Christian Reality Shows   
Mary Mary
The Sheards
Preachers Daughters

Wouldn’t an reality award show be the next idea along with Stellar awards? Why would there be a huge spark of Christian reality shows? Personally, I watched Mary Mary we get to see them in their ups and downs but as I begin to wonder am I just watching some drama like cursing, nudity is it possible that we as Christians may say well I am watching a Christian show what harm can it cause? Could it be another trick to get us sucked in someone else’s life? Let us look at the facts I can speak of the reality shows I have seen so far.

Mary Mary, Tia and Tamera and Sisterhood who do these shows edify? Was anyone’s life changed by a testimony of God? Everyone should know that Christians are humans with flaws saved by grace if non-Christians see us as perfect we did something wrong.

                               Remember Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy our true purpose which to
                               always be working for the cause of Christ. I fell prey but I say we should not
                               make these shows Christian or not our reality. There are people out there
                               hurting and need Jesus these reality shows are not bringing people to Christ.

If we are engaging a non-Christian eyes what message are we sending? Are people convicted to have a relationship with God or is it just another day in the television world? Do you focus more on the people lives and not God himself?

I welcome your comments and suggestions. What do you think?