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    Wedding Regrets: 8 Things People Wish They Had Done Differently About Their Big Day

    Ask any married woman and they will tell you at least one thing that they would have changed about their big day. Whether it was the flowers, the dress, or the size, it can leave them filled with regrets. And a lot of people feel like the decisions they made were not their own. After all, it’s easy to listen to others when it comes to your big day. Therefore, here are eight things people wish they had done differently about their big day so that you can avoid their wedding regrets.



    They wish they had spent less time worrying

    It’s easy to get stressed out when it’s time to plan your wedding. After all, there is so much to organize before the big day. But planning your wedding should be a happy time for you and your partner. After all, you are going to commit to each other in front of all your family and friends. Therefore, when things go wrong during wedding planning, take a deep breath. After all, does it really matter if the table decorations don’t look their best? Try and enjoy the wedding planning and remember that the most important thing is getting married to your beau.

    They wish they had spent less time listening to other people

    Moms and mother in laws to be can be very helpful when planning your big day. But they are only helpful to a degree. In fact, you should listen to their opinions, but you should be making the decisions about your wedding. A lot of people look back and realize that they only chose a particular wedding song because of someone else. But the only two opinions that truly matter is yours and your partners. Therefore, stand your ground and only make the decision if it’s something you both want!

    They wish they had sent out the invites earlier

    It’s so important to make sure you send out the invites as soon as possible. After all, you don’t want to organize your wedding with a number in mind. And then find out a dozen people can’t come, so you have overspent. And the earlier you send them out, the longer you have to deal with any crisis that comes up. However, if you do send out your invites early, keep reminding everyone about the wedding date. That way, they won’t forget about your big day. You can find beautiful invites online such as pocketfold invitations which would be perfect for your wedding!

    They wish they didn’t leave important things to the last minute

    A lot of people spend a long time choosing a wedding venue. Or looking for ‘the one’ when it comes to the wedding dress. A great place to look for dresses is Beverly Hills CA. There are some amazing choices available. But if you spend ages on these details, you might limit yourself for time when it comes to looking for other important things. For example, you should get in touch with a wedding car company and find videographers like The Perfect Wedding Video at least 12 months before the big day. That way, you won’t be left disappointed with a limited choice if you leave it until the last minute. And you can read my previous blog for things you should do straight away after getting engaged so that your wedding goes to plan!

    They wish they had different people in their wedding party

    A lot of people feel forced to choose particular people for their wedding party. Whether it’s because it’s your groom’s cousin, or it’s a friend of the family, you might have to include them as bridesmaid or usher. But you should have the people you really want as part of your wedding party. After all, you are going to have to look back at these photos for years to come, and you don’t want to regret your decision! Therefore, if there is someone who family members are pressuring to include in your day, you could always suggest they do a reading during the ceremony. That way, they are part of your big day, without being too involved with the wedding!

    They wish they spent more time enjoying the day

    Your wedding day flies by! One minute you are getting ready and then the next you are heading back to your honeymoon suite. And a lot of brides wish they had spent more time enjoying the wedding day. Therefore, to ensure you don’t look back with regret, you need to make sure you enjoy every part of the day. Take the time to speak to relatives and friends who you haven’t seen in years. And remember to look at everyone when you walk down the aisle. After all, you want to see their reactions to your gorgeous wedding dress! And most importantly, make sure you spend enough time with your new husband. After all, you don’t want to regret not getting the chance to dance with them!

    They wish they had worn a different dress

    When people are looking for their wedding dress, they try on loads in the hope of finding ‘the one.’ But sometimes, they make a decision as everyone else likes the dress. But then on the day they wish they had worn something else. Therefore, make sure you truly love the dress before making the purchase. You hopefully won’t get another chance to wear one, so it has to be the right decision! And remember that you need to be comfortable on your wedding day. So don’t be afraid to change into something else later on if you want to party without pain!

    They wish they had invited fewer people

    It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of wedding planning. And with people in your ear, you might end up inviting more people than you want to. But a lot of people look back on their wedding day and wish it had been more of an intimate affair. For one thing, with fewer people, it will be cheaper! And not only this, but it can be less intimidating for the pair of you. After all, speeches and the ceremony in front of hundreds of people can be scary! Therefore, stick to your guns and only invite a small number to ensure it’s a perfect day!

    And make sure you don’t spend too much on the wedding day. Otherwise, you will be paying it back for years!


    Everything You Need To Know About Planning a Romantic Getaway!



    Life can be stressful at times, and so a holiday, mini-break or weekend away is always very much appreciated! And what better way to spend free time than with the one you love? If you want to treat your sweetheart, then booking a romantic getaway is an excellent way to go. Whether it’s a festive treat or something to look forward to next year, here’s are some of the things to think about in the planning stages.

    Book Time Off Work

    You’ll need to arrange your getaway for when you and your partner both have time off work. If you’re planning it as a surprise, make sure you know it’s a time that they already have booked off. If not, be sure they’ll be able to secure the time off work. Alternatively you could book a weekend away where you fly out on a Friday night and are back home by Sunday evening. Either way, be sure that work or no other commitments will result in you having to cancel at the last minute. If you have children, arrange a babysitter and maybe even a backup option just in case!

