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    Black Panther Movie Night

    I received this Black Panther Movie Pack in exchange for my honest opinion.


    Black Panther was my movie. Jam-packed with suspense, thought, drama, women empowerment and a sense of Black pride. Black Panther shows Black people in a positive light. Because the movie was so great I was excited to host a Black Panther Movie Night.

    I saw the movie in the movie theatre and I showed my African pride.

    While I saw many families go together I couldn’t take my son because he doesn’t like going to the movies. So when I got the opportunity to review the Black Panther on digital I was excited. We hosted a Black Panther Movie Night!

    The movie pack included:

    • Black Panther Bingo
    • Black Panther Throw Blanket-We snuggled up that night (it was so soft)
    • What movie night would not be complete without popcorn
    • Black Panther Posters

    We had a great movie night and my son and daughter loved it but my daughter who is 5 couldn’t completely understand everything but my son could and his favorit line from the movie is “What Are Those?!” Black Panther is a must see movie!

    Black Panther is NOW available on DVD.


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    Osmo Proves Technology Is Good For Kids

    “I received Osmo Genius in exchange for my honest opinion”

    We have all heard that screen time is bad for kids. According to researchers, children should not be on computer devices for a certain amount of time. I say all of that to say that it’s not so much about how much time they spend but what they are doing with that time. Too much of anything is not good so it’s all about balance.

    Read also: This is what too much screen time does to teen girls

    When my kids are on their tablets I like for them to play games that stimulate their brain in an engaging way. Osmo is one of those games that stimulate thinking. Osmo is a tangible hands on play approach for learning, smiling, curious, questioning, happy healthy children.

    What I like about Osmo is that it engages them and makes them use their imagination. Osmo comes with different Kits but the one I will be talking about is the Genius Kit. The genius kit comes with 5 hands on games. The games are Tangram, Numbers, Words, Masterpiece and Newton.

    Tangram– You get 7 puzzle pieces and you have to use the shapes to copy the shape on the screen yes it may look easy but it’s really not that easy. What I love about it is that the levels increase as you pass each stage. At first my 7 year old son had a hard time matching what he saw on screen to actual figure off screen. He’s not very hands on but as he kept playing he got better and loves this game.

    Numbers– This was a perfect game as we are making sure that he effectively knows how to add numbers. Numbers app teaches them how to combine different numbers to get the same result. They get 40 textile numbers, 2 sets of digits and 2 sets of dots. The objective of the game is that they have to pop bubbles by adding the correct number to free goldfish.

    Words– We like words because it teaches them how to spell but in a way that makes it fun. My son also helps my daughter learn how to spell the words. The word appears and they have to find the missing letter I have watched my son help my daughter spell certain words by sounding it out.

    Masterpiece– This is for the aspiring artist. My daughter is always drawing so this app is perfect for her what I like about this app is that you can still draw using a sheet of paper if you don’t get the drawing board (but of course its more cost effective).


    We absolutely love Osmo and I know you and your little ones will get excited about it too. Osmo has a great price tag too. My only problem is that it wasn’t around when I was a kid. My son can’t wait to try the other packs like Hot Wheels and Pizza Co.



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    What Makes Crystal Springs Resort The Best Staycation?

    I received a complimentary stay at Crystal Spring Resorts in exchange for my honest opinion.

    For spring break with the kids we got the opportunity to visit Crystal Springs Resort the Grand Cascades. I have one word to describe it.


    We drove to Crystal Springs With the 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander.

    The first thing you notice is that even though it’s in New Jersey you go up into the mountains and you feel like you are so much further away. The view is spectacular I can’t imagine the beauty once summer arrives.


    We stayed at the Grand Cascades which is one of the two resorts the other one is called Minerals Resorts. The rooms are just that GRAND there is a fireplace, large balcony, great scenic views, washer and dryer, full size granite top counter kitchen with a rustic cozy mountain feel.

    All of the body wash products are from L’Occitaine

    Places To Eat

    Breakfast at Kites Restaurant

    Lunch at Latour Restaurant

    You can’t go anywhere without eating and Crystal Springs make sure you do just that with over 6 restaurants to chose from. During winter months, there is a restriction due to some restaurants only being outside but if you stay at Grand Cascades you get fine dining at LaTour and for a less expensive option we went to Kites restaurant located at Minerals Resorts.


    Getting Around

    There are shuttle buses that take you from one resort to the next and they run every 15 minutes we didn’t get to use the shuttle because we wanted to go other places. There is also a waterpark near by where you can swim in the summer and snow tubing and ski in the winter.

    Things To Do

    On top of the huge pool areas and outdoor swimming (which was fun) there are spas, basketball courts, tennis courts, golf, wine tours, exercise classes, marshmallows roasting, and much more (some activities are limited in the winter months)

    Our first time swimming outside in the winter

    Final Verdict

    Crystal Springs Resort has everything you would look for in a resort for a vacation for all my of NYC readers you may be close to home but you feel far away.

    To find out more and book your stay click here.

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    Road Trip With 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander GT

    Thanks to my friends over at Mitsubishi I test drove the 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander GT. All opinions expressed are my own.Road trips are fun. I remember watching movies of road trips like National Lampoon and hearing “Are We There Yet?” which is so true because my kids were eager to arrive.Road trips or staycations let you get away without the expensive plane tickets.

    We drove the 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander GT for a trip to Crystal Springs Resorts in Sussex, New Jersey. Crystal Spring Resorts is less than a two-hour drive from NYC. This was a perfect distance for my husband who will not drive no more than four hours to go somewhere.

    What I enjoyed about the Mitsubishi Outlander GT


    Adaptive Cruise Control-When you have little ones your worry about their safety this car is equipped with adaptive cruise control which uses radar technology to judge distances between you and the vehicle ahead.

    Multi-view camera- My husband loved seeing the actual car in the camera this feature uses multiple cameras.

    Rear-cross traffic alert– It detects a vehicle approaching from the side while your backing up.

    Blindspot Warning and lane change assist– This feature alerts you when a vehicle is in or approaching your blind spot.

    Lane departure Warning -The LDW uses an onboard camera to monitor lane position in front of the vehicle.

    Forward Collision Mitigation– Utilizes both laser radar and camera technology to determine if a frontal collision with a vehicle or pedestrian is imminent.


    The Mitsubishi has a cutting edge look that’s both sleek and modern with leather interior.

    Saves on Gas

    Who wants to constantly fill up on gas? With the 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander GT you won’t have that problem. We filled up the car and didn’t need to refill the car until we came back two days later. The gas mileage is 25/30

    Price-While you get all the perks you can expect that this car will not break the bank coming in at 34,595.

    Other great features

    • Keyless Entry
    • Apple Car play
    • Heated Front Seats

    The Mitsubishi Outlander GT is perfect for young families, couples, first time drivers, and travelers. There are more perks listed here visit your local Mitsubishi dealer.

    Have your driven the Mitsubishi Outlander? What do you look for when purchasing a vehicle?

    Thank you Mitsubishi!