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    Tori Kelly, Hiding Place: Album Review

    Recently, I got the opportunity to review Tori Kelly’s new album Hiding Places. I absolutely love the title because it already shows she is ready for transparency. It’s a reminder that God wants to go into those hidden places of the heart to expose the things that are not like him.

    On this album she collaborates with Kirk Franklin (who also co-wrote), Hamiltones to bring you a soulful and jazzy album about God’s love. May favorite song is Psalm 42:

    there’s a quiet place that gives me peace when I’m alone with you
    there’s a hiding place
    your Spirit’s always there when I’m confused
    only you can purify
    all this world won’t ever satisfy
    my heart it cries
    as the deer pants for the water
    so my foul, needs you Lord
    we’re thirsty God you’re the living water
    and my soul, needs you Lord
    I need you Lord, need you Lord
    I’m a stranger here, thirsty cause I know it’s not my home
    like a desert here, I need your living Word for these dry bones
    Jesus fill us up again
    with your presence flowing deep within
    new life begins
    quench our hearts
    & fill this space with
    heaven like a flood
    Holy One rain
    down on us with
    Your consuming love

    This L.A.-based singer/songwriter honors her deepest musical passion and delivers an R&B infused, infectiously melodic take on classic gospel album. She has teamed up with Kirk Franklin on this one, and the first single features him. Tori Kelly was the 2016 Grammy Award nominee for Best New Artist.

    Tori doesn’t fail to capture us with her beautiful vocals. Kirk Franklin does a great job at co-writing these songs my only problem is that I wanted to hear more.

    You won’t be disappointed you can purchase her songs here

    “I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion”




    Food Product Reviews

    BBQ Fun With ShopRite

    Thanks to ShopRite for giving me these products in exchange for my honest opinion.

    While summer is over Labor Day is here there is still sometime to have weekend fun in the backyard. I partnered with ShopRite to show you how I use their BBQ marinade sauce to grill up some chicken. They have three marinades by their brand called Wholesome Pantry and I grilled some chicken.


    Wholesome Pantry Organic Teriyaki Marinade
    Water, Cane Sugar, Soy Sauce, Sea Salt, Red Wine, Pineapple Juice, Garlic Powder, Corn Starch, Spice, Citric Acid

    Wholesome Pantry Organic Herb and Garlic Marinade
    Water, Distilled Vinegar, Cane Sugar, Sea Salt, Dried Garlic, Lemon Juice, Spices, Dried Red Bell Peppers, Xanthan Gum, Natural Flavor, Organic


    What I love about this marinade is that it is not loaded with chemicals but I always say you want to eat what you can pronounce. ShopRite’s Wholesome Pantry is free from artificial flavors, colors and preservatives .This marinade is great for a party, or for your dinner. The taste is not too overpowering or too salty it has just the right amount of seasoning to it.

    Grilled Chicken with Teriyaki Marinade


    • Wholesome Teriyaki Marinade Sauce
    • 2 packs of chicken wings
    • Lawry's Seasoned Salt
    • Pepper


    1. Place all the chicken wings in a large bowl. Season the chicken with Teriyaki Marinade, pepper, and seasoned salt. Refrigerate for at lean one hour.
    2. Heat up the grill coat with unstick spray
    3. Place chicken on the grill and cook until both sides are well done.
    4. Serve hot with side of your choice.
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    I am so happy for the Shoprite at Bruckner which is right in my neighborhood which sells this Wholesome Pantry selection. I know there is a concern that organic products are expensive but there are tons of organic products to chose from that are not heavy on your pocket. They carry things like organic pasta, Dried snacks, Nut Buttters, Fortified Eggs. Be sure to shop their brand next time your at ShopRite!




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    Review: Always Enough Never Too Much

    Review: Always Enough Never Too Much

    Review: Always Enough Never Too Much

    I love a good devotional, one that is thought-provoking and inspiring. I use my devotionals as a companion guide to my Bible study.

    Can I read the Bible by itself? Yes I can but a devotional helps to apply real life situations to the scriptures.

    The right devotional will get you to reflect on the word of God in your life. I got the opportunity to review the devotional. This devotional is like having 2 books in one.

