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Should the child be taken out of the home?

I say yes! When a father can say there is nothing wrong with a 9 year old slapping a grown woman’s butt we have a problem. Is this a father or person who sees a money opportunity? I did not grow up in a go to church every Sunday, read your Bible and pray kind of a home but we had morals and values. I could not disrespect anyone that was an adult and my grandmother believed that it takes a village to raise a child so if I did something wrong in the neighborhood everyone corrected me for it.

If we really take a good look African Americans are glorified more for their dancing, singing, athleticism and the better we are at it the more money we get. Our public schools are getting worse according to Daily News article the Department of Education show that less than a third of NYC high school students are college ready (article here). I went to Dewitt Clinton High School I graduate in 1999 and it was one of the best high schools listed in Forbes magazine we loved our principle Dr.Norman Wechler he really cared for the students and wanted us to succeed. It seems easier to put your child in a rap video than prepare them for college.

My grandmother born in 1922 picked cotton as a child she couldn’t spell her name but with an X. This generation and generations before have opportunities that freed slaves could only think of. So when I see a father putting his child in a video like this I only wonder what kind of role model he wants to set for his child.

The other speculation that I have is that they want youth to find this child entertaining and emulate this behavior. Will children of this generation ever see good role models? While we have an African American president, I think he seems unreachable still to most inner-city youth.

What are your thoughts?