How long halt ye between two opinions? If the Lord be God, follow him; but if Baal, then follow him. 1Kings 18:21

When God says he wants it all he means it. Have your ever played tug of war? Well it’s a fun game to see which side will give up depending on the strength of the opposing team it may take a while for a team to fall when I was in summer camp we use to play a lot and my hands would be so sore from holding on too tightly you get rope burn but every now and then we would play a trick on the other team as we are about to pull we would all let go of our side of the rope and everyone would fall forward and not rope burn for us.

I used the game of tug of war because sometimes we can hold on to some stuff we could have been treated badly by a person but we refuse to talk to them we refuse to be nice to them it takes a different kind of energy to avoid someone it take a negative energy an ungodly energy to say well that’s her problem not mine you don’t speak I don’t speak we begin to play tug of war in our own minds one side in is saying stop and talk to this person and the other side is saying no it’s payback time what you are really wrestling with is your spiritual man versus fleshy self.

If only when we play tug of war with our flesh we let go and say no rope burn here but many times including myself we wrestle with what’s right and what’s wrong. This week I had to make a decision either I was going to speak or keep going back and forth in my own decisions. There was a person I was not speaking to and I spoke once I did this and the going back and forth tug of war game ended I let go of the rope and fleshly self fell down I won.

Sometimes we grow stubborn we don’t want to let go but just like tug of war somebody will lose and win eventually.

William McDowell has a song and it say I give myself away so you can use me

When we become stuck in our own ways of thinking we are no good to God. The best mediator is God. When a conflict arises which it will instead of playing tug of war with what is right versus wrong I go to the source which is God to pray, study his word and hear the solution it may be as simple as letting go but I don’t know about you but I don’t like rope burn. I pray that as you came across conflict in your life you no longer look to your own thought pattern if it doesn’t line up with what God say you will lose the battle.

How many times have your wrestled with your self and lost the battle? You can’t win without God’s reasoning.