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    Exciting Vacation Ideas For The Whole Family

    Like other areas of our lives, vacations can start to feel a little stale. It’s great to go to your favorite home-from-home. Everything is familiar, and you can check out your favorite spots. But sometimes a break away from the norm can be a good thing. It allows you to experience new people, places, and adventures. Expand your horizons this year and consider a different type of vacation.


    Go On Tour

    Everyone should experience a road trip at least once in their lives. There’s nothing like it. You plot your route, pack up the car, and you’re good to go. Though you can plan some activities along the way, sometimes it’s good to see where the road takes you. Continue Reading

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    CamelBack Resort

     CamelBack Resort

       I received a complimentary stay in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

    CamelBack Resort

    Thanks to CamelBack Resort we were invited to stay at this ski and indoor water lodge. Would you believe it only took less than 2 hours to feel like you are far away from home. Located in the Poconos, CamelBack Resort offers great service to its guests.

    CamelBack Resort

    My husband who can be very particular was pleased with the look of the hotel with its fireplace and grand piano and leather chair in the lobby.

    Camelback Resort

    We had a lot to do so we decided to snow tub first as we checked in before the 4pm time the desk attendant let us know that our room was ready (that was a brownie point). The check in process was very simple and high-tech as we did not get a card or keys for check in but a wristband which was great idea especially if you are doing so many activities I can imagine losing those things.


    We go back to our double suite to dry and change for our next activity but you can’t help but notice the white and brown sheets and granite top sink, refrigerator, microwave and get this bonus (balcony).

    CamelBack Resort

    CamelBack Resort

    After looking over our room we decided to go snow tubing!



    1517082514950|Charles Ortiz/1580~LEFT Hill

    1517082514950|Charles Ortiz/1580~LEFT Hill

    CamelBack Resort


    We were hungry after snow tubing so we ate at one of their restaurants called Trailways Pub Look at that food!



    CamelBack Resort

    You can also see people skiing down the mountain while you eat

    CamelBack Resort

    We then headed to the indoor pool….

    CamelBack Resort



    Aquatopia Overview 4

    The kids had a blast in the pool area and water slides make just for little ones.We stayed there for about 2 hours before going to our next restaurant there are about 3 restaurants and a snack bar on premises. They also give you a coupon book worth $250.00 in savings we get buy one get one free ice cream and they also have a gift shop to buy swimwear, jewelry and souvenirs.

    CamelBack Resort


    1-800-Flowers Giveaway

    We truly enjoyed our stay and wish it was longer and the last perk is ever after you check out you still get to enjoy the park and no need to go back to the desk they automatically check you out (triple brownie points)

    So now its your turn to visit CamelBack! This a great family resort in the Poconos to attend. Click here to make reservations

    Have you gone to an indoor water park before? What did you like about it?


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    Survival Tips for Walt Disney World


    1. Plan Ahead-Become very knowledgable about the park you decide to attend. Know which rides have the longest lines. One of the websites that is really helpful for Disney travel is
    2. Be Realistic-I have a 4 year old and a 1 year old there is no way you will be able to go on all rides it is best to spend money on going to the park for more than one day.
    3. Use FastPass– Your kids will not like standing online for hours so utilize your fast pass+.
    4. Bring your own beverages-One thing that we did not know was that you can bring your own beverages in the park and the next time we go we will invest in camelbacks. Everything in the park is every expensive the great thing is that you can get free water throughout the park.
    5. Rent a stroller-A stroller definitely comes in handy because your kids will not like walking around the walk especially if it is hot. It is best to rent from a company I recommend +Simple Strollers – Disney World Stroller Rentals, New and Used Stroller Sales. The strollers that are in the parks are plastic, dirty and expensive for just one day!
    6. Pick your season-We went to Florida during the peak season but i highly recommend that you go during the off peak season you will find better deals at staying on the Disney resorts and of course it won’t be as crowded or hot.
    7.Hotel Perks-Unless you have a dining disney plan I suggest not just getting a regular hotel room but getting something with a full kitchen. We went to the supermarket brought breakfast and even cooked dinner that saved us some money but it also depends on how much you budget for dining out. We stayed at the lovely Hilton Grand Hotel on International Drive. We loved this hotel because of its proximity to Downtown Disney and DisneyWorld.
    Isn’t this lovely! The scenery was so peaceful and serene.


    Can I tell you that this hotel is so kid friendly with even a kiddie pool. We opted for a hotel with a kitchen because we wanted to be able to save money on food and that we did. Did I mention the supermarket is literally right across the street. The staff was amazing greeting you as you even walk around the grounds. We give this hotel at 4.5 the only thing we didn’t like what the fact that the bedrooms look like they needed a bit of an upgrade but what a peaceful stay it was.
    What also makes this hotel kid friendly is the fact that you get to a washer and dryer so that eliminated having to take home dirty clothes because you know a 2 year old and a 4 year old doesn’t stay clean for long.

    8. Pack a poncho– I cannot tell you how much it rained when we were there. There were thunderstorms every night of our stay which forced the park to close but we got soak and wet getting back to our car to leave the park. Don’t wait until you buy ponchos there but but then at your local stores i.e. Walmart, Target local dollar store because they will be expensive in Orlando.

    9. Breakfast character dining– We wanted to do character dining with the kids so the only thing they had left was a character dinner dining which was 9:45pm. The website for character dining had one price but when we got there it was a much higher price and that was due to the fact that we were doing dinner. We did not budget such a high price so we didn’t do the character dining. My suggestion is that you try your best to book breakfast character dining it will be much cheaper.
    10. Enjoy. Everything may not go as planned but make the most of your time.



















































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    Review of Simple Stroller Rental Company

    I was chosen as a blogger to review the company Simple Stroller for my trip to Disney World.
    About the company
    Simple Strollers began in 2012 as a family owned stroller rental company, owned by a family with four children. Our priorities have always been the same; providing a quality stroller rental to ensure your vacation is enjoyable- rather than stressful! Whether you are renting, buying or selling with us we pride ourselves on great customer service throughout our brand.
    The process of renting
    The process for renting is fairly simple. You go online and click on renting after which you get to find out if the date that you want is available. It comes with a calendar that shows you available dates. They accept Visa, MC, AMEX


    My experience
    The stroller that I received to review was the City Mini it comes directly to your hotel and you get a text message telling you that your stroller arrived to your hotel. When we arrived in Florida it was 100 degrees they didn’t want to walk that much so this stroller came in handy and they got a lot of sun protection. The stroller folded up very easy just pull the stroller from the middle and it folds in your car. They make renting a stroller very easy. You have to rent for at least 3 days which shouldn’t be a problem for most people anyway. The strollers at Disney are horrible they are plastic and dirty providing little to no comfort for your child and you have to pay $15.00. What I also love about this company is how you can also text them as early as 8am concerning any issues that you have I wanted the stroller for a extra day and I was charged little of nothing for the extra time. When you are finished all you do is leave the stroller at the front desk.
    My only problem was with the actual stroller getting your bag into the stroller was difficult there is a bar blocking you from putting it in so I wouldn’t rent this particular stroller again. Thank you +Simple Strollers – Disney World Stroller Rentals, New and Used Stroller Sales  for the wonderful service and for making my trip a great one!
    If you are traveling to Orlando and need a stroller to rent look no further I highly recommend this company for your stroller needs.
    I am a blogger affiliate you can use this link to rent, buy or sell here
    ***I was given this stroller in exchange for my honest opinion****

     photo http___signatures.mylivesignature.com_54492_334_5FBF0F10429911ADCA210C857595AC32_zpsontxpvno.png