Romans 8:1 There is no condemnation to those in Christ Jesus

For years this was the story of my life I would do something feel bad about what I have done think that God would not forgive me and do the same thing again but not realizing I was sinking back into the same sin because while I felt that God would not forgive me I moved out of his presence and ended up going in a downward spiral so what I was actually doing to myself is condemning instead of conviction. What is the difference between conviction and condemnation?

According to the best Having a Mary Spirit by Joanna Weaver (Which I loved). She points out,

Conviction from God

  1. Pinpoints problems
  2. Targets specific actions
  3. Leads to repentance (Godly Sorrow)
  4. Offers Solutions
  5. Makes us hopeful
  6. Enables us to change
  7. brings us closer to God
Condemnation from God
  1. Obscures problem
  2. Makes general accusations
  3. leads to regret (worldly sorrow)
  4. Appoints blame
  5. Makes us hopeless
  6. Keeps us from change
  7. Drives us away from God
I hope that as you read this you understand that God understands that you are not perfect but when you make a mistake we are to come boldly to the throne of grace and he will be there for us with open arms.