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    Taking Your Dog On Vacation: Is It A Good Idea?

    A dog often becomes just like a member of your family, so of course it’s normal to think about taking them on vacation with everybody else. However, taking them on vacation with you may not always be the best idea. Here, we’re going to discuss what you need to consider so you know for sure whether taking your dog away is a good move. Read on to learn more!


    Thinking About Your Vacation

    You’re going to want to ask yourself a few relevant questions when thinking about your vacation so you can figure out if taking your dog is the right thing to do. Have a look below for some inspiration:


    • Does your dog like adventure and excitement?
    • Is your dog a seasoned traveler or will this experience be new?
    • Does your dog get along with people and other dogs?
    • Does your dog have any special needs or physical limitations that might affect their enjoyment of the trip?




    You can use the above questions to figure out the right destination for you and your dog, or whether it’s a good idea to take your dog away with you at all. Sometimes it might be more fair to them to hire a reputable sitter or put them into kennels that you have done your due diligence on. Keeping your dog’s personality and experience in mind will help you plan a fun vacation for you both.


    Knowing The Cons

    Of course there are a ton of pros to taking your dog away with you, but you should also be well aware of the cons. Consider the following:

    • Accommodation can be more difficult to obtain when you have a dog in tow.
    • Dogs get travel sick too, so you must consider this if travelling by car/train/boat/plane.
    • You’ll need to pack and plan a lot more when taking your dog away.
    • You’ll need to plan for more breaks and stops, so more time will be required.
    • You won’t usually be able to leave your dog alone, or it will be something you are strongly advised against. Leaving them alone in a car in a hot country, for example, is extremely dangerous.
    • Flying can be stressful for dogs, with all of the noise, low air pressure, and confined spaces.
    • Travelling with dogs is not recommended if they have been sick recently.


    Proper Doggy Travel Etiquette

    If you do decide to take your dog away with you, being aware of proper etiquette will ensure you have the best time. Here are some pointers that will help you out:

    • Always do your research on hotels and other types of accommodation to ensure they are pet friendly. If you’re unsure, call and ask. Ask about their pet policies in writing to double check.
    • Remember you may need to leave a deposit at certain types of accommodation if you want to take your dog.
    • You will need to have your dog treated for fleas and potentially other illnesses if you are travelling abroad.
    • You shouldn’t leave your dog alone in a room for long periods of time. They might a) get anxiety and trash the place, or b) get separation anxiety from being alone for long periods of time which makes them depressed. If you’re going to leave them alone, there’s not really much point in taking them with you. If you have noticed that even when you are with your dog they still feel anxious, it may be best to deal with this through something simple like treatibles dog chews before you start thinking about taking them on holiday with you. As a dog owner, I’m pretty sure you’d want to do anything you can to keep your pets happy.
    • Ensure your dog is well behaved around other people.
    • Plan to exercise your dog as you usually would.
    • Have a good schedule for taking them outside to do their business, as you don’t want them to mess on your accommodation floor.
    • Never leave your dog in a car, even with the windows down in the shade. Being in the shade doesn’t mean the car won’t get incredibly hot, and your dog could suffer from a stroke and die. There are also people who break into cars to steal dogs. If you do intend on taking your dog on vacation with you, plan to have them with you as often as possible.
    • If for whatever reason you want to check out the sights without your dog, you should look for a reputable kennel.
    • Hopefully you won’t need a vet, but it’s a good idea to be prepared by having the number of a local vet before you travel. Ensuring your dog is up to date with vaccinations before they travel is a must, too.


    Not All Airports Are Created Equal

    Flying with your dog is potentially one of the most nerve-wracking experiences. This isn’t how you have to travel – you can definitely take a train, go on a boat, or head off in your car with your dog. However, flying is the only option if you’re going to another country abroad. It’s crucial you’re aware that not all airports are created equal, so you must do your research on US airports that are pet friendly if you want to have the best possible experience. Some have barely any facilities that you and your dog can use, while others are perfectly equipped to ensure travellers and their canine companions have an incredible time. There are rarely any incidents when flying with pets. Of the millions of pets that fly each year, a very small number end up lost, injured, or dead. However, it’s still a small possibility that you’ll want to consider. Doing your research on an airlines handling policy and how they will take liability if something does happen to your pet is important.


    Things To Do With Your Dog On Vacation

    There are all kinds of things you can do with your dog on vacation. You could eat outside at a dog-friendly restaurant, get a takeout and eat it on the riverbank or in a park, or hike a beautiful trail that is suitable for your dog. It’s important to note that you will be limited to how you travel and what you can do, so taking your dog on vacation should not be taken lightly. Staycations with your dog can be just as fun and great for bonding!


