Jomo Johnson a Philly based Reverend has been on a quest to get people to boycott Meek Mills’s latest hit record, the Drake-assisted “Amen”. Not only has the Reverend been in the street trying to get people to stop supporting the record, but he has even recorded a rap diss song toward Meek and his song (source)

I became interested in Rev. Johnson because many times we as a Christian community do not stand up when God is being mocked. So here is someone that stood up. Read the interview below. I wanted to know what prompted him to speak up and why more of us don’t do the same.

1) Introduce yourself?

My name is Jomo K. Johnson. I am the Pastor of Philly Open Air Church in North Philadelphia.
2) Why is this topic important to you?

Its important to me because I was so strongly involved in Hip Hop music when I was young. I saw much of the influence it had on me when I was younger. Now, as a Christian, it is my desire to see all things glorify God. Artists have a right to say what they want, but we as listeners and citizens also have a right to hold them accountable for what they say.

3) Do you believe as Christians we should care about what secular artists are saying?

Absolutely. Because what is being said will influence and affect generations to come, especially children. Therefore we should care especially if what they say is demeaning or castigating or ridiculing our faith.

4) Why do you think Christians are not standing up for issues like this?

Christians don’t stand up primarily because we think that being loving is non-confrontational. But that’s not true. The most loving man that ever lived came to this world to confront us with the truth. Imagine Jesus saying, “Well, I love you…so I’m going to let you continue to live in sin.” He didn’t do that. So at times, we need to confront the generation with their sin in order to point them to the truth of Jesus Christ and his love.

5) Do you believe this can be another platform for outreach ministry? Do Christians call you radical?

Standing up for what I believe has opened up other doors. I often get asked to be interviewed. I’m recording a joint album with Rapper Cassidy. Its going to be Christian-based. When you stand up for God, he opens up doors for you to speak for him. I believe more doors will open up.

I’ve been called alot of things. Radical at times. But all Christians should be radical in some ways. The Bible says we are to be zealous for good works. It also says, we are more than conquerors. (Hyper-conquerors in the Greek.) We should have our eyes open to see where God is working in order that we might be used by him.

6) Is there anything else you would like people to know? What is next for you?

Well, I started a publishing company, GGIS Publishing and Media. (Visit for more information.) We help Non-profits, ministries, and independent authors create rich and relevant literature. We also work very hard to promote every author we have.

As mentioned, I’m working with Rapper Cassidy on his book biography which is coming out April 15th. We are releasing our joint album the same time. The album it titled, “God Works In Mysterious Ways.” I really hope this music will do well. It’s the first time in Hip Hop history that a Rapper and Pastor have done a joint album.

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