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    Living Savvy

    Enjoying Your Life on a Budget: 8 Frugal Family Fun Ideas That Wont Cost You a Fortune

    Enjoying Your Life on a Budget: 8 Frugal Family Fun Ideas That Wont Cost You a Fortune

    You must have wished to be frugal. The problem? When you do all the research and come up with the best money saving tips, you realise you face opposition from your family members because you are interfering with their plans. Maybe, there is something you haven’t done right – bringing out fun ideas that have minimal chances of resistance. So, very fast, here are eight frugal family fun ideas that won’t cost you a fortune:

    1) Have a Plan
    It sucks, but the truth is that you must have a plan. You don’t want to start saving money by taking measures without a plan. Your family members are going to be disappointed with you and form opinions over you. That’s not what you want, or do you? You can also opt for this personal loan. It can assist.

    2) Have a Chat
    This is the part you are not going to love, but I bet you must do it. Because your family know well their pain points more than you do, it will be the best idea to sit them down and tell the hard truth – you want to save. So, they must give up on some luxuries.

    3) Make a Promise
    Children are not born with a natural instinct. So, the truth is that they will not understand the reason why you are saving cutting down on your expenses. For them, they only need to wake up under a roof and assume everything is normal. That’s why you need to give your family a promise. For example, you can promise them that once you settle your bills, you’ll take them for a vacation.

    4) Rotate Meal Prep
    Sometimes you can decide to rotate your meal prep to help you with saving your expenses. This will also make it interesting for your family members.

    5) Take Turns in Organizing and Taking Inventory
    Now that you have made a plan, sat your family down, made a promise, and made a rotation meal prep, you need to take turns in organizing and taking your inventory. This will help you know what you already have and what you still lack.

    6) Discuss Your Goals and Progress
    Humans love to be motivated. So, for your family to continue and hold onto the frugal lifestyle, you need to keep them updated with how far you have gone with paying your bills. This way, they will hope that it will soon come to an end.

    7) Have Theme Nights
    There is no sense in living a luxurious lifestyle when you can’t afford it. Train your kids to live with what you can afford. They will ultimately understand and take things normally. So, you can organise for theme nights where you play all sorts of games. Your kids will not even realise they lack some luxury.

    8) Make Your Life Fun
    When just implementing a frugal lifestyle, you’ll feel like you are missing on a lot of fun moments. The truth is that there are a lot of fun activities you can get involved in without spending a cent. Take your children to natural geographical areas, which have beautiful picnics. They will enjoy it.

    Final Thoughts
    Life is fun when you plan yourself and keep yourself engaged with your family. Even if you have a huge bill to settle, a frugal lifestyle will help you feel like you are living the most luxurious lifestyle.

    Living Savvy

    Have You Finished Building Your House? Here are 5 Must-Have Furnishing Items Your House Shouldn’t Lack

    Have You Finished Building Your House? Here are 5 Must-Have Furnishing Items Your House Shouldn’t Lack

    Your home should be the place where you feel most comfortable in the world, and no two people are going to have the same notion of what comfort entails. That’s why no two homes are going to look exactly alike, in terms of the furniture choices that have been made, the artwork, and the general feel of the place when you walk in the door. Some people might opt for a
    Mongolian lambswool cushion, while others might insist on a blacklight poster of a panther in their master bedroom. Whatever your style, though, here are five must-have furnishing items that you should find in every home.

    In most rooms, you’re going to have an overhead light, and some people also like to have some candles around that can be lit for atmosphere. There should be several lighting options in each room, though, which is why you’re going to want multiple lamps, the number of which will depend on the size of your living space. You want the lamps for reading, and they will also give each room a cosy feel at times of the day or night when the overhead light is too harsh.

    Artwork You Love
    Not everyone agrees about artwork, at least not entirely. That’s one of the things that’s so nice about having your own place: you can decide exactly what sort of art speaks to you. It could be band posters, framed classic art reproductions, or original pieces of sculpture. You could be into contemporary pieces, or those tracing their origins back hundreds of years. You should have a
    couple of signature pieces in each room, though. They’re conversation starters.

    An Occasional Chair
    There is something about the term “occasional chair” that makes you understand just what it should be used for even if it’s your first time hearing of such a thing. An occasional chair or two usually appears in the den or living room in most houses, and it’s the perfect thing for when company shows up. These should be comfortable chairs into which a guest can sink down and
    relax in anticipation of some pleasant conversation.

