you both focus and a sense of being true to yourself. You might adjust this plan once every two years or so, whatever works for you. But the plan is the thing.


    Work Ethic


    Strong work ethic is important to foster. When you can rely on yourself, you know that you’re always going to make it through no matter what. This can help provide the backbone to surviving being laid off, or generally help you know your worth when you’re potentially being considered for promotion. A strong work ethic, especially as you start becoming a manager or generally head up the totem pole, can make you more competent and available for development as you push forward. With this in mind, you’re sure to develop in the best way possible.

    Celebrate Your Achievements


    Celebrating your achievements is important to do. It’s easy to move from one thing to another, but if you never give yourself credit for that you’ve achieved, it’s easy to fall to the wayside and feel burned out. Never be afraid to enjoy the props you’ve earned for working hard, and providing for your family. This can give you more confidence than simply how much you’ve earned in life. Focus on things like your punctuality, your integrity, your reliability. These things do not fade with time.


    Residual Toughness


    Residual toughness is important in every career. It could be the strength to decline a promotion because you’re not quite happy with the workload for the pay. It might be using the experienced injury attorneys of Brent Adams and Associates to sue for compensation when experiencing a workplace injury, despite having loyalty to a firm. It can be the strength to complain about mistreatment or even the strength to leave a long term of employment if things haven’t been going well.


    Over time, you will learn residual toughness, but only if you’re willing to voice your opinions when it matters, to look ahead and make the hard decisions, and to generally nourish your sense of self-respect, as this can potentially heal you in more ways than one, especially after experiencing a period of working intensity.


    Never Give Up


    Never give up, no matter what. Working hard and always focusing on performing the current step as best you can while focusing on the next step with optimism can lead to a promising career, and prevent becoming disenfranchised.


    With these simple tips, career confidence could be yours for the taking.

    Inspirational Corner

    5 Fun Steps to More Confidence

    There’s a lot of talk about how to acquire happiness, but it’s possible that the better conversation to have is how to acquire confidence, which is a solid platform towards building happiness. A confident person is happier, more relaxed, and better able to travel in the direction of their dreams. Alas, it’s not always the easiest thing in the world. Some people have great difficulty keeping their self-esteem levels high. But it’s important to remember that while it won’t happen on autopilot, it’s always possible to get more confidence in your life. We take a look at five ways below, all of which are pretty fun.



    Get Creative


    We’re used to thinking of work as something to be avoided, but under the right circumstances, it can be a pathway towards increased confidence. Take any creative pursuit. If you like to, say, draw or write, then work on improving your craft. There’s much pleasure and confidence to be gleaned from completing a project, especially if you then put it up for sale. If you’re sleepwalking your way through work, then you’re not testing your capabilities. Get creative, and see what happens.


    Brush Up the Wardrobe


    People say that it doesn’t matter what you look like, but that’s not true. It’s a problem if you’re basing your entire identity on your looks, as there’ll be a time when your looks fade, but you should still endeavor to look your best. If it’s been a while since you bought yourself a new outfit, then take a look at buying some new threads from online boutiques. You’ll be able to buy the hottest clothes, which will have you looking at your radiant best. Combine your new clothes with a new makeup routine, and you’ll be walking tall with confidence.


    Hit the Gym


    There are some things that don’t sound that exciting, but which are most definitely good for us. The gym is one of them. Yes, it can kind of suck to venture out into the cold just to work up a sweat at the gym, but is there anything else that gives us such a confidence boost? If there is, we haven’t heard of it. The first few times you attend, you’ll wonder why you bothered. But soon you’ll notice that you’re looking better, you have more energy, and that you’re gaining confidence just because you’ve stuck with something you said you’d do.


    Travel Solo


    We all love to travel, but when we do, it’s usually with some we know very well by our side. So the next time you head off on an adventure, why not consider going solo? It’s an underrated way to see the world, and if you can make it an unfamiliar destination by yourself (bonus points if it’s a foreign country), then you’ll be ready to take on anything.


    Give Back


    Finally, why not look at volunteering, and giving back? It’s an awesome way to meet new people, learn a new skill, and make the world a better place!


    Health Inspirational Corner

    How to be a Calmer, Cooler and More Confident Person

    You have always been envious of those people who can walk around with their head held high no matter what they have been through in their lives. You like to work on yourself every single day and always be the best you can possibly be; you always try to stay healthy, be a good person and be a valuable member of the community. Sometimes your past can pop up to haunt you and you need to remind yourself of how far you have come. It’s time to become a more confident person and leave the past behind you. Follow some of these pieces of advice and you will be able to find your true self again.

