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Damita and Deitrick Haddon :(

@DeitrickHaddon recently posted as a FB Status Update, “Many call me a man of God. I say I’m a good man trying 2 serve a great God the best I can. If I was that powerful of a Man Of God, I would still B married 2 @DamitaHaddon. I’m learning 2 have balance because U can win & lose @ the same time! It’s possible 2 work so hard & B so driven that U lose everything! I pray that N the future I find the balance of ministry & family! Damita’s doing well & I’m doing fine! Her new CD 

is amazing. We both R staying true 2 the call on our lives. Unfortunately not 2gether NEmore. I don’t believe N sharing my personal, but I think it’s important 4 people 2 know that N UR pursuit of ministry don’t lose family! Don’t B alarmed, we R doing fine. This is very old news 4 Damita & I, but brand new news 2 U. We R private people! We have moved on! Last I will speak on my personal: Our breakup is NOT recent! It’s been well over a year process. We have both repented & moved on! Damita & I have worked hard N ministry. Blessed many while bleeding ourselves! God is w/us both but no longer as a couple! OK, I’m very private about my personal life. U probably won’t get me 2 ever speak on this again unless God makes me share!”
I am not posting this to condemn but folks Satan is attacking our marriages so let us keep our FOCUS on what God instituted. Let’s begin to pray for God’s marriages.

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