Boys, Beauty and Disney Princesses {Guest Post by Livy}
If you had one time or another think your self-image wasn’t good enough this article is for you!

“Sometimes I think God sprayed me with a huge bottle of boy repellent, just for the fun of it.”
Ally’s quirky comment reminded me of her single status.

My reply was just as single, yet not quite so humorous. “God must think really highly of my future husband, because He hasn’t let any boy come near me with a ten-foot pole!” I sighed wistfully,
“I hope he appreciates it.”

Conversations like this happen every few weeks when I ask Alyssa if she has any secret admirers hiding love notes in her cubby at work, or hunky guys on the block writing her love songs.
Her response is always the same, then it’s her turn to ask me about my lack of love life. We joke about becoming old, senile cat ladies who will wear polyester pants and date imaginary boyfriends who don’t exist.

Choosing not to date was exciting at first. It was rebellious and gutsy. Proudly sporting our Barlow Girl T-shirts in middle school was almost the cool thing to do. In high school, we joined forces in support of our No Dating Campaign.
But now, as many of our friends are inviting us to watch them slow dance with Prince Charming at their weddings, we can’t help but glance at one another, and wonder if there’s something wrong with us.

Hidden Treasure Do you ever feel invisible to the guys in your life? Maybe you feel like you’re the only girl without a prom date. Sometimes I feel like a weary Rapunzel, locked up in an intimidating tower of stone, which keeps my Flynn Rider far, far away.

Sneaky lies pounce on every opportunity of doubt to whisper things like, “You’re unattractive. You’re a major dork. All your friends have someone special to hold hands with on the Fourth of July. You dream of fireworks, sparks and romance, but you’ve never even been asked on a date before! You don’t get special attention from guys, because you’re not worthy of it.”

Do these words sound familiar? Lies attempt to disguise themselves in sneaky shades of truth. If we’re not careful, we can easily slip into a place of discouragement. Magazines, music, Hollywood, and movie screens tell me that without a guy on my arm, I’m painfully pathetic. What good am I if I don’t have what it takes to capture his heart? Isn’t that what it’s all about…beauty?

Sweet sister, don’t believe these shadowy words to be true. If we strike a match on the stone of Jesus, and light the candle of God’s Word, these darkened lies will suddenly be illuminated with a dazzling truth.

In Job Chapter 28, Job talks about a deep, dark place. He speaks of hidden treasure buried underground. A mine of glorious, priceless jewels are hidden, but the sparkling diamonds resting there are not for the eyes of man. Only God sees “the place where gold is refined.” (vs 1).

Verse 10 says,

“He tunnels through the rock; His eyes see all its treasures, He searches sources of the rivers, and brings hidden things to light.” (vs 10)
One might look at these verses and say, “What kind of injustice is this? Why are those lovely pieces of gold, silver, and sapphires forced to live in the dirt where no one can see them? They should be honored and adored, noticed and cherished! Why would God hide them away like that?”

These treasures would only be found by those who would seek them out. God didn’t make these treasures obvious and place them on a display table. He knew that lazy men would never dive into the depths of the earth. He knew that only those men who truly desired and valued the treasure would seek it. The men who would humble themselves and be willing to get a little dirty…those are the guys who are forever rewarded with the prize.

The same is true with you. You are beautiful. You’re a dazzling diamond. The Bible says that you were woven together in the depths of the earth. Because you are so valuable and lovely, the Lord has hidden you in the shade of His right hand. You’re under his covering, and you may feel as though you’re locked in a tower. You are tucked away, but not to rot. You’ve been hidden so that your beautification process can continue, without being tainted by the fingerprints of man. You shine like stars in the universe. You have an expensive price tag on your soul, that could only be matched by Someone so priceless as the King of Kings, the Majesty of Heaven, God’s only son, Jesus. Be encouraged sister. God does have a man for you! He won’t be a selfish, shallow jerk who only takes what is free and easy. If you stay hidden in God’s presence, this man will set out on the greatest adventure of his life, as he humbles himself and travels through the deepest places of life…just to find you, his eternal treasure.

Cinderella was hidden for a purpose. A parade of guys didn’t pound on her door. Gentlemen callers didn’t fill up the parlor. We all know that Cinderella wasn’t ugly, socially awkward, or unattractive in any way…she was glorious! She was a Princess, hidden until the perfect time for love to awaken. Do you remember that magical scene when Cinderella entered the ball room for the first time? Every jaw dropped and Prince Charming stared at this mysterious girl. Who was she? Where had she come from? Charming was suddenly hit with an astonishing realization… he didn’t know anything about this girl, but he wanted to know everything. She was like nothing he had ever seen.
Some say Charming fell head over heels because of her sparkly blue dress or luxurious blonde hair, but I believe Charming saw something beyond sparkles and glitter….
He saw the defining element, the one thing that set her apart from every other pretty face in the room.
He saw a beautiful heart. Patience and kindness were glowing from her eyes.
She didn’t flaunt and strut into the room…instead she gracefully walked in thankfulness. Her humble heart posture enabled her to be exalted to the high place of Princess. Charming knew that this was his future Queen.

In order to walk in the heavenly splendor of a Princess like Cinderella, we must first allow ourselves to be humbled and changed in the hidden, secret place. Dirt is the place where diamonds are discovered.
Let God use your season of hidden singleness to create something breathtakingly beautiful.

Author Info: Livy Jarmusch is a nineteen-year-old author, singer, songwriter, and creator of  an online magazine for girls, Crown of Beauty Magazine. She loves golden retriever puppies, ice-cream cones, and changing the world. Check out her new e-book When Life Feels Like a Taylor Swift Song: A Girl’s Guide To Boys, available as a free download for girls of all ages! 🙂
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