7 Tips on saving money

With the kids being 1 and 3 we decided to start our first family amusement park trip to Sesame Place. Going to Sesame Place can add up on your bill between the hotel, park and your food don’t forget the souvenirs.

1) Book Early– We booked our trip two months in advance through bookings.com. What I love about this site is there there are no booking fees and you can cancel up to the day of with no fee penalty. We made that mistake with one company and decided to cancel only to have them take 20% of our deposit. Also, by booking early you can get a huge discount our hotel usually goes for $334.00 per night but we got it for $173.00 per night.
2.) Buy park tickets online-Buying your tickets online will also save you a couple of dollars. Also Sesame Place has a come after 3pm deal
3.) Bring your own snacks– We managed to bring some juice box along with us they come in handy instead of buying juices in the park.
4.) Make sure you have a refrigerator in your room– We found a Walmart close by and brought some juice and milk and stored it in the refrigerator.
5.)Bring your own stroller– It costs $18.00 to rent a stroller in the park we brought our own stroller.
6.)Make sure your hotel has a shuttle– It costs another $20.00 to park at Sesame Place you can also cut that cost by taking the hotel shuttle.
7.) Take your own photos– Whenever we saw a Sesame Place character we pulled out our phones and there you have it.
Before having children me and my husband would do on vacation we typically did not look for deals but when you have kids its a whole new ball game. Saving takes a bit of leg work but when you come back with money still in your pocket its worth it.






Do you try to save money when you travel? What ways do you save money? Share in the comments.