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    The 4 Elements Of The Perfect Proposal

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    Proposals are always exciting, regardless of the outcome! Many people get proposed to every day, but what sets the best proposals apart from the rest? For me, you can break it down into four separate elements.

    The Timing

    Timing a proposal is so important. The last thing you want is to get the timing wrong and ask at the worst time possible. For example, if you’ve been in a relationship for a few weeks, then the timing probably isn’t right. Likewise, no one wants to be proposed to in the middle of an argument or during a particularly bad event. As an extreme example; don’t propose at a funeral, or at someone else’s wedding. If the timing is right, then the whole proposal feels so perfect.

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    The Ring

    Naturally, the engagement ring takes center stage during a proposal. For me, getting the right ring is a sign that the two of you understand one another and that the person proposing actually listens to you. If you drop hints that you love a certain ring and they get the complete opposite, then it is a bit of a let down as you feel like they don’t care. There’s no way of saying what the perfect ring is, it depends on the person. As it shows on the 77 Diamonds website, yellow gold and emerald cut rings are in fashion right now, but that doesn’t mean it’s the perfect ring for you. Spend time thinking about what you like best, make sure your partner knows, and hopefully, they get it for you.

    The Setting

    If the time is right, and the ring is amazing, then the next thing that comes into play is the setting. Certain proposals seem extra special as they take place somewhere that’s special to the couple. Just because someone proposed to their partner in a five-star hotel suite and it was super romantic, that doesn’t mean it’ll be romantic for you guys. Perhaps your idea of the perfect setting is the scene of your first date? For others, it could be in a very romantic place like Paris or Venice. Do I think anyone likes being proposed to in a restaurant in front of other diners? Not particularly, no. The setting can make or break the proposal, it’s vital!


    The Speech

    Finally, it all comes down to the proposal speech. The words that are said as the proposal happens will really dictate how good it is. You want to feel the love pour from your partner’s mouth as they talk about all the reasons they love you and why they want to spend the rest of their life with you. If they just get down on one knee and say ‘will you marry me?’ then it doesn’t seem like much thought was put into it.


    If you’re already married, and you’re still reading this, then did your proposal have all of these elements? You said yes, so I’m willing to bet it did! If you’re not married, but a proposal is on the cards, then subtly show your partner this blog post so they know how to make it as special as can be.



    Is Staying Together for the Kids a Good Idea?

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    All relationships are bound to go through a rough patch at some point or another. It’s human nature to end up disagreeing with someone about something somewhere down the line. This rings particularly true when it comes to people in relationships. When you live with someone and are around them day in and day out, you’re bound to rub each other the wrong way eventually. This is fine if your arguments are minor or occur once in a blue moon. However, when you find that yourself and your partner are flaring up into rows on a regular or even daily basis, you may have to start asking yourself whether this relationship is healthy – not only for you, but for your children too. So many people will try to make a relationship work for the sake of staying together for the kids. Sometimes, this is the right decision to make. At other times, it’s not. So, how do you know when to draw the line? Here are a few steps that you can take to determine what’s best for you and your family as a whole.


    Observe How Issues Are Affecting Your Children


    Arguments in your relationship are bound to affect you emotionally. But as adults, we are relatively resistant to emotional trauma and can put harsh word and high tempers behind us until the next time we start arguing. Children, however, tend to be a lot more sensitive. Constant conflict in the household can negatively affect them in various ways. So, take a look at how issues can be detrimental to your little ones. This should spur you on to take positive action as quickly as possible.


    Identify Problems in Your Relationship


    First, you need to identify the problems in your relationship that are causing arguments and conflict. This can be relatively difficult, as sometimes, you do have to hold your hands up to faults or flaws on your own part. Consider going to marriage counseling retreats. These neutral spaces can give you and your partner an opportunity to talk more openly about what is going wrong. Professionals can also help to guide conversation in the right direction, which will prevent you from going round in circles and will allow you to actually come to some conclusions.


    Figure Out Whether Issues Can Be Rectified


    Once you have figured out the causes of problems in your relationship, you can make a plan of action. Certain issues can be rectified. You can learn to communicate more effectively and change small flaws and issues. However, if you find that you and your partner are completely incompatible, that there has been physical or emotional abuse within the relationship, or that there are simply certain problems that you can’t forgive and forget, it may be time to call it a day. The change of lifestyle to co parenting can be difficult at first, but it may be better for your kids in the long run.

    As you can see, staying together for the kids might work in certain situations, but may not always be the best course of action for everyone involved. So, think carefully, seek professional help where necessary, and improve everyone’s quality of life with your chosen path of action.


    Godly Ways To Save Your Marriage


    When you and your partner said your marriage vows to each other, and before God, you probably had high hopes for the future. You were in love, and because of that love, you were probably sure that nothing would get in the way. Of course, life isn’t straightforward, and the bond between you may have become broken, for whatever reason. There may be issues that have weakened your relationship. And you may be considering calling it quits. But should you?


