If you’ve like most people, you probably question how fruitful the simple act of stashing change can be.If this is the case with you, it may surprise you to know how much change you’ve handled without much regard. Statistically, the average person has acquired $800 in spare change this year. One thing veteran coin savers understand is how quickly they can build small fortunes by collecting change with little conscious intent.

So what are the super-secret magic techniques for coin saving?

  • Pick up change you find. This includes pennies. Remember, even small fortunes can be made up of pennies
  • Save all the change from you purchases throughout the day. When you are at the store and your total is $10.47, pay 11.00 cash and save the 53 cent that you get back. This will build your savings faster than you can imagine.
  • Be dedicated to your goal. It’s all for your fun and well being anyway and you’ll soon find that rewards of diligent saving are addictive.
  • Take the time to roll the change instead of using a local coin to cash for obtaining bills.

Happy Saving!!!


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