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    Toddlers and Technology is it too much?


    IPad 2 White on table.jpg

    My son is 22 months old and when we go to the Apple Store there is not a gadget that he doesn’t understand. He started calling people on my phone at 16 months and now he knows how to get to his favorite application on my phone and on the iPod. So in my day I didn’t get a compute until I was 18 years old. Every morning he asks for his cheerios and his I pad. Is having a tech savvy toddler a bad thing? I say no. We got our son an iPad because we believe that in schools (not public) children will need the iPad like they will need pen and paper to come to school.

    While I am for learning different applications online I am also a firm believer in ole school. To me it is about balance. He still has his physical learning tools. I read his Bible to him before he goes to bed and I am teaching him how to write with a pen and pencil, we go outside to play basketball ball and I even take him swimming and we go to the park to play. I believe too much of something is not a good thing. When we go out I do not take the iPad only for long trips and to keep him entertained at restaurants. I want him to learn how to interact with people which he does very well. He is also into music so we brought him a drum set. We like all parents just want our child to be well rounded as possible. My husband’s co worker did say that his toddler has a hard time with coordination so we are going to listen and get T.J. some building blocks.

    According to they list the pros and cons of technology for toddlers.

    1) Fine motor skills. Fine motor movements also hone eye hand coordination and that’ll pay off for years to come
    2) Teach cause and effect

    1) Not enough people time
    2) Not enough hands on time
    3) Too much stimulation
    4) Too much sedentary time


    This is a video of my son learning how to play the drums with the iPad.

    What do you think? Do you have a tech savvy toddler? What amazing things can they do?