Happy Happy Fathers Day! Today my husband is a father of two children and what a wonderful father he is. My father was not present in my life but I thank God that my children have a loving caring and supportive father. Today and everyday should be father’s day! Remember to put God first and all else will follow.

                                                       Poem to my husband

You started as my boyfriend you moved up in the ranks and became my husband and like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly you became a father. I reminisce about you being my boyfriend we lived a carefree life we go out on dates got out to the movies but if you would have stayed my boyfriend I would not have known what a great husband and father you are. From a father you stepped up as our provider, if we need a shoulder to lean on we know you are there. You sacrifice yourself to cater to our needs. I am not looking for a perfect man but one that understands when he is wrong and seeks to make it right puts God first and knows how to spend quality time with his family. Happy Father’s Day hun.




How are you celebrating Father’s Day? Share in the comments!

Much Love