In this world of ours, that which matters most is not what happens to the outside of things, but what happens to the inside of people. We can dress up with the best shirt, skirt, pants, and tie but the God wants to know what is going on in the inside and I think that includes our health

Does God intend for us to eat McDonalds and Burger King does God care about what we eat?

You know the expression you are what you eat. When we look at the number of people dying from cancer could it mean lack of greens and too much acid in our diet? Lots of fried food, soda. Have you thought about the food you are eating?

The importance of eating organic. What is organic?
Organic food is food grown and processed without the use of genetic engineering and any sort of synthetic or artificial fertilizer. It is grown without use of all of the pesticides, herbicide and fungicide.

My health story

Was I always organic? No growing up in my southern home I ate southern style, hammocks, pork, macaroni and cheese, collard greens, red rice, oxtail (whew almost had a flashback) but my grandmother had diabetes, high blood pressure, cataracts, acid relux if I knew what I know now about the make-up of my body I would have been able to help her. She died with all these ailments and my goal is to live without getting these diseases but I too was heading down the wrong food path like soda for breakfast and bad constipation (which can lead to colon cancer)