Introducing….Leslie White

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Leslie White, Im 31 years old originally from White Plains, NY (a suburb of NYC) now living in Gainesville, FL.  Graduate of Binghamton University with a degree in Biochemistry.  I am a science teacher and now owner and founder of Morning Dew Hair Products Inc.

What inspired you to create this product line? Who is the product geared towards?

Honestly, I NEVER wanted to run a business the thought was unappealing.  God gave me this idea and I didnt think I would love it as much as I do but its GREAT. One day he just put it in my spirit and I just stepped and started the journey. I have a lot to learn but the road is fun!  My product is geared toward anyone with textured hair and that can range from a curly headed Caucasian to a kinky head Nubian, if it curls we are talking to you! 
Why are you natural?
I went natural because I was tired of perms.Its that simple.I would get a perm, and it would puff up within seconds, I could never keep a style long.  Also my hair was not healthy like I knew it could be, my hair was very long as a child and thick, I know its potential and I wanted it back. 
How long have you been natural?
I have been natural for 5.5 years.  I did the big chop in February 2006. 
What is unique about your products?
 They are unique because I made them.  They come from a mind of a biochemist so I look at things differently….I research from a scientist’s mind and looking at the structure of each ingredient in reference to the hair…I actually understand pH and straight chain fatty acids…so it makes putting together formulations a bit different from the average hair care team.  I dont need to hire any scientists…since I am one myself. 
Going to school at Binghamton University was it difficult to maintain a natural hair care regimen? What should other natural college students know?
   I wasn’t natural during my years in Bingo.  My hair was difficult to maintain though, Ive never trusted too many       people in my head so I wore braids and twists a lot.  I began to transition my senior year before I left Binghamton.

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About the Author: 31 year old woman striving to live a life of excellence. Who am I? A Believer. Nerd. Scientist. Teacher. Future Author. Natural Hair Enthusiast. Witty. Fitness Enthusiast in the Making. Part Time Comedian. Beautiful. Lovable. Striving for physical fitness/health once and for all. Started off in the College of Medicine and decided that it was not for me…refocused on a career in secondary science education. A journey I am so excited about! Now in a full time position I love! Life is all about transition, as I transcend into another realm of understanding of my relationship with God I become better and more true to my inner conscience and I’m pleased with that.

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