    Decide On Your Destination

    Some places in the world are known for being romantic. Paris, Venice, The Lake District, Costa Rica and New York are just a few beautiful places to consider where couples have fallen in love in over and over again. Alternatively, your romantic destination could be revisiting somewhere you both love. Perhaps you want to go back to the first holiday you had together, or the place where you first said ‘I love you.’ You could think about places that hold special significance to you as a couple.

    Look Into Romantic Things To Do

    Long walks on the beach, romantic dinners out and even hot air balloon rides are fantastic things to do as a couple on your getaway. You could see the sights, view the sun setting or go to an intimate bar or cafe. You could go on a picnic depending on the weather and the time of year. Have a look at what’s on offer at the destination you have picked. Wherever you can, book tickets ahead of time to save hassle. That means once you arrive you’re free to just enjoy yourself with no messing about.

    Choose The Right Hotel

    A stunning luxurious room or even a suite is perfect for a romantic break. You could look for features like extra large beds, hot tubs, and incredible views. If you have the means to, push the boat out and get the best you can afford. A great room is the perfect retreat to sip champagne in the evening after a wonderful day together. Plus it’s a gorgeous place to get up and get ready for the day ahead. The right hotel is an important thing to get right for your romantic break, and while you can do it on any budget be sure to shop around and check out everything it has to offer.

    Pamper Yourself

    Before leaving for your trip, spend some time pampering yourself. You could go for a wax at a salon, have your hair and nails done and treat your skin to some luxurious products. Feeling good about yourself is a great way to set your romantic break off on the right foot. If your time of the month is due to fall on your trip, you could buy tablets to delay your period. These are safe and effective, and will mean you’re not feeling bloated or hormonal while you’re on your romantic getaway.

    Think About Outfits

    As with pampering yourself, wearing the right clothes is key to feeling confident and happy. Have a think about what kinds of activities you’ll be doing. For example, going to fancy restaurants will mean you need glamourous dresses and shoes. But romantic walks in the country will mean walking boots and coats. And of course, you’ll want to make sure you pack some lingerie which makes you feel good about yourself! Make sure you pack well to ensure you have the right clothing and shoes depending on what you’ll be doing. The key is to keep it to the things you need without over packing and without forgetting anything important. If you’re only going away for a few days, sticking with a small hand-luggage sized suitcase is ideal. If you’re boarding a plane it means you don’t have to mess around at baggage handling, which is time that cuts into your trip.

    Do you have any romantic breaks planned for the end of this year or next? Where’s your favourite place to go away with your significant other?


    What Needs Doing When You’re Worried Your Marriage Is Ending

    It’s definitely a dark time in the lives of many adults. Divorce has all kinds of ugly connotations beyond just the end of a marriage. It can make us think of failure, of loving relationships we have felt like we’ve messed up and broken families. But there are ways that you should try dealing with the break-up of a relationship. We’ll look at them in more detail here.


    Picture sourced by Tumisu

    Finding a private moment

    Sometimes, all a relationship needs is communication. We live with stresses coming from all sides and circumstances that can strain any pair. If you want to see whether there’s space to fix the relationship, sometimes it can be a good idea to just find some space. To have a staycation away from those pressures. To arrange a date. Even just to ask your partner to have a real talk. Communication can be the salve many hurt relationships need.


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    Seeking help

    It’s not always easy to make that communication happen yourself. We can get emotional, riled up or defensive. We might not find ourselves able (or even willing) to talk honestly and be vulnerable. That can happen to you or your partner so try to take a step back to be more understanding. You may, instead, feel like some help can be what you need to open up the dialogue. See if a counselor could help you solve some of the most prominent issues a marriage can face. If not, it may be time to say goodbye.



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    When the time comes

    Divorces are emotional. If you let yourself lose control, those emotions can turn very ugly indeed. So it’s important that you strive to be amicable. If you can, have it mediated instead of taken to court. Keep communicating with your partner. If you lack communication, it can become easy to feel alienated from them. To start them in harsh lights that aren’t entirely fair to either of you. Regardless of whether things stay amicable or get heated, have some help on your side, too. Legal advice from firms like the Law Office of Scott D. Rogoff, P.C. aren’t just there to fight. They can be the bit of assistance you need to make sure things stay fair.


    Picture sourced by Takmeomeo

    Taking care of yourself

    It’s important you take the time to really check in on yourself. For one, introspection and allowing yourself to feel sad are important. If you don’t process those feelings, they can turn bitter and hateful inside you. Get someone you can vent to, someone who won’t turn your divorce into a competition. Staying above the hate is the only way you can truly stay sane and mitigate the damage to yourself during a divorce.

    It’s important to be as sure as you can whether you really want a divorce or not. You shouldn’t ignore gut feelings that things aren’t going well. Somethings, things are worth fighting to fix, however. Then again, sometimes, they’re not. In those cases, it’s about taking the steps to make it as safe and amicable as you can.