    Don’t Dwell on Your Past

    Everyone makes mistakes, so you certainly aren’t the only one who wants to leave their previous misdemeanours behind them. You might consider yourself to be an upstanding member of society right now; you might need help in defending a criminal crime from your past. Hire an attorney to represent you and defend your name. No matter what the outcome is, you will be able to move on with your life and become a better person afterwards. Admitting to your previous mistakes will help you to grow in confidence and look ahead to a brighter future.

    Shake Up Your Style

    Now that you have left your previous mistakes at the door, it’s time to revamp your style and transform yourself into the confident person you have always wanted to be. Shaking up your style can spark a whole new light inside of you, so don’t shy away from trying something totally new. Believe it or not, the clothes that you wear can instantly give off a certain vibe to the people you meet. Make sure you dress to impress and show people your true personality through your clothing. You might not want to follow all of the hottest trends, but as long as you feel comfortable in your clothing, you will be winning.



    Give Yourself More ‘Me’ Time

    The only way you can truly feel good about yourself, is by giving yourself plenty of ‘you’ time. Getting away from the stresses of everyday life will help you to realign your thoughts, make better decisions and feel more confident about yourself. Don’t get too swept up in the hectic world we live in nowadays. Give yourself a chance to breathe and focus on what is really important in life. You will be a much calmer and more content person if you can have a little bit of time to yourself now and again.

    Adopt a Healthier Lifestyle

    You are never going to feel confident in yourself if you don’t eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly. Allow that confidence to shine through and enjoy feeding your body nutritious and delicious dishes every single day. Don’t drag yourself to the gym every day if you don’t enjoy it; start up a fun class with your friends and get everybody around you on board the health train.

    You will soon feel more confident, energized, healthier and happier if you make a handful of important lifestyle changes such as these!

    Inspirational Corner

    Beat The Winter Blues: Sail Away

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    Winter is coming, and now is the time that many people start to feel a little blue due to the shorter days, darker nights, and colder temperatures.  Sometimes it can pay to sail away to warmer shores for a few days, or at least plan an adventure for the spring or summer, as travel is a great way to beat the blues.


    The wonderful thing about sailing, is the freedom that tends to accompany it, whilst this freedom tends to be associated much more with a private boat or yacht, many people feel this sense of freedom on the open waters of an organised cruise.


    That said, many a sailor couldn’t think of anything much worse than an organised cruise where they are spoon fed everything and decisions are made for them – as at the heart of sailing is the feeling of freedom, adventure and autonomy.


    Many people dream of yacht charter Virgin Islands as their ultimate dream, though, there are many other destinations to consider for a dream trip which is what we’re going to look at within this article.


    First, we’ll take a look at three options in the US and then something a little more culturally exotic:


    Seattle, Washington

    The great thing about this place, is that you can take to the water after a busy day at work on a warm summer evening where there’s no humidity, pleasant temperatures and light nights.  There’s an extended boating season along with a cool city that has a diverse culture and plenty of artsy events..


    Key West, Florida

    Whether you’re looking for a solo adventure, or just want to dip your toes into ocean life on a booze filled sunset cruise, Key West has it all.  The calm and laid back vibe associated with the Caribbean, the tolerant and liberal scene that welcomes all visitors, and the exceptional food.  This is not necessarily the place to “get away from it all”, indeed, it’s more the place to mingle, people watch and party.


    Greenport, New York

    Long Island has two forks; Greenport is on the North with its fanicer Hampton neighbours on the South.  Greenport is a less pretentious place with a vibrant fishing community that keeps the vibe much more real.  It’s a great place to visit for an unpretentious weekend to get out the city and enjoy the open water without the social pressure sometimes associated with the Hamptons.


    The Mediterranean

    There’s a rich cultural tapestry awaiting to be explored in the Mediterranean, with such cultural variety and scenic diversity you’ll literally be spoilt for choice.  Many people head to the affluent shores of the South of France to flex their social muscles, yet one of the favourites for those wanting to explore the most beautiful beaches tends to be found within the Greek Islands.  


    If you watched the film “Mama Mia” and fell in love with the scenery, then you need to head to Greece where they have a number of islands which are magnificently beautiful and rich in cultural heritage.


    Islands such as Santorini and Mykonos are wildly popular with affluent tourists, whilst larger islands such as Crete attract a more history and culture focused crowd.


    Next door to Greece you have Turkey, indeed, Bodrum is just 30 minutes sailing from the Greek Islands of Kos – and with world renowned sailing spots around the rustic coast of Fethiye and Kas, Turkey is a great option too.