    Something Living
    Plant life is also something that every home needs, though too many people neglect it. Plants improve the air quality in a home, and in the colder months, it’s nice to be in the presence of green growing things as you wait for spring. If you don’t know that much about taking care of plants, don’t worry. There are varieties that you can get that require very little maintenance.

    Ideal Mattress

    Moving to the bedroom, you need to have a mattress that is entirely comfortable for you. Even if you didn’t spend very much money on furnishings for the house, you need to splurge on a high-quality mattress. Sleep is so vital, and if your mattress is lumpy or worn out, it’s time to drop some money to get yourself a better one.
    Every home is going to be different, but yours should be a place where you feel good. You
    should look forward to coming back to it and breathing a sigh of contentment

    Living Savvy

    What Could Make Your Air Compressor Fail: The 4 Main Causes

    What Could Make Your Air Compressor Fail: The 4 Main Causes
    Often times, when temperatures rise in your space, your air compressor becomes your favorite machine whether you’re  a homeowner or a business owner. The compressor forms the heart of the system that serves to relieve you from the high temperatures. But the compressor,being a machine, can fail due to different reasons, and this could cause a big dent on your finances. The following are 4 of the major causes. Please read on.

    1. Lack or Insufficient Maintenance
    Regular preventive maintenance is very essential to any machine, and your air compressor is not an exception. Lack of a maintenance schedule for your compressor could give rise to problems that can easily spread before you can even notice them. Some of these problems could’ve easily been rectified if they would’ve been discovered much earlier. For instance, if
    you’re a DIY enthusiast, you can remedy such problems like dirt buildup and gradual wear-down of sensitive parts in the system if you frequently and regularly inspect your compressor. There are several platforms such as the Able Sales where you can find quality air compressors that can save you the hassle of having to constantly be repairing or replacing some parts in the

    2. Too Little or Too Much Refrigerant
    The compressor system requires enough refrigerant in order to cool the space adequately and prevent icing up. But in a circumstance where a leak occurs in the system, there will be a drop in the level of the refrigerant. This will make your air compressor to overwork to pump a significant amount of the refrigerant through the system. Too much refrigerant is also not good
    for the compressor as it will result in an increase in the operating temperatures and pressures. These scenarios cause strain to the compressor and can lead to premature failure. Fortunately, you can remedy this failure if you have the right tools and equipment to check and control the level of lubricant in the system.

    3. Dirty Condenser Coils
    Dirt, scales, grime, and dust can build up on the condenser coil, limiting the heat transfer. This will force your air compressor to cycle continuously as it tries to eject the heat to cool your space. Both the temperature and pressure will build up and cause the compressor to overheat and may end up failing. This could be affected by the location where you’ve housed your
    compressor – in crawl spaces, on rooftops, or outdoors.

    4. Electrical Problems
    Electrical problems could result due to a number of factors such as worn or damaged fuses, terminals, wires or poor connectors. And in the event of an electrical failure of the compressor motor, a build-up of acids can result in the system and may end up causing more damage to other machines or parts plus the compressor. The quality of your compressor could greatly
    impact the frequency and probability of such electrical problems.


    Compressors, just like any other machine can fail due to a number of reasons: electrical problems, insufficient maintenance, too little/too much refrigerant, and dirty coils among other causes. Such failures can severely shorten the life of your air compressor and you’ll have suffered a great loss. Luckily, these failures can easily be rectified if discovered much earlier, especially if you’re a DIY enthusiast.

    Living Savvy

    A Beautiful Home is Paradise on Earth: 5 Tips for Landscape Design for Beginners

    Beautiful landscaping can transform a home. Even simple landscaping can make a dramatic difference in a home’s curb appeal and increase the home’s value by tens of thousands of dollars. Adding some natural landscaping touches to your home’s outdoor space can help bring out architectural details, distract from eyesores, and define your home’s style. If you’re new to landscaping, you may find the task of designing or implementing landscaping changes daunting, but there are plenty of steps you can take that will change your home’s appearance without overwhelming you.