    Remember, if you truly care about your dog, you’ll do what’s best for them. Sometimes, this means leaving them at home with a trusted relative or in a reputable kennel.


    The 3 Essentials Of Your Summer Break, Wherever You Go

    Did you know that January is the month where doctors record the highest number of seasonal affective disorder – SAD for short – cases? At its heart, SAD is often labeled a winter illness as it’s more frequent when the days are short and the nights long. The decrease of natural sunlight affects your body absorption of vitamin D and, as a result, your mood. However, you can create your happiness by making the most of January to plan your next holiday in the sun.

    Summer is, after all, only a few months away and that gives you just enough time to prepare for all the excitement of summer vacation. Ultimately, if you keep your mind busy with sunny thoughts, you might get through the SAD season without any issue! Besides, the perfect summer holiday requires strategic planning, so don’t delay it!

    Dream of beach holidays


    #1. Start planning now!

    Let’s be honest; the summer break is the most popular travel period. If you want to make the most of your vacation, you need to start booking as early as possible! Use the month of January to pick a destination that suits your needs, budget, and interests. Booking your flights and travel early ensures you can get the best deal — last minute options can sometimes appear cheaper, but they offer few facilities and choices. The earlier you plan, the better chances you’ve got to find your ideal accommodation – especially if you’re traveling to a popular destination – and book tickets for your preferred attractions around. More importantly, this gives you plenty of time to sort out all necessary paperwork from passport to proof of payment. After all, the best remedy against holiday stress is organization.


    #2. Make it adventurous

    Every year is a new adventure, and that’s precisely how you need to think about your summer holiday too. Same old doesn’t recharge your batteries in the same way than doing something new and exciting during your vacation. An adventurous holiday, however, doesn’t have to be synonymous with putting yourself in harm’s way. Safe adventures are available everywhere, from hiring a yacht charter Miami based to swimming with dolphins – the Keys bay is a fantastic spot for this. It’s about going a little out of your comfort zone to discover what you can do. If you need some inspiration, here are a few ideas to get you started:

    • If you’re starting the year with fitness resolutions, make sure to plan a sporty escape this summer, such as hiking in the Grand Canyon.
    • For food lovers, a table at an innovative Michelin-starred restaurant can be a game-changer.
    • Etc.


    #3. Don’t stress out about it

    Preparing your summer break is designed to bring more sun into your wintery lifestyle. It’s about finding pleasure and joy in the thought of what there is to come. By no means should your vacation plan become synonymous with stress and deadline. Most people have holiday objectives, such as getting the perfect bikini body, for instance. Remember to be kind to yourself in the meantime, achieving your goals is great, but making the most of your summer is better.

    Summer is about relaxing, not just bikini bodies


    The summer is still a long way away. But thinking about it today brings it a little closer home!



    We’re All Going On A Summer Holiday: 7 Tips For Booking The Perfect Break

    Travel planning can be overwhelming and stressful especially if you are planning to travel with children and the elderly. Regardless of how many people are off with you on your next vacation, you need to plan it to perfection, and it’s going to take research across more than one travel website to get the best deal for your trip. You want to be able to make the mode of travel, the accommodation, tours and attractions, and the spending money easy to find and easier to manage.


    You deserve to go away and plan your trip while creating the priceless memories without any of the stress and a part of that is going to be in the planning. Below, you’ll find seven tips for booking a summer break that goes off to perfection.

    Image Source

    Choose The Destination

    The most important aspect of a vacation is in where you’re going. Without knowing this, you can’t book flights, go online to rent a condo, set up an itinerary, ensure your interests meet your travel budget – there’s a lot to do and you need to decide where you’re going first. Whether you are planning a romantic trip for two overseas or you’re choosing to stay on land with the family and go to a new destination, the whole point is to have fun, relax and make some memories that will last you a lifetime. You need to know how much time you have, because if you only have a week or two work vacation each year, you need to plan your trip around that. Weather and how busy it is will play a part in your decision about where you would like to go, and for your chosen destination, you need to decide whether you go in the high or low seasons: it makes a difference!


    Booking Flights/Travel

    You may not need to book flights for your trip, especially if a train or a road trip could take you there. This is your big vacation for the year, and you don’t want to spend a minute of it being any kind of uncomfortable. You need to shop around for flights early and make sure that to get the best deals, you need to clear cookies on your web browsers and search a fresh webpage every time, and your computer won’t recognize the websites and searches you’ve previously used.


