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Poem to My 4C Hair!

     I could tell you it wasn’t love at first sight. I covered you behind a perm but the real you is curly curlier than most. People say you stand up bringing you closer to the sun I wasn’t convinced. We played tug of war what I wanted you didn’t want and vice versa. You made me spend more money than anticipated you are high maintenance. Some call you difficult but I call you a process. As time went on year after year I started to talk to you I got to understand your ways. I got self-help hair books to understand your character. Your four favorite things are MOISTURE, CONDITION, SEAL and PROTECT. I had to speak to you softly never harsh if I spoke too harshly you broke causing us to start over again when you returned you preferred a mediator called “The Detangler” Brush.

It is our 5 year anniversary and its been bitter sweet but my best time with you is NOW. I know what to say to make you curl, twist or be straight. Our relationship has come a long way but when I look in the mirror I say I love you for you are truly unique one of its kind, you are independent, not easily swayed, strong, stubborn sometimes and when I wear you we ROCK! 

God put us together I will not mask behind a perm. You taught me patience and that sometimes you just have to go with the FRO! 


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