All I can say is its about time. There are too many people in the church who are over weight, have diabetes, cancer,high blood pressure and while it may sound wrong to say but these groups of people lack discipline.

We need to know that as a Christian community we are not meant to live such unhealthy lives. God cares about our well being too and that is what Lowery points out. Lowery states “your inability to control your basic dietary choices brings into play spiritual issues equal or greater in magnitude and significance to most Biblical topics. Lust, idol worship, greed, pride, biblical misinterpretation, the unwillingness to search the scriptures for truth, improper parenting and general disobedience are some of the spiritual issues involved in just your basic dietary choices.

As a health coach myself who started off with a terrible diet but changed and saw the difference in how I felt I understood the importance of eating healthy. I recommend this book to every Christian for any age. The only concern was that there were chapters that were a bit vague maybe the author could have used less chapter with more substance. I am looking forward to reading more of his books.