Christian Entrepreneurship

Being a young Christian in itself is not easy; there are many hurdles, obstacles and life lessons to be learned along the way. That being said, what about the young Christian entrepreneur?
Let us define a Christian entrepreneur. According to Marketplace Christianity (Read article):
A Christian entrepreneur is a sincere, born-again follower of Jesus Christ who has been called and gifted to express the love of Christ and the glory of God through entrepreneurial ventures recognizing that they are mere stewards of the accumulation of wealth derived from such ventures and entrusted to use this wealth according to God’s good and perfect will following the teachings set forth in the Bible.
I have opportunity to know and interview the President of JMP Productions, Inc., Mr. Michael Gordon. This man of God is truly doing God’s entrepreneurial work and you can definitely see that this is God’s calling on his life.

Read the interview below.

Tell us about yourself? 
I am the President of JMP Productions, Inc. and I also serve as Assistant Pastor of the Bethel Church of God 7th Day. I have been blessed to have a family of my own- my wife, Gerdie, and beautiful daughter, René Elyse. Growing up in the church has allowed me to see what does and does not work as it pertains to Gospel Music. I come from a musically savvy family of 7 siblings who both play instruments and are vocalists.  Personally, I have played the drums since I was 5 years old.  As Proverbs 18:16 states, A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before the great”, I have experienced this verse being my reality as God has allowed my gift to make room for me specifically through the birthing of  JMP Productions, Inc. I wanted an environment where families could come together and worship and enjoy good Christian music entertainment, be it through a stage play, concert, and even a party.

How did you come up with JMP Productions? God gave me a clear vision of what he wanted me to do.  I solicited the help of close family and friends:  Myron Davis, Judith Gordon, Peter Philippe and Joselyn Maysonet.  I took the initials of all of our first names, which gave us JMP.  We were successful in creating a platform for artists to minister and for our first concert we had 500 guests in attendance! To me, that first concert was confirmation of what God told me to do. As with all ventures, JMP has experienced some setbacks along the way but we continue to move forward. I still look back in amazement to how God has allowed JMP to continue to grow and broaden her reach and influence for His Kingdom. 

What services do you offer? What have you done so far?
JMP offers both customized packages and a-la-carte services based on clients’ needs. We provide Artist Management & Development, Concert Planning, Promotions, Booking, Creative Services and Consulting.  For more detailed descriptions of the services we offer, one can visit us at
Through the years, JMP has been blessed to work with some of Gospel Music’s leading artists such as Donnie McClurkin, Tamela Mann, Jason Nelson, The Late Rev. Timothy Wright, Liv’re, Kierra Sheard, Myron Butler, Crystal Aikin, Charles Butler & Trinity, Brandon Camphor & One Way and a host of independent artists.

What’s next for JMP?
The world! I believe that God has given JMP the task of creating events that families can come together and enjoy God’s music and also be set free, delivered, and leave HAPPY!  Our motto:  “JMP Productions:  Changing the presence of entertainment!”
How can people get in contact with you?
By visiting our website- and/or sending an email to:
JMP Productions has helped me with my book signing as well as some poetry events. Book JMP for your events!