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    He is Potty Trained



    What seemed like something I would never have been able to do has now been accomplished. This was the hardest milestone yet T.J. has been keeping his diaper dry for days. We moved to big boy undies that I got from H&M.

    T.J. has not been eager to use his potty and yes he is three years old. As you can imagine because of his age I got a lot of criticism and stares and hints about him being potty trained. I believe that children know what they want they are just little adults. Do you like being forced to do something? Even Jesus knows we are not people to be forced that is why even he gives us a choice.I introduced the concept to him but when he got ready he told me he had to use the potty and I don’t have to remind him to go or to empty his potty seat into the toilet he does it himself.

     “They will do when they are ready”
    I put a huge amount of pressure on myself and my child trying to get him to potty train but when I thought about his personality it takes him longer to adjust to situations so it was only natural I had to wait until he was ready. My advice is that every child is a human with different styles of learning, so they have to be taught differently as well as every child’s milestone will come at a different age. If it is taking longer than usual for your child to potty train its OK but if you feel there is a real issue contact your doctor.
    We are going to try to take him to church in his undies wish us luck and for those in the potty training stage be patient your child will gets through this.

    Tips to remember

    1. Patience-Remember that your children are not robots. It will take time for them to understand their own bodies.
    2. Understanding-This is a new milestone help them ease into it.
    3. Get advice- Turn to mommy groups, friends, family to find out what could work but know some things will work while other things will not.
    4. Don’t compare- So your friend’s son was potty trained at 1 and your 3 year old is still in diapers. While you will feel pressure remember that you child is an individual and will not be like everyone else.
    5. Don’t get discouraged- When you hear about other kids being potty trained and people are telling you there could be something wrong with your child and others are saying they could do it better than you, yes you will feel discouraged but know that he won’t be in diapers forever.
    Was it difficult for you to potty train your child? What steps did you take. Share in the comments.

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    Sesame Place on a Dime

    7 Tips on saving money

    With the kids being 1 and 3 we decided to start our first family amusement park trip to Sesame Place. Going to Sesame Place can add up on your bill between the hotel, park and your food don’t forget the souvenirs.

    1) Book Early– We booked our trip two months in advance through What I love about this site is there there are no booking fees and you can cancel up to the day of with no fee penalty. We made that mistake with one company and decided to cancel only to have them take 20% of our deposit. Also, by booking early you can get a huge discount our hotel usually goes for $334.00 per night but we got it for $173.00 per night.
    2.) Buy park tickets online-Buying your tickets online will also save you a couple of dollars. Also Sesame Place has a come after 3pm deal
    3.) Bring your own snacks– We managed to bring some juice box along with us they come in handy instead of buying juices in the park.
    4.) Make sure you have a refrigerator in your room– We found a Walmart close by and brought some juice and milk and stored it in the refrigerator.
    5.)Bring your own stroller– It costs $18.00 to rent a stroller in the park we brought our own stroller.
    6.)Make sure your hotel has a shuttle– It costs another $20.00 to park at Sesame Place you can also cut that cost by taking the hotel shuttle.
    7.) Take your own photos– Whenever we saw a Sesame Place character we pulled out our phones and there you have it.
    Before having children me and my husband would do on vacation we typically did not look for deals but when you have kids its a whole new ball game. Saving takes a bit of leg work but when you come back with money still in your pocket its worth it.






    Do you try to save money when you travel? What ways do you save money? Share in the comments.




    How We Spent Mother’s Day


    “Mothers Day used to be a sad day for me.With no mother of my own”
    I truly embraced mother’s day when God blessed me with the opportunity to raise and be a mother to two beautiful children.


    We spend the day at Botanical Gardens
    My style inspired by
    Target- shirt
    Gap-pants from Ebay
    Shoes- Coach
    Jewelry- by my own jewelry collection
    I can truly say that God always gives you what you need at the time. How did you celebrate mothers day?


    Parenting Product Reviews Reviews

    VeggieTales Adeventure Blasts Into Outer Space DVD Review

    This DVD came just in time because my son is still adjusting to his new baby sister and learning how to share. They based this VeggieTales story off of the scripture Luke 3:11 and my son loves this DVD. It is hard to get my son to watch Christian based cartoons on the Sabbath. We have tried several DVD’s but they didn’t work they were very boring. I was going to use this is a giveaway but this is a keeper. My son who is three and my daughter is nine months loves the songs that comes with this DVD. Around the house we sing, “Enough to share”. Larry the cucumber and Bob the tomato take on heroic theme of space exploration in their new roles as Captain Luke and Mr. Spork. I don’t want to spoil it for you but when they save the planet my son gets excited and yells they saved the day. This is a great DVD that teaches children about the concept of sharing with a fun story line and scripture to match. I will be buying more VeggieTale DVD’s. We found some free ones but they didn’t really refer to God. Buy this DVD you and your family will not regret it. I will also download their apps. “If you have enough to spare, you have enough to share”

    I was given this DVD by Big Idea Entertainment all opinions are my own and I was not paid to give this review.

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    Sesame Place



    Welcome to Sesame Place I was accepted to join the Sunny Day Blogger Program. On my blog you will find out what’s going on such as concerts, promotions and other events.
    Fall Concerts


    Reservations are now open for our fall concerts! Come see Caillou, Yo Gabba Gabba’s DJ Lance Rock & Friends and Super WHY when they come to Sesame Place in September. Reservations are required, so book today! VIP Package are also available.
    Buy online and save! 

    Save $10 on a weekday admission when you purchase your ticket online.
    Twilight ticket $20 off
    Save $20 on single-day admission when you visit after 3pm. Our Twilight Ticket is a great deal if you can play later in the day.
    2014 Season Passes are on sale. Get unlimited visits in 2014 plus rest of this year free!                
    Purchase a Season Pass and enjoy unlimited visits during 2014 and the rest of this year FREE including A Very Furry Christmas in 2013 and 2014.
    2013 Season Pass Members can add unlimited admission during A Very Furry Christmas to their Pass for just $10!
    If you have a 2013 Season Pass and would like to include Christmas, visit any ticket window during park operating hours. Offer endsSeptember 28.