    Here are five tips for landscape design for beginners:
    1.Choose a focal point to base your design around. Whether it’s landscaping or home decor, any good design is based around a focal point. A focal
    point will permit you to create a visual idea that anchors on one, big item. Whether it’s a tree, a large flowering bush, or a hardscape item like a sculpture or wall, allowing your design to hinge on one thing will let the rest of the design flow more smoothly. A focal point also permits your plan to be more streamlined, since you won’t have to focus so much on all the little areas, which can end up making your design look disjointed or confused.
    2.Budget carefully
    When you’re planning to do some residential landscaping , careful and thorough budgeting is essential. People are often blindsided by the cost of landscaping and don’t budget enough to cover their design or to cover any issues that might come up. When you’re putting together your plan, try to do some preliminary research into what different shrubs and trees cost and at what growth stage they’re at. A mature tree will cost you hundreds of dollars to purchase, but you will still need to tack on transportation, the actual planting process, and the recommended arborist so that you don’t accidentally kill your pricey tree while you’re planting it.

    3. Keep watering in mind
    While it’s easy to get caught up in the vision of your grand landscaping plan, where you only see the finished product lush and waving in the breeze, one hard fact you should consider is how you plan to water everything. Young or newly transplanted trees, shrubs, and sods require an incredible amount of water to survive and thrive. Be prepared for your water bill to increase by quite a bit initially, and to plane to spend plenty of time outside with the hose.

    4. Don’t forget edging
    Edging can be one the thing that takes your design from passable to perfect. Edging, which is often bricks or stone, is used around flower beds and paths to delineate the space. Edging will help your landscape design look clean and well thought out, and it works in every design! Even the overgrown, English cottage look will benefit from craggy edging done in stone. It also prevents you from running over any flowers or shrubs with your lawnmower!

    5. Don’t forget the rest of your home
    When people are designing their landscaping plan, they put much of their focus on the front of their house. This makes sense since it’s the first thing people see, but it means that you might overlook some eyesores. From electrical boxes to garbage cans, to well covers, there are lots of little things hanging out in your yard that will detract from your landscaping. So when you’re making your plan, have a walk around your home and try to look at it as a stranger would to see any eyesores you may have missed that you should plan to cover up in your landscape design.

    Living Savvy

    How To Bust Your Credit Card Debt

    Getting rid of your debts can be a long and arduous process. Once you get trapped in the cycle, it is difficult to get out of. You get into debt, and then get yourself further into debt in an attempt to pay the first one off. Before you know it, you’ve got credit cards and loans just about everyone and what was once one manageable sized debt is now lots of unmanageable ones.

    Photo credit

    There are ways out of it though if you are frugal, motivated and self-disciplined. It is going to take some hard work and sacrifices, but if you really want to do it, you can. Are you ready?

    Let’s focus on credit cards and store cards for now. You have run up some big bills on them, and now you’re struggling with the minimum balance every month, let alone the added interest and charges, right?

    Cut them up.

    That’s right. Cut all those credit cards up. Cut those store cards up. If they are in pieces in the trash, you can’t use them.

    Now, you’re not racking up any more debts on them. We’ve just got to find a way of paying them off now. You have got two ways of doing this: increase your income or cut your outgoings.

    Increasing your income is in the easiest regarding it not meaning any significant life changes, but it’s also a lot more difficult to suddenly add an extra few hundred dollars to your paycheck every month. Unless you get a new, better-paid job or ask your boss for a rise, you’re going to need to get creative.

    Do you have anything lying around the house or apartment that you could sell? Craigslist. Facebook marketplace and eBay are excellent places to get rid of unwanted belongings, bringing you in a bit of extra cash and making some more space in your home at the same time. You could also have a yard or garage sale. Whatever you make from selling stuff, use towards reducing those debts.

    You could also look at other side hustles to bring in extra cash. That might be advertising your babysitting/tutoring skills, taking in a lodger or roommate if you have space,  or take on some freelance work.

    Cutting your outgoings is the other option. If you can walk to work or school instead of catching the bus or jumping in that Uber do it. Take a packed lunch to work with you and a flask of coffee instead of spending $10 at Starbucks every day. Look at all the subscriptions going out – do you watch Netflix enough to spend money on it every month, or do you read that magazine enough to warrant that subscription?

    Once you have cleared your debt, it’s perfectly fine to take out another credit card. They’re ideal for emergencies, and if used sensibly, they can help you to build your credit score. The key is using them wisely – not to buy that ridiculously expensive pair of shoes that you can’t afford. If you are thinking of taking another one out, here is how to find the right credit card for you.