I received the Hot Designs Nail Kit from the 4C Hair Chick Network.

I love my new hot designs set. #HOTnotd



  • It comes in a sleek design that lets you easily use either the nail pen of nail polish
  • The colors are fun and vibrant
  • It comes with instructions on how to create your design
  • Prince ($14.99)
  • As soon as I applied the nail color it started to chip immediately 
  • The polish itself was sticky and I had to apply more than one coat
  • The design pen is tricky to use at first if you squeeze too hard then you get too much polish on pen you do not want to rush when you are doing your designs
I enjoyed the fact that I could create my own unique nail art. In the future I would use a different nail polish company and just utilize the nail art pen.
I know its a simple design but hey 
                                              I received these products from 4C Hair Chick and I was not paid. All opinions are my own.