    Book A Place

    Where you sleep is a major travel expense for you, and you need to consider the travel party as a whole before you book. Some of you may want to think about the cheapest accommodation, but you want to get the best value over choosing somewhere dirt cheap. You don’t even have to book just the one accommodation style for your trip. You could start out in a hotel, then choose to move to a condo via Airbnb. Families, especially, always prefer the extra facilities of having a living room separate to bedrooms when booking their vacation accommodation, as they have somewhere to relax without the children in the evening. It’s a big decision but your accommodation choice will make the difference between a happy vacation or one filled with difficulty.

    Image Source


    When you’re at your destination, you need to know to get from A to B without any issue. You may be okay, driving to your destination or hiring a car while you’re out there can get you around with ease. If you don’t drive, you need to look into the public transportation system or get to know the local taxi and Uber drivers! Some places need you to have specific travel cards – such as the Opal in Sydney or the Oyster in London. There are always ways to get around on your vacation, but you will need to put the time into researching it all to make sure you get it right.


    Things To Do

    Tourist attractions get busy in peak seasons, so when you plan your trip, you need to know which ones are the busiest for the time of year that you are travelling. It’s always nice to just show up and explore but it’s even nicer to sit down and get an itinerary sorted out from top to bottom so that you can book your attraction visits early and escape the crowds. Research and organize all of your ticket before you go and you won’t be stuck in queues trying to get the best deal.


    Places To Eat

    Dietary issues? Planning ahead is crucial. You can learn so much about a destination through the food and drink that you can buy culturally,and you can plan an entire trip with restaurants as your guide if the mood takes you that way! For some people, the cuisine is their favourite thing about travelling. Discovering new bars and restaurants is just part of the fun of a vacation, so make sure that you plan the food places you want to visit and research the best places to go while you’re at it. TripAdvisor is excellent to help you to make your choices.


    Check Your Paperwork

    Passports, tickets, boarding passes – all of these things are of high importance as you cannot get on a flight without them. You need to ensure that you have all of them before you get on the plane to your destination, and don’t forget to print off your accommodation invoices, any seating payments and anything you may have booked in advance you need to print off. If you have all the paperwork with you, there is no big scramble to find the emails at the gates of the attractions that you visit. Your paperwork is important for your vacation, and the more attention that you pay to your paperwork, the less chance you have of delays.


    Going on vacation is supposed to be a fun, enlightening and uplifting experience and the better you plan it, the more of an exciting experience it will be for you and your family.


    There’s More To San Francisco Than You Think

    San Francisco is one of the most eclectic cities their is. We’re not going to say that it is a city that most people don’t visit when they go to the US, because they do. It’s up there with one of the most visited states, and there are plenty of reasons why this is the case. But it’s not all about Alcatraz and the Golden gate bridge, there is definitely far more to it than that. If you go to San Francisco, you really are getting the opportunity of a lifetime. You’ll often find that people don’t get to visit the US, and if they do it’s because they’re going to Florida with the children! You’ll usually find that the age range of people visiting is older. Does that mean that it’s only suitable for older people? Hell no! There’s so much that the place can offer, and some of that we’re going to explore today!

    Image Source


    The Tours


    If you’re looking for a place to go that has a lot of tours, then San Francisco is the place for you. There’s pretty much every tour under the sun depending on what you want to do. There’s the traditional tours that will take you to see all of the sights, but there’s a lot you won’t know about. For example, there’s haunted places in San Francisco that you can take a tour around, and we just know they’ll leave the hairs standing up on your skin. This one might appeal to more of you, but there’s also nightlife tours to take. Yes, the nightlife might not be as crazy as it is in place such as Miami, but San Francisco definitely does know how to party. If you were there for two weeks and went on a night tour on one of the nights, you could go on so many great nights out for the rest of the holiday!


    The Fabulous Food


    There so many different restaurants, cafes, smaller family owned restaurants, and bakeries that you could try out. One bakery that proves ever popular is the Devil’s Teeth Baking Company that is just yummy! Or if you wanted a nice dinner to try, there’s always the Foreign Cinema that won’t charge you a fortune, but will give you a super lovely meal! Other than that, we highly recommend you try some of the smaller owned restaurants that will give you some amazing dishes. Plus, it’s always good to help smaller businesses that are most likely being swamped by some of the bigger companies!


    Japan Town

    Japan town is definitely one of the lesser known places, probably because of its rival Chinatown. It’s weird because it’s just like stepping into a mini Japan. So if you prefer Japanese food or the culture, then this is definitely the place to go whilst you’re visiting! If you don’t, then you could always go to the more popular location of Chinatown! All we know is that you’ll be transported to another world if you go to either of them!


    Why Not Throw Yourself Into A Different Kind Of Vacation?

