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    The Most Underrated Cities in the US

    Cities like San Francisco, New York, Boston or Miami may be some of the first that come to mind when you think about travel destinations in the U.S., or potential places to move to, but there are lots of underrated spots to consider too.


    Atlantic City, New Jersey


    For many years, Atlantic City seemed to fade off the radar, with the last decade seeing a 50% drop in its casino revenues, thousands losing their jobs and nearly half of the casinos closing. But more recently it’s begun a revival, with lots of new construction and the grand opening of the new Hard Rock casino resort taking over the former Trump Taj Mahal, promising outstanding entertainment from beach concerts and more intimate performances to big-name shows. This lively city offers a lot, in fact, you might find yourself looking through NJ real estate so that you can enjoy its iconic boardwalk with world-class restaurants, bars, games and rides along with museums, art galleries, activities on the water and more, anytime you like.


    St. Augustine, Florida


    While Florida is more often associated with its sunshine and beautiful white sandy beaches, St. Augustine is especially rich in history as the oldest continuously occupied European settlement in North America. Founded by the Spanish in 1565, today you can still see many of the original buildings, including the historic city gate, the Plaza de la Constitucion and the 1672 Castillo de San Marcos, all while enjoying an enticing Old World ambiance. Those gorgeous stretches of sand and azure waters of the Atlantic are only minutes away too.


    Portland, Maine


    The largest city in Maine has a population of less than 70,000, yet it offers plenty of delights, including 19th-century brick architecture, cobblestone streets, a picturesque waterfront and fresh, mouthwatering seafood. The highly-walkable downtown area know as the Old Port is filled with shops and restaurants that boast a foodie scene that can rival any major city in the U.S., with new eateries popping up just about every week. Some of which include James Beard-nominated establishments like the Honey Paw, Fore Street and Eventide Oyster, renowned for its brow-butter lobster rolls and traditional clam bakes.  While you’re in the Old Port, you can also explore the Portland Museum of Art which showcases impressive Maine-based artists as well as works by internationally-renowned names like Claude Monet and Andy Warhol.


    Sacramento, California


    California’s capital city is not often talked about, but it offers lots to love. Old Sacramento is a favorite destination here, serving as the historic district which runs along the waterfront. A National Historic Landmark, it hosts multiple museums, including the Sacramento History Museum where visitors can learn about Sacramento’s diverse and fascinating history, walk wooden sidewalks and cobbled streets to check out the gold-rush era storefronts and more. At the Schoolhouse Museum, learn about California’s early days of education in a living replica of a traditional one-room schoolhouse. Old-fashioned carriage and wagon rides are offered throughout the year, and in between your exploits of the city, you’ll find lots of outstanding restaurants with farm-to-table menus.


    Rapid City, South Dakota


    This Midwest city in the lush Black Hills of South Dakota offers a surprising number of attractions for its relatively small size, and just a short drive away there are countless others making it an ideal base for exploring the region. Just south is Bear Country USA which features the largest collection of privately owned black bears in the world along with some 20 other North American animal species like wolves, big horn sheep, elk and buffalo, all living in large natural exhibits to mimic their wild environment. You can also take a selfie with a giant Aldabra tortoise at Reptile Gardens and discover the mysteries at Cosmos Mystery Area.


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    Why Mazda CX-9 Is The Perfect Family Car


    “Thanks for Mazda I was provided the new 2018 Mazda CX-9 to test drive for a week. All opinions expressed here are my own”

    Recently, we took a trip on a well needed vacation to Hershey, Pennsylvania. We wanted to go somewhere that was just a drive away so we decided to go to Hershey Park. We got the opportunity to ride in style with the 2018 CX-9 Mazda Touring.

    Why Mazda CX-9 Is The Perfect Family Car

    The first thing you notice about the car is the color (the soul red crystal is the best). We got complimented on this car everywhere we went.


    The interior will appeal to your senses the model we had the seats were beige (sand)and the trim was black it was just the right touch of elegance. The interior is also unique in that the rotary center console is high (feels different at first) but you come to appreciate its uniqueness. The navigation was at the top of the dashboard my husband says its easier to stay focused on the road.

    We took full advantage of the BOSE speakers listening to our favorite tunes. Immediately, my 7 and 5 year old loved the built in charger port is the middle console. While we didn’t use the third row it was great to have and you wouldn’t believe how comfortable they are (yes soft) and you don’t feel cramped.

    Space & Storage

    This model is a 7 passenger which is great for a large family. With two carseats in the second row I was there was still space for a person to sit in the middle of them. The truck space is very spacious being able to hold all of our luggage.



    When you have a family you want to ensure your child’s safety. Mazda does a great job of ensuring safety on the road. They have 24 hour roadside assistance, Latch child safety seat anchors, dynamic stability control, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, rear parking sensors just to name a few.


    Fuel Economy

    The Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring has an average 23 mpg. The annual fuel cost is estimated at 1,550 and the city average is 20 with 26 mpg being the average for a highway. We drove from New York to Hershey Pennsylvania and didn’t need to fuel up until the next day in the afternoon.

    Final Verdict

    If you are looking for a car that will make the entire family happy look no further than the Mazda CX-9. My brother-n-law loved the car so much that he brought it the following week. I don’t drive but I do believe my first car will be a Mazda.

