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Glycerin Does Not Work On My Hair

Glycerin, Glycerin, Glycerin that is all that you hear. Glycerin is everywhere from Shea Moisture to other kinds of natural hair products. So why all the fuss about glycerin and does it work for me?

My experience with Glycerin
After reading so much about glycerin, I decided to give it a try it was about two summers ago the first time I put it on my hair it felt soft but then I quickly noticed how sticky my hair got and them it got really dry.

They say you even put it on your face well, I did that and it broke my face out. I really began to wonder about this glycerin thingy. I started to do some research and this is what I found…

Some people say glycerin works best in summer months and some say that glycerin works best in the fall/spring.

Glycerin makes my hair hard 
Glycerin is tricky depending on the weather, glycerin can either draw moisture to or away from your hair. New York City is humid, I would imagine if you use glycerin in the summer it would dry out your hair but if you use glycerin in the winter it would be ok but not for my hair.My hair comes out feeling like it got all the moisture sucked out of it no matter what season I was in.

The Bandwagon
As much as I wanted to join in the glycerin parade I had to sit this one out. Glycerin does not work for my 4c hair. What products contain no glycerin? Giovanni products does not contain glycerin. I needed to restore moisture back to my hair by giving myself lots of deep conditioning treatments including aloe vera, and hot oil treatments.
What are some no glycerin products check out this article posted in Curly Nikki. 

So whose with me? Who else had or has a hard time dealing with glycerin? Share in the comments.

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