    When it comes to choosing the right vacation, it can often be something of a difficult choice. After all, most of us don’t get the chance to take a vacation more than a couple of times a year, if that, so finding the right trip to take can be a challenge. However, one of the most common mistakes that a lot of people make is that they end up choosing the same types of vacations and destinations over and over again, year after year, Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with this. After all, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do whatever you like, it’s your vacation after all. That being said, that kind of vacation does run the risk of getting pretty boring pretty quickly. That’s why mixing up your vacation habits can reignite your vacation excitement. Doing something like a cruise can be a great way of keeping things fresh and different with you having the opportunity to experience so many new places. A common misconception is that you always have to pay full price for these holidays but actually, you can find various Cruise deals. So why not try something a little bit differently next time you decide to take a trip? You could do anything you like on your holiday. You might just want to go to the beach and relax but there are plenty of other things that you can do. Don’t forget to also look at alternatives for how you are going to travel to your holiday destination. Are you going to drive, fly or even get a ferry? If you are thinking about getting a ferry to somewhere in Europe for example, then you could easily check out a site like ferryu who can help make this happen. Here are just a few alternative vacations ideas that you might want to try.


    Being able to spend time in the ocean is definitely one of the very best things about a lot of vacations, but have you ever thought there must be more that you can do than just spend your time splashing around in the shallows. Well, you have then why not try kayaking for a change. You might think that kayaking on the ocean waves is going to be very similar to surfing but the truth is that they couldn’t be more different. The control that the paddle of a kayak gives you means that you’re able to do a whole lot more on the surf than you ever could on a board. However, be warned: this is one addictive hobby. It’s the kind of thing that you could very easily get sucked into. You’ll end up obsessing over different boards and spending your evenings reading a kayak paddle comparison to find the one that’s perfect for you. This could end up being a great vacation but it could also become a seriously wonderful hobby too.


    One of the problems with a lot of vacation for many people is that there doesn’t seem to be any real middle ground between incredibly relaxing vacations where you just lounge around all day, and high octane thrill-seeking adventures. Well, if you’re looking for something active that still lets you stop and smell the flowers then hiking might well be the perfect vacation for you. If you can find the right place to go hiking then not only do you get the chance to stay active but you’ll also get to experience some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Not only that but it’s a wonderful way to get away from all of the hustle and bustle of modern life and just recharge your batteries for a while.

    A road trip

    If you’re the kind of person who really takes the phrase “it’s not the journey, it’s the destination” to heart then a road trip might well be the perfect vacation for you. Being able to hit the road and see all kinds of different places in one vacation can be a great way to avoid getting bored while traveling. You not only get to choose where and when you go, but you get to take your accommodation with you every step of the way! There’s a freedom to this kind of vacation that you really cannot get anywhere else. In fact, there are some people who love this way of life so much that they commit to it full time. Sure, that’s probably not going to be what happens to you, most of us end up missing indoor plumbing too much, but it’s a sign of just how exciting this kind of trip really can be. On a road trip it’s all about creating memories for you and your family, even if you decide not to stay in the car, but stay in a hotel like the EVEN Hotel Eugene along the way.

    A survivalist trip

    Now, if hiking sounds fun but it all just seems a little too safe for your tastes, then why not kick things up a notch with a survivalist trip? Sure, things like a soft bed in a hotel room with a bar nearby are great, but if you want to really get away from the stress of the world, why not try your hand at being able to survive out in the wilderness with nothing but your wits to guide you. Sure, this isn’t something that everyone is going to be into, but an aspiring Bear Grylls is going to find this kind of adventure one of the most fulfilling things there is. The sense of achievement at being able to actually take care of yourself in the wild is something that few other things could ever compare to. Of course, this is the kind of trip where you really do have to prepare for it as carefully as possible. Otherwise, you could end up in some serious trouble.

    A random destination

    Of course, having to plan everything might be the reason that you’re getting kind of bored and frustrated with your vacations. If that’s the case then why not bring a little bit of spontaneity into your next trip. Instead of obsessively planning every single aspect of your trip, leave some things up to change. Just pack your backs, show up to the airport, and buy a ticket on the next available flight no matter where it’s headed. Sure, you might end up somewhere totally bizarre that you would never have even considered visiting, but that’s part of the fun. You could well end up discovering your new favorite place in the world!

    Again, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to do any of these things. If what you really want out of a vacation is the chance to hang out on the beach and do nothing for a couple of weeks, then that’s great! After all, life is tough enough without having to spend your time stressing over whether or not you’re doing your vacation “wrong”. However, if you find that some of the magic has gone out of some of your trips then at least now you’ve got some idea of the kinds of alternatives that are out there for you.