My name is Sabrina Durand. I was born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I am a 47 year old single mother of a teenage son, and a proud daughter of the Most High God who fearfully and wonderfully made me.

How long have you been natural?
 Years of wearing a relaxer had caused so much damage to my hair. I was tired of relaxers and it was also getting too expensive. I made the transition from permed or relaxed hair to natural hair almost 10 years ago. I had to overcome my fear of going natural. I could not even remember what the texture of my natural hair felt like before I permed it at the age of 17. I was not sure if I would be able to maintain or manage my hair in its natural state. I never considered the “big chop”. I just waited patiently for the relaxer to grow out.

What is your natural hair care regimen?
My hairdresser, Michelle Martell, uses organic care products in my hair from DermOrganic. She developed her own personal and natural conditioner, Hydrated Deep Conditioner For Thirsty Hair, which we also apply to my hair.  We either braid or twist my hair, or we do a combination of both.
My natural hair care regimen, which is comprehensive and easy to do, consists of the following:
I wash it every week or every two weeks
Hydrated Deep conditioner For Thirsty Hair (my hair dresser leaves it in my hair for 20 minutes)
Oil (for my scalp and ends)
I sleep with a satin bonnet on my hair and/or use satin pillow cases
What would you say to encourage someone else about being natural?
It has taken me a while to get an understanding of the basics. It does take time, energy, and effort to create the natural look. It requires love, patience, and care. My natural hair journey has been emotional, exciting, and rewarding. I love my natural “salt & peppa” look! It is beautiful, healthy, and vibrant. If you are thinking of making the transition, go for it. Do your research. I know that change is not always easy. Learn more about your natural hair. Embrace and nourish your natural hair. Find a hair style that fits your lifestyle and budget, and go with it! One way to love yourself is by giving your natural hair a little TLC. If you already have the natural look, stay with it.  I am proud to wear my hair naturally.

My contact information:

If you would like to purchase Michelle Martell’s conditioner Hydrated Deep Conditioner For Thirsty Hair, her contact information is: me@anewu7 on Instagram.