My Twist out with Entwine Couture
What is Entwine Couture? Entwine provides women of color natural hair a voice of inspiration, empowerment, encouragement to take control and rule the world naturally.
Entwine is the premirer line of salon-inspired ultra quality hair and styling techniques that are custom designed to enhance the health, beauty and manageability of naturally curly, wavy, kinky, multitextual and transitioning tresses.
Why does it work? For about two years I was using Miss Jessies but I noticed that when I did my twist-outs my hair was very hard there was no movement at all. But then I found Entwine and my hair with my twist-out is so manageable. There is also lots of definition.
If you want a product that will give your twist-out definition shine and movement I recommend Entwine Couture!
I was not paid for this product or given free products for this review. I am not affliated with Entwine.
Photo: Thanks to all the naturalistas that came out to model call. We love the Bronx and our NYC friends!

Have you used Entwine products? What has been your experience?