Have you every felt like the walls were crashing in on you? You turn to the right and there is trouble you turn to the left and there is trouble. When I accepted the Lord fully into my life I thought east street here I come. My life outside of Christ was filled with turmoil, guilt, shame, pride, jealousy, but how come I still had to deal with these issues now that I am a Christian don’t these problems go away? Because God did not say your life will be easy but rather you will be persecuted for my name sake ( Matthew 5:11).

I want to encourage you and let you know that the enemy will attack you (he’s only doing his job) but you will not be destroyed. I go back to the many suicide attempts I made on my life I started cutting myself at a young age about 6 but God saved me from cutting a vein. I overdosed on pills but God woke me up in the hospital even though I didn’t want to wake up. When I stepped over the ledge of my college dormitory window sill to jump but God stopped me before I jumped. I don’t know what your struggle is but God will not allow you to be destroyed. Why? You have a purpose rather you are God’s purpose you are too powerful, too important, too brilliant, too talented, too much filled with God that you will not be destroyed.

So keep believing and know that God will vindicate your cause your will mount up on wings like an eagle. The closer you get to God is the more things will seem impossible but don’t give up because you may be cast down but you will never be destroyed.

God will never see you destroyed keep following Yahweh.

You are blessed. If he saved me he will save you too!