According to Alton Jamison, there are 10 things you should consider as a Christian before pledging and they are.
10 Things To Consider Before Pledging a Fraternity/Sorority (if you are a Christian)
After these things, I will provide my overall stance and view…Please comment, I want to hear your feedback. These are in no particular order:
1) Will you be required to take any oaths to anyone or anything outside of God (Jesus Christ)?
2) Will you be expected to support activities that you typically wouldn’t support?
3) What activities does the organization to do win people to Christ?
4) Are you only in it for letters, or are you really going to work once you get in?
5) Will you feel “complete” once you get in or cross? If so, why?
6) Is it your dream or a relative’s dream?
7) What would happen if you never join? Will you feel incomplete?
8) Do you have a problem party hopping at the dance and then teaching bible study or going to church the next day?
9) Do you want people to first know you as a Christian or a part of an organization?
10) Did you really pray about it? And wait for an answer?

As I read this, I thought about my own experience with pledging. In 2004, I pledged and to not get any organization in trouble I will not mention what sorority I pledged. In their statement they tell you that they do not haze but during my pledge process that is exactly what happened. I was forced to get no sleep, run errand in the middle of the night, wear specific colors and clothes until the process was done call people by certain esteemed names and be threatened to be beaten and learned to hide out if kidnapped by another sorority.

I left the organization thinking this is not what I was expecting to join. Then some years later I decided to join a Christian sorority for hopes for finding women that I can fellowship with. I came across Iota Chi Kappa and I must saw God is at the forefront of this organization then everything else becomes second.

I say all of this to ask as Christians should we take part of Greek organizations. I trust that responses and comments will not be vulgur or rude and I am not condemning anyone in anyway just want to know what other people think about this topic.

Below is a video called A Serious Matter where she was apart of a Greek organization she left and joined a Christian sorority. (This video is not being used by me depict a certain organization  in a negative light)

Write your thoughts on Greek organizations. Do they go again Christian morality? I would like to hear your responses.
God Bless