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Suicide in the Christian Community is Real!

Suicide in the Christian Community

How many churches pray for the mentally ill? As a suicide survivor, I must say it remains a taboo subject in the Christian and Black community God cares about our whole being and that includes our mental state.

I would like to send my condolences to Pastor Rick Warren for the suicide attempt of his son (read article).

 I feel we need to have more of an open discussion when it comes to suicide. While in church dealing with my suicide I felt alone and isolated I did not get help from my church dealing with this issue. I went to church, praised God participated in service and I left suicidal. I thought that this was an issue that God did not care about but as I did my own bible studies at home I realized that God cares about everything we do and everything that we are and wants to heal us from things that seek to destroy our relationship with him.

According to research report “The role of faith communities in preventing suicide“, the general perception in the Black community is that Black people who are in touch with their culture do not take their own lives. Suicide is considered to be a “white thing”. There is a denial that black men take their own lives.

Suicide is not a white thing its a national thing and it hits many. God is able to cure all!

If you are suicidal or know someone that is

Remember God loves you. You are special and he made no mistake when he created you.

If you know someone that is suicidal encourage them in Christ let them understand just how loved they are by God. 

Be a listening hear sometimes people just want to talk about what they are going through

Reach out to help them by contacting a caring Pastor, friend, or spouse.


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