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    Sit Back And Enjoy The Journey. Tips To Turn Traveling Into Time Well Spent

    If you’re going on a trip, it’s inevitable that you’re going to have to travel. There’s no getting around long journeys. If you find yourself staring out of the window and waiting for the time to pass, despair no longer! There are plenty of ways to keep amused for the journey. Preplanning is key to ensuring you stay busy. It’ll surprise you how time flies when you’ve got something to do. But, what are your options?


    Pixabay Image


    So many of us would love to read if we got the chance, but it’s something we never have time for. A long journey is a perfect excuse to get stuck into that book you’ve had on the shelf for years. Make sure you prepare and stick a book in your bag before you go. This isn’t something that takes lots of planning, and a book won’t add much weight to your baggage. Reading is also an excellent way to relax, so if you’re going on holiday, the unwinding can start here. Tune out and get reading!


    Listening to music is another great way to pass the time. You could get away with not planning for this at all. Most cars have inbuilt radios, so you could just switch on and tune out. You might want to make a playlist in advance, or take a collection of CDs. The advantage of a playlist is that you can listen to various artists without having to change the disc. Setting up a playlist is a lot easier than you might think. If you’re traveling with other people, ask them for their music suggestions too. That way, you can make sure everyone’s entertained.


    Knitting is another thing that we never have time to do. It’s also another thing that’s easy to take with you while traveling. Knitting is a satisfying choice because you’ll have something to show for your efforts. Knowing you’ve achieved something makes the journey feel a lot less like wasted time! Be careful, though, and remember that you’ll be moving. Making a mistake could lead to frustration when you can’t set it right because of the constant motion!


    Pixnio Image


    If you’re traveling with the kids, it’s important to keep them happy too. Travelling may be boring for you, but it’s a lot worse for them! Children have shorter attention spans, and staring out the window for hours on end just won’t cut it. There are so many ways to keep them amused, from coloring books to portable DVD players. With portable consoles, kids can play games on a long drive. Just make sure you take some spare batteries with you or get the consoles fully charged. You don’t want any tantrums when they lose their progress because the console died!

    There are more options than just these, too. Look around and see that the portable entertainment options are unlimited. The days of sitting and staring are long gone. Sit back and enjoy the journey!

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    Anniversary Staycation

    August 19th made our 8th year wedding anniversary. {Watch our first anniversary recap}.Celebrating our anniversary is a lot different these days because of our three and five-year old. While we long for the days we were in Jamaica and in the Bahamas we realize we have a gem right in the city that we live in. Every month hundreds of people flood 42nd street just to see the big lights, but we who have lived in New York City for all of our lives have not taken that time to explore our beautiful city. One evening my sister called and said that she would be happy to keep the kids for us for a night. That was it, I thought to myself we are going on Anniversary Staycation.

    I booked our stay at 57th Street Hilton Hotel for our Anniversary Staycation.



    We were on the eighth floor not a skyline but we admired the other buildings and street view

    Anniversary Staycation




    That evening for our anniversary celebration, we went to Blend on the Water. We ordered the Ginger steak with white rice and pearl onions. When I booked the restaurant, I told them it was our anniversary and to our surprise we were given an anniversary song and cake.


    FullSizeRender 21

    After we ate we stay by the waterfront, talked about our lives together the water was so peaceful and calming.


    Our staycation came to an end the next morning we at breakfast at the local deli.

    Before we eventually move out of the city we can say that we stayed at a hotel in the heart of Manhattan. We realize how expensive it is to stay in New York City the room was small compared to when we stayed at the Hilton Grand in Orlando, Florida but there is nothing like The Big Apple.


    Have you taken a Staycation?


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    Why Houston Should Be Next On Your Travel List



    Image credit: Wikimedia (downtown Houston at night)

    Houston in Texas is experiencing a huge cultural transformation, and there are a wealth of exciting reasons to visit. As America’s fourth largest city, this enormous urban destination has plenty for tourists to see and do. So is definitely one to put on your bucket list. Whether you want action and adventure or something more laid back, there is something for everyone. There are so many reasons why the fabulous city of Houston should be next on your travel list, here are just a few of them!


    The Weather

    The warm tropical climate in Houston means there’s an abundance of stunning plant life, and results in warm sunny weather for most of the year. Even the winters are mild but visit in the summer if you like your holiday weather scorching hot. Warm weather most of the year round gives you fantastic opportunities to do lots of outdoor activities, and get out there and enjoy the city.


    The Attractions

    You have Houston Zoo which home to an incredible six thousand indigenous species. To Kemah boardwalk offering all kinds of entertainment, rides and music. There’s great shops, nature centers and parks galore. There are even beaches! There’s more to see and do than you could ever manage in one trip, so do some research and come up with a plan before setting off on your trip. Read here for the top 20 places to visit in Houston.


    The Landscape

    The beautiful city skyline makes Houston an amazing place to visit, especially when it’s illuminated at night. There are thick woodlands and mountains to see, as well as the urban areas and the calming parks dotted around the city. Houston offers excellent photo opportunities and breathtaking views.


    The Culture

    Houston is home to some fascinating museums. So if you are looking for a good dose of culture, education and history on your trip you certainly won’t be disappointed. From the Museum of Natural Science, Fine Arts, Contemporary Arts, Health and much more. Space Centre Houston is an attraction of particular interest, great for adults and children alike. In and around Houston you’ll also discover number of celebrations and festivals. Visit at the right time of year and you could catch the a range of different events. There is the famous Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, the Houston Film Festival, the Greek Festival or the Texas Renaissance Festival.


    The Food

    While you are in Houston, Texas you should definitely taste the Tex Mex food. Since Texas borders with Mexico, it has allowed for an excellent a fusion of Mexican and American cuisine. Featuring a lot of shredded cheese, meat, beans and spices on traditionally Mexican- style tortillas. Although there are a wide range of restaurants in Houston. They feature different kinds of cuisines at all price ranges, so there’s something for everyone. Check out both uptown and downtown Houston for a variety of different atmospheres and experiences.

    city-skyline-719982_1280Image credit: Pixabay

    Have you ever been to Houston? What advice would you give to someone looking to travel there?

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    Tips For Planning A Large Family Theme-Park Adventure

    Theme park trips are a fantastic way of having fun and spending time with your family. Whether it’s Disney World or a small amusement park, you really are spoilt for choice. All ages can share the experience of a fun filled day of enjoyable rides, shows, and events. While making wonderful memories to treasure. But if you are from a large family, you may think that it might be too chaotic to organize. But with some careful planning and patience, it doesn’t have to be such an overwhelming task. Use these tips to help you plan an adventure that your big family can look forward to.

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    5 reasons to visit Legoland

    ***I received complimentary tickets to review Legoland and all opinions are my own****

    5 reasons to visit Legoland


    Last year, we took the kids to Disney World in Orlando to the Magic Kingdom. But on top of getting rained on every day, we noticed that a lot of the rides were not for our children’s age the one ride we got on was it’s a small world, and we disliked it.

    You can read about our Disney experience.

    This year I received complimentary tickets to review Legoland Amusement and Water park.

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