    As women we tend to feel like we are never enough and that out problems are too big for God to handle but Connelly & Morgan reminds us that we are always enough and we are never too much. There are 50 devotionals for each theme giving you a total of 100 devotionals. Each devotional is beautifully written to reflect the heart of God in your life.Review: Always Enough Never Too Much

    As moms we tend to feel like we are too much and we are not enough I know I have felt this way many times as a women and as a mother. They seek to help women overcome their thoughts so that they can move forward.

    About the book

    Jess Connolly and Hayley, bestselling authors of Wild and Free, will help you replace those lies with God’s truth in Always Enough, Never Too Much. This devotional flip-book is designed for you, the woman who feels like she can be both too much and not enough sometimes on the same day. Through 100 devotionals and scripture, you will find the tools you need to claim the fullness of Jesus in your own like and soak in the encouragement of two women who will never stop cheering you on! When you banish lies and insecurities and find your identity in Jesus, you can embrace these truths: You are always enough, You are never too much.

    Review: Always Enough Never Too Much

    Review: Always Enough Never Too Much

    I absolutely love this devotional I would recommend this devotional to any women whether you are a mom or not. The devotionals are short enough where you can read them while on the go. It starts with scripture so if you want to dig deeper on your own you can.

    Are you interested? You can purchase this devotional here

    Hair Product Reviews Reviews Sponsored

    Desert Essence Anti-Breakage Shampoo and Conditioner

    I received this product for free from Moms Meet in exchange for my honest opinion. Compensation for this post was provided and may contain affiliate links.

    It wasn’t until my hair became unhealthy is when I understood the importance of natural ingredients in your hair. I am a 4c natural and for years I used a chemical relaxer in my hair making it weak and brittle. Once I stopped putting chemicals in my hair I noticed length, strength, shine and health. When I chose hair products I make sure they contain natural ingredients which is why I was happy when chosen to review the Desert Essence haircare products.

    Desert Essence Anti-Breakage Shampoo and Conditioner

    Founded in 1978, Desert Essence is a leader in natural personal care. Their inspiration and ingredients draw from the desert, as it is “a model of pristine balance and sustainability, where limited resources, if used responsibly, offer the body and spirit untold benefits.” Using nutrient-rich botanicals revered in native cultures for their healing properties, Desert Essence’s body, skin, and hair care products work in harmony with the body to soothe, nurture, and restore. True to its principle, they work to ensure both their products and practices reflect the serious commitment they have made to the health of the planet. Continue Reading

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    ShopRite Opens In South Bronx

    ShopRite Opens In South Bronx

    I am so excited that on June 28 ShopRite opens in the Bronx which will be located in Bruckner Plaza. I got to take a behind the scenes look at the supermarket and I am highly impressed.

    The supermarket consists of pushing healthy eating and I love it. Shop Rite understands the #not62 which states that the Bronx is one of the unhealthiest boroughs.

    ShopRite Opens In South Bronx

    ShopRite Opens In South Bronx


    ShopRite Opens In South Bronx

    ShopRite Opens In South Bronx

    ShopRite Opens In South Bronx

    Highlights from the store:

    • Fresh Sushi Bar: The have a fresh sushi bar that gives you California Roll, Shrimp Tempura or spicy Tuna
    • Angela the Site Dietician: She is open to the public and offers classes like kids cooking classes and fitness. They also have a community room that holds 40 people that is open to the public.
    • Free fruits for kids to snack on while in store
    • Fresh Bakery which bakes your cakes and makes fresh donuts. I am also impressed with the gluten free cake selections as well.
    • Fresh fish market
    • Organic produce: They have their own brand called “Wholesome Pantry” which comes in organic and non-organic
    • Fitness Classes: How many supermarkets you know will have free fitness classes as well as cooking classes for kids?
    • Bring more jobs to the communty

    I am so excite about Shop Rite and the impact it will have on our community the opening day is tomorrow 9 a.m. ShopRite at Bruckner is open Sun-Sat 6a.m.-12 a.m. 1994 Bruckner Blvd for more information, visit

    Slogans I saw around ShopRite that I love:

    “Eat Well And Be Happy”
    “Celebration Station”
    “Live Right”
    To Care Deeply About People Helping Them To Eat Well And Be Happy”