    Price: 43,903

    For more info on the 2018 Mazda CX-9 and to find a Mazda dealership near you, head on over to






    Don’t Let An Accident Ruin Your Life


    There are few things in life for sudden and traumatic than a car accident. By its very nature, it’s something that comes out of nowhere when you’re least prepared for it. Whether it’s a collision with another driver or the result of wet and slippery roads, the one thing that all car accidents have in common is that they can be seriously difficult to recover from. It might not seem as significant to a lot of people than plenty of other life events, but it shouldn’t be understated just how much of a long-term impact a car accident can have on someone’s life. The most important thing that you can do after a crash is to try and take that control back. With that in mind, and in an effort to make the entire process at least a little easier, here are a few ways that you can do after a car crash to help you feel more secure and give you back your love of driving. Continue Reading


    Relive the Past with 5 Best Museums in Puerto Rico

    Relive the Past with 5 Best Museums in Puerto Rico

    Did you know Museo de Arte de Ponce is the largest art museum in the Caribbean? This museum reveals the legacy of Puerto Rico and gives a glimpse of its rich culture and tradition.With so much to offer, Puerto Rico has become a preferred destination for luxury travelers.There has been a spurt in tourism in recent years and this industry contributes more than 8% of the regions GDP, say experts at VIP Luxury Transportation Services, which provides airport transfers in Puerto Rico.

    5 Eminent Museums in Puerto Rico

    After landing at the San Juan airport, you can choose an airport shuttle to your hotel. Once you’re well rested and wish to explore the destination, make sure some of these museums are on your list of places to visit.
    1. Museo de Arte de Ponce: This temple of history protects about 4,500 masterpieces that date back to the fourteenth century. Among them is the world famous ‘Flaming
    June'. Constructed in 1895, this is a magnum opus of Leighton. You’ll have to travel southward from San Juan for about 2 hours to reach here.

    2. Museo Castillo Serrallés: Ever thought of distilleries turning into a museum? This is one of the largest rum producing distilleries that has been turned into a museum and attracts 100,000 visitors every year. You too can enter the historical wine factory and get mesmerized by the whiffs of aging wine. The museum closes at 5pm. So, ensure that you book your ride to return to your hotel.

    3. Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico: You don’t need a critic’s eye to enjoy art at this museum. Visit this center of visual arts to enjoy its sculptured botanical gardens. It also
    exhibits rich cultural gems at its 400-seat theater that showcases Puerto Rican visual art collections from the sixteenth century to the present. This museum is just a 10-
    minutes’ drive from San Juan airport and can see it on your way to the hotel by booking airport transportation to take you there.

    4. Museo El Cemi: A beautifully landscaped museum portraying the origin of the Puerto-Ricans, this is a center for knowing the inception of the indigenous tribe that flourishedon the island centuries back. Artifacts related to the archaeological findings andmonoliths are kept here under the observation of experienced curators. You can visitthis site to get a glimpse of the Taíno culture. It is a ride of about two hours from San Juan and remains open from 9am to 4pm each day of the week.

    5. Sports Museum: This museum pays tribute to the world of sports and is considered among five best sports museums of the world. Life size statues of famous Rican
    athletes are exhibited gracefully. You can get here in just 20 minutes by taxi, southwards from San Juan to reach Guaynabo Sports Museum. Museums of Puerto Rico narrate their various stories and have so much to offer as lessons for the next generation. So, book your flight ticket, accommodation and airport

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    Road Trip With 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander GT

    Thanks to my friends over at Mitsubishi I test drove the 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander GT. All opinions expressed are my own.Road trips are fun. I remember watching movies of road trips like National Lampoon and hearing “Are We There Yet?” which is so true because my kids were eager to arrive.Road trips or staycations let you get away without the expensive plane tickets.

    We drove the 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander GT for a trip to Crystal Springs Resorts in Sussex, New Jersey. Crystal Spring Resorts is less than a two-hour drive from NYC. This was a perfect distance for my husband who will not drive no more than four hours to go somewhere.

    What I enjoyed about the Mitsubishi Outlander GT


    Adaptive Cruise Control-When you have little ones your worry about their safety this car is equipped with adaptive cruise control which uses radar technology to judge distances between you and the vehicle ahead.

    Multi-view camera- My husband loved seeing the actual car in the camera this feature uses multiple cameras.

    Rear-cross traffic alert– It detects a vehicle approaching from the side while your backing up.

    Blindspot Warning and lane change assist– This feature alerts you when a vehicle is in or approaching your blind spot.

    Lane departure Warning -The LDW uses an onboard camera to monitor lane position in front of the vehicle.

    Forward Collision Mitigation– Utilizes both laser radar and camera technology to determine if a frontal collision with a vehicle or pedestrian is imminent.


    The Mitsubishi has a cutting edge look that’s both sleek and modern with leather interior.

    Saves on Gas

    Who wants to constantly fill up on gas? With the 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander GT you won’t have that problem. We filled up the car and didn’t need to refill the car until we came back two days later. The gas mileage is 25/30

    Price-While you get all the perks you can expect that this car will not break the bank coming in at 34,595.

    Other great features

    • Keyless Entry
    • Apple Car play
    • Heated Front Seats

    The Mitsubishi Outlander GT is perfect for young families, couples, first time drivers, and travelers. There are more perks listed here visit your local Mitsubishi dealer.

    Have your driven the Mitsubishi Outlander? What do you look for when purchasing a vehicle?

    Thank you Mitsubishi!