As I thought about who to interview for natural hair I thought about Felicia Leatherwood she is a celebrity hair stylist for Jill Scott, Will Smith, Terrance Howard, Anthony Anderson (to name a few). She was featured on Dr. Drew Life Changers and featured in UK Black Hair Magazine, Japan’s BMR, Essence, Sister2Sister and Atlanta Tribune. She conducts hair care workshops around the world (when I was talking to her she was booking to go to Germany). If you don’t know her it is time to.

Hair done by Felicia Leatherwood

I interviewed Ms. Leatherwood on August 22nd 2012. First I must say what a humble women it was like talking to a girlfriend that you haven’t spoken to in a while she was so down to earth. I am looking forward to having her host a natural hair workshop for New York very soon.

1) What inspired you to care about natural hair?

 Felicia Leatherwood: First and foremost it was about convenience.I have been natural since I was a teenager and not spending money to get my hair straightened was more cost effective.

2) Do you believe this is a new wave of going natural or just a current trend?

Felicia Leatherwood: Honestly, I do not know but I would like to believe that it is here to stay. My overall concern among the African American community is making sure they maintain a healthy lifestyle. I believe that some will stay with natural hair and others will not. My focus is not just hair but health in general.

3) What do you say to African American women who cannot seen to stand natural hair?

Felicia Leatherwood: The love must start from within and then it will come out.

4) Do you believe there is a correlation between natural care and self-esteem?

Felicia Leatherwood: I believe there is a correlation between natural hair and self-esteem. In my workshops, I try to help women understand why we don’t like our hair and my workshops help to talk to women about their insecurities.

5) Tell us about your workshops how many do you do in each city?

Felicia Leatherwood: I started these workshops with the outcome of seeing that women needed to have fun understanding their hair. I give them a one on one experience to express themselves. I travel all around the world to Washington D.C., Germany, Paris, spreading the word as much as I can. The fee is $35.00 and that includes a three hour course with hair care tips for your specific hair type.

You can find out more about her workshops and what she does at

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