    Here is a disclaimer before we think about saving your marriage. There may be signs that your marriage is beyond repair. If trust has been broken or the relationship has become abusive, then sad to say it, but it may be time to end the marriage. However, if there is hope, if there is still some love between you, then don’t give up just yet. Before you call the divorce attorney, you may be able to save the marriage according to Godly principles you may have learned through your faith. Consider the following.


    Be forgiving. None of us are perfect; we are only human, after all. We do make mistakes, but should we be beholden to them forever? No! God forgives us, and in the same way, we should forgive each other. If your partner has done something to offend you, don’t bear a grudge. Forgive any mistakes and move on. If they continue to make the same mistakes, and provided the things they do are genuinely detrimental to your relationship, then it may be right to end the marriage. But if your partner is sorry, if they don’t repeat the mistakes again, or if the mistakes weren’t worth fussing over anyway, then show grace, and forgive. And by forgive, we also include forgiving yourself. Don’t let your past hinder the future you have with your partner. God forgives you and your partner may have forgiven you, so don’t let previous failings eat you up and sabotage your happiness.


    Be sacrificial. If there is anything you are doing that is taking you away from the relationship, then stop. Your relationship is the important thing, so if work, leisure activities, and social events are impinging on the time you spend with your partner, it may be time to adjust your priorities. Where possible, you both need to make sacrifices to give yourselves more time on making your marriage work. Use that time to talk to each other, have fun together, and to work out any differences that may be hindering your relationship.


    Seek guidance. When faced with fear and doubt, the disciples went to Jesus. In all of His humanity, Jesus spoke to His father. You must do the same. The first and most obvious thing you should do is pray. Pray for God to rebuild your marriage. Ask Him to show you where things are going wrong. Ask God to bring change where it is needed. Pray with your partner, and pray when you are alone. And then seek help from your church. Your Pastor may be able to offer guidance and counselling, or there may be other church members better-equipped to help you. You might even consider a Christian counselling service. You’re not alone, so look for those who can help you mend your relationship.


    If your marriage is in trouble, concentrate on our advice. There may still be time to rebuild your relationship and strengthen your bond before it is too late. Talk to your partner, spend time with them, seek help, and pray. God may have brought you together for a reason, so don’t let that love grow cold. Take care, and thanks for reading.


    What To Do When A Marriage Turns Dangerous

    Chances are that if you’re reading this, your relationship has done more than just become sour. Whether you are the husband or the wife, your partner has made your life a living hell. Never would you have believed it could come to this when the person you love, has now become your enemy. There are lots of reasons why this could have happened and some of them not in your control at all. Unfortunately, some spouses become incredibly controlling once they settle into married life, even though they showed no signs of such a side to them before. They can force you into living a life in fear, and lash out when you disobey. Other times they may guilt you into staying with them. If you find them cheating and threaten to leave, they can act as if they are going to harm themselves to force you into staying. Mental manipulation beyond a point is a form of mental abuse in a relationship. Physical abuse is a cut and dry issue, if they ever put their hands on you and hurt you, this is a clear and present danger. So what can you do to help yourself? Continue Reading


    Tips to Keep Your Marriage Healthy

    When you choose your life partner, you go into it with eyes wide open. You know who and what you are at that moment, but the truth is over time you will both grow and change. Sometimes you grow in a way that compliments each other so beautifully, and others you grow in a way that means you need to put in a little extra work. Every relationship needs to be tended to; it is never enough just to leave it to languish. If you want something to grow, you water it, you feed it, and you trim the hindrances. So, what can you do to keep your marriage in a healthy state?



    Take a walk. Walking in general if an excellent habit to get into, you don’t have to walk far to feel the effects either. A walk every day will lower your blood pressure, reduce symptoms of depression, and take you out of your usual environment. So take your spouse with you, and you can both reap the rewards. Psychologically, walking in the same direction signals that you are on the same journey together and doing this every day can help reaffirm that for you both.


    Make notes. This might sound a little strange but make notes on your relationship – but here is the catch, nothing negative. Every time your spouse does something sweet for you make a note of it. Does he bring you a cup of tea every morning? Filled your gas tank without you needing to ask or mention it. It is those little things that are so important, those touches in which your partner is taking care of you. Once in a while make sure you are acknowledging and saying thank you. Sometimes, one or both of you might begin to become a little resentful if we think we are taking care of the other without it being noticed. And it might sound petty but the thank you and acknowledgment are important. So, write down your daily blessings, and then share them with your spouse at random points.


    Science is supporting your need for Rom-Coms. Watching movies about relationships, then talking about the film concerning relationships is highly effective in reducing the need to call the divorce lawyer in. Watching and then talking about these movies is great for limiting how much marriage therapy a couple might need too. It doesn’t matter what the film is about, as long as it is pretty light and it opens up the discussion on your relationship.


    A Hug and a Kiss. Two straightforward things, hug for at least 2 minutes per day and kiss for at least 30 seconds. If you are already doing way more than that, you probably don’t need this advice at all! But, to get a big healthy dose of those happy love hormones like Oxytocin, touch is a top up button. More extended hugs and kisses lead to a more profound sense of connection – don’t get the egg timer out, but do consciously try